Leo horoscope birthday

Things are finally falling into place, and are starting to make sense when it comes to school, work, and hobbies which may materialize into business opportunities. The planetary alignments give way to a brand new profession or job, or prospects of improving your current role.

Your love life will have a refreshed, positive, and fiery vibe as Jupiter is about to drown you in opportunities. Romance may be closely tied to work and health in , which may bring about favorable partnerships in business, intimate discussions of your fears and goals, or you may meet a love interest through your work or the pursuit of a better physical wellness.

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Jupiter, the planet of luck and evolution remains in the house of love until the middle of the year, stimulating your courage, charm, and fortune. Happy Birthday dear Leo! The Perfect Gift Leo women love to be in the limelight as they love to be admired. Overview Family and health will be the major theme and focus of Career Leos are able to achieve anything they set their mind to, and commit to. You feel you need this as a stimulus to a blissful partnership. For you, love and sex have definite distinctions. The Lion does reward those that are loyal.

He will treat you like royalty as well. Also, you want someone to go the distance with you, not just someone when the weather is good. If today August 1st is your birthday, you want the security of a lasting relationship.

However, you have a mean streak, Leo. As a parent, you are likely strict. You want to best out of them so, you can be guilty of pushing a little bit. Nonetheless, your children respect you and your opinion. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!!

Typically, the Lion born on an August 1st zodiac sign has strong features. There could be something special in your eyes. Those of you born on this day should guard against diseases relating to the mouth. It is suggested that you visit your doctor regularly and exercise, and eat right.

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Also, you can be susceptible to pains and muscles aches. Eating lots of fruits will help keep you looking nice and trim. Otherwise, you are healthy individuals who pride themselves on looking and feeling their best. Test Now! Those with an August 1 birthday personality are bold and boastful Lions. This Leo sun sign person may be the attention-getter who is independent and loyal. You possess a heart that is open and giving.


Sometimes, your heart is easy to break, but mostly, you have a strong constitution. A sure way to this lions nest is through friendship. Just getting you to be even a tad more trusting and the patient could improve your love life. The August 22 birthday personality is one who could use some guidance when it comes to careers and professions. A counselor or someone you may look up too as a mentor of sorts could give you shortcuts and advice based on experience.

Leo Traits

If you could realize what your talent or your passion is, you could be on the right track. Not only will you need advice on choosing a useful and compatible job, but you will also need budgeting skills. Spending has its limits even on the credit card. The credit card should be kept for emergencies only and in the hands of a trusted friend or shredded. Keeping up with debts and credits is not your thing, honey.

What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! The August 22 astrology predicts that an accident is waiting to happen. You tend to suffer from back pain or problem knees. You do not have to be old to have arthritis, so it is never too early to start preventive measures.

Test Now! Take your calcium supplements and always use protection when walking and or jogging.

When you begin to see the results of your efforts, you will smile more. Typically, this Leo birthday person believes that you need to look good to feel good. Leos with a birthday on August 22 can be a gentle lion and even romantic when you want to be. But you can also be moody, irrational and temperamental.

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One thing needs to happen for you to enjoy life truly. You need to trust more in people especially in self. Determination and self-confidence will take you further than validation from a friend will. Just be you! This card stands for a soul that is inexperienced and thus free from fear of the unknown. Number 3 — This number stands for happiness, innovation, exuberance, intuition, and communication. Number 4 — This is a number that symbolizes responsibility, orderliness, tradition, wisdom, and progress.