Leo horoscope december 24

Leo Horoscope - Love for December 24,

Try to keep conversations light because your ruling planet Mercury clashes with Neptune today and miscommunications abound. The moon enters fiery Leo, illuminating the sector of your chart that rules your finances. Keep things simple and easy! You just want to have fun today, Leo, but complications and confusion keep popping up! Keep things as simple as possible.

Love and Compatibility for December 24 Zodiac

The moon enters your sign, encouraging you to focus on self love. You ruling planet Mercury clashes with hazy Neptune, and things are unclear. Watch a movie or get lost in a book. The moon enters Leo, finding you in the mood to rest and relax. Keep your plans flexible today, Libra. The moon enters fun and generous fire sign Leo, encouraging you to catch up with friends and socialize.

Attention shifts to your career as the moon enters spotlight-loving Leo. What's in the stars for you in December? Read your monthly horoscope here. Want these horoscopes sent straight to your inbox?

Your Horoscope for the Week of December 24

Click here to sign up for the newsletter. Love is love, it has no ifs ands or buts. And this love wants you to find a close and personal bond, especially with the sun in the seventh house of partnerships. Let your heart open. You're understanding how to tell people how you feel and express your ideas clearly with the Libra third quarter moon in your third house of communication. Allow this to inform all the work you need to do, because there's still so much to be done.

The sun is in your sixth house of work and health, asking you to build your reality.

Leo Weekly Horoscope from 17th December - 24th December

It requires commitment and persistence. The Libra third quarter moon sheds light on your second house of finances and possessions, revealing to you everything that you need in order to feel safe, taken care of, and comforted. Make sure your foundation stands strong. With the sun in your fifth house of creativity, it's important to remember everything that you need in order for the artistry to flow. The Libra third quarter moon lights up your first house of the self. It's meant to remind you to love yourself, despite all your flaws, and to treat yourself the way that you deserve.

You should be with your family right now, or whoever you consider family, with the sun in your fourth house of the home. Get in touch with your innermost circle. There lies the answers. You're becoming very acquainted with your intuition this week with the Libra third quarter moon in your 12th house of spirituality.

Allow it to show you the truth that you've been searching for. Cut out all the white noise and listen. The sun is in your third house of communication, allowing you to communicate these truths clearly. There is so much depth within you. You're in touch with all your friends this week and able to connect with new people on a grand scale.

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You have the power to bring people together, to help people heal together. The sun is in your second house of comfort and possessions, reminding you of the bricks that must be build in order for progress to happen. Build something not just for yourself, but for everyone. With the Libra third quarter moon shining a spotlight on your 10th house of career, you're being reminded of the way others think of you and the mark you leave behind.

Remember to leave behind something people will be grateful for. The sun is still in your first house of the self, allowing you to reshape your identity into something new. You've grown so much. You'll be able to see great expanses and limitless opportunities with the Libra third quarter moon in your ninth house of adventure.

Let it feed you hunger for more out of this life. There is still so much living let to do.