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Leo & Leo // Compatibility

You only need to do your chart once, as the natal chart never changes. And once you know your rising sign also called ascendant you will get so much more from astrology. Do you give much thought to astrological compatibility when dating? And are you and your partner a classic astrological match? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on the subject….

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A weekly conversation between best friends about life, love, work and wellbeing. Stubbornness on both sides will be the biggest danger. Deal with this effectively and you have a pairing with the strength of iron and flexibility of steel — certainly stuff that is made to last.

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A Crab in love is wonderful to experience — they are tender, warm, and loving in the most genuine way. Cancers will not play mind games or lead you on.

I am Leo, My Lover is Cancer - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

As a Leo, you grab life with both hands and enjoy it to the max. They enjoy your grand and elegant generosity, your sense of style and purpose, even though they freak out at the money you spend. Crabs are thrifty bargain hunters, something completely alien to you, because they always gasp! This could pose a problem later, because money and its allocation is the number one thing couples fight about. You will admire their deep love of home and family.

But you will crawl around the floor with a little one and enjoy playing pretend. If you only look for the big picture of the happy family, you may not be aware of your tendency to overlook who did what, and this will hurt the feelings of your Cancer lover! Cancers wish they had your confidence and elan.

Cancers react after, not during the event. This will come out of left field for you the first couple of times, but you will begin to see the pattern in their behavior. They are moody and they tend to look back into the past a lot. Cancers withdraw to quietly go over things again and again in their minds.

I am Cancer, My Lover is Leo

Unless you pry open their shell and get them to talk as soon as you can, Cancer is liable to burst with a sense of deep unhappiness until they can come to terms by themselves with what is troubling them. At first you may need to give your Cancer a little time alone. Some of the first smoke signals they send up may not be what is really wrong, but what they think you want to hear.

You will need to dig deeper. You may not be equipped to handle this as well as a water sign might, because they have a special third eye helping them unravel mysteries.