Libra october 29 weekly horoscope

Now that Virgo season is over, you can get a breath of fresh air, Aquarius. Relationships with people who are either in or from faraway places, and relationships with your classmates are more prominent in the coming weeks. The new moon in Libra on Saturday is a great time to initiate a new field of study, and link up with the right people who can show you the gist of it!

The sun enters Libra on Monday, and your relationships are evolving. Whatever interpersonal commitments you made or renewed during Virgo season are getting more serious as tops that may be considered taboo become less intimidating and more approachable. Intimacy in your relationships can deepen over the coming weeks, or you may undergo a transformation and take on a new relationship with yourself. This is all in relation to your grand overarching vision for yourself and the footprint you want to leave behind. The new moon in Libra on Saturday is the perfect time to start anew in your partnerships, whether this means renewing your commitments or beginning a whole new relationship.

Venus clashes with Saturn, the planet of commitments, and you can really take your relationships seriously in a way that helps you garner respect. Taurus, you are a sign that finds what you like and sticks to it. Seeing the same people everyday or eating your favorite food every meal brings you comfort. Libra season helps you master these habits in a way that takes you far.

Your planetary ruler Venus clashes with Saturn, planet of time, and you can make a commitment to your health or work that allows you to have time to go out and see the world or even take on extracurricular studies. Maybe you can invest your time in a way that helps you take your skillset to the next level. The new moon on Saturday is a wonderful opportunity to make or break habits.

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After all of the housekeeping and self-care that Virgo season hath wrought, Libra season makes time for something more lighthearted. The coming weeks are some of the most sparkly and creative times of the year—take on a new creative project or ask someone out around the new moon on Saturday. This is all about what makes you happy, and your friendships, too. Put your happiness first, Gemini! As the sun moves into Libra, it occupies the sector of your chart that rules your home and family.

Your private life becomes your primary focus as you ground yourself in your most precious relationships, be it with your family members or those you share a home with. Virgo season had you taking a hard look at your financial situation, and now Libra season has you busy planning and thinking about how to support yourself.

Your acquaintances, neighbors, and even people you encounter on your daily commute, are more important than you think, and can be a great resource to you. Both Venus and Mercury gently harmonize with lucky Jupiter, showing that you can say the right thing to be put in touch with a world of infinite possibility. You can charm and flirt your way into power very gracefully. This week, your ruling planet Venus is in the sign of Libra, and there's something beautiful in store for you when you take time to pace yourself and not go half-way with your goal.

Things to do this week include going to the gym, eating right, making a menu and starting a new diet or exercise routine. Gemini, your ruling planet is in the sign of Libra, so your thoughts and ideas turn to partnerships, love and anything related to doing for others as they would do for you.

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Things can become very romantic, and you won't mind it at all. In fact, love is in the air for you. If you love all the mushy things about relationships, this is the time to show your sweet side. Things to do this week include walks along the beach or the park, taking a drive with your favorite person while listening to a soundtrack that you both love. Spending time reminiscing about the positives in your past and making new memories that last. Cancer, the Moon is in your sign this week and so you're likely to be in touch with your sentimental side.

You might feel overtaken to a degree with emotional energy and this can also prompt you to make some dramatic changes. If you have a lot to catch up on, make this week a staycation period, or just plan your schedule around home life instead of overextending yourself. Things to do this week include chilling out in your favorite clothes and watching Netflix and organizing photo albums. You can also go through your closet and removing old clothes, unfriending an ex that you no longer want to stay in touch with and clearing out anything that makes you sad.

Leo, the Sun in Libra can make you feel like it's time to set the score and bring more balance into your relationships. You might have made sacrifices that you needed to make but now want to address the 'what about me' part of the equation.

Libra weekly horoscope – October 29 2018

Things to do this week include chatting about your needs and wants in relationships where things seem to be one-sided. Virgo, it's a money season for you. Now with the Sun in Libra things can go one of two ways, you keep what you make or you spend more than you make. It's a good idea and wise to put yourself on a realistic budget and not try to do too much with what you have. Things to do this week include make a budget, go over your credit and financials and if you're planning to buy a house, start a savings plan, too. This is a wonderful time for you to practice asserting yourself in ways that ordinarily you're uncomfortable with.

Things to do this week include doing a makeover, job hunting, going out and dating, having fun with friends, making plans for the holidays and putting yourself first. Scorpio, there are several personal planets in your house of hidden enemies but this doesn't necessarily mean something bad will happen to you. Stay confident and positive, try to avoid any type of investment in the share market or any betting.

Problems with your stomach will continue to bother you. Those of you who are married may face a few issues at home involving your children. Work-wise, if you're in business with an off-shore company, it will prove profitable. You may even get to travel abroad for the same. You can expect to have a great social life this week. Going out with friends and relishing their company will uplift your mood.

Students might be demotivated and might face confusion regarding discontinuing their studies.

Libra (September 22 - October 23)

This week demands you to deal with your children politely. This week will be adventurous for the natives of Virgo. You can expect strict discipline along with a polite tone. You may also look forward to peaceful family relations. Married individuals might lack the connection with their spouse. However, if living in a joint family, you may have a golden chance of solving family problems that exist. You will be in good health. Young people will feel joyous and motivated.

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People in sales or marketing can expect the accomplishment of their sales targets. If you are in a job, you might face an overflow of self-confidence that needs to be kept in check. They need to figure out the thin line between confidence and overconfidence. Financial consultants can expect positive behaviour regarding their profession.

People in business can execute their expansion plans. This week will be an excellent week for Virgo regarding finances. The first week will be full of joy and confidence for the natives of Libra. However, you may need to pay attention to your health this week. People in business will have a great week in terms of finances.

As for those who are employed are likely to receive a job offer from an off-shore company. You will share a great bond with your parents and spouse. However, your relationship with your children may be a cause for concern. Even close friends are likely to hurt you emotionally.

It would be wise to avoid being impulsive with your reactions. It would help to look at the bright side of things. Students can expect a busy week in terms of focusing on their studies. Students participating in any competitive exam can be hopeful for the results; researchers can expect to get their papers published this week. As a native of Scorpio, you are likely to receive appreciation for your hardwork.

You will be pleased to come across various earning opportunities. You tend to have a flair for creativity and will energetic to get recognition as a writer this week.

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Those of you living in a joint family may have to face issues in terms of having to change their residence. In terms of family life, you are likely to have the support of your elder siblings. As a young individual, you are likely to prove your competence. As for those employed, you will enjoy a promotion and have the backing of your seniors.

Businessmen working in the import-export industry are likely to flourish this week. Health-wise, you may be prone to cough and cold.

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You are advised to take due care before your condition worsens. The week is expected to start with disturbances and allegations in your relationship.


Professionally, you will have a great week. Married individuals must clarify all sorts of misunderstandings. As a Sagittarius living in a joint family, you can expect to face some disagreement with your family and friends. This week, your emotional health requires a lot of attention.