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Its position indicates how your mental function will be expressed, and where techniques and skills are available to you. Venus is the planet of love and relationship. Venus is in-taking, rather than out-going as represented by Mars , and rules the signs Libra and Taurus. Venus has its exaltation in Pisces, and is associated with aesthetics, beauty, refinement and romance. Its position in the chart indicates the area in which the give and take of love, affection and sensual pleasure will be expressed. Mars is the planet of outward activity and animal passion.

It rules Aries and is exalted in Capricorn. This fiery planet is masculine in action, versus softer more receptive Venus. When strong in the chart it can indicate a volatile temper, and also great courage. Its position indicates how your personality will assert itself, and what modes of activity will stimulate your physical energies. Jupiter is the planet of faith, positivism and optimism.

It rules Sagittarius and is exalted in Cancer. Jupiter represents the principle of expansion, versus contraction as represented by Saturn and the aspirations of the higher self. Its position in the chart indicates how your faith will be expressed, and what modes of activity will stimulate self-confidence. Saturn is the planet of limitation and contraction, and the trials of life experience.

This includes disciplive, punctuality, and the conservation of material resources.

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Saturn rules Capricorn and is exalted in Libra, and is limited and material, versus unlimited faith as represented by Jupiter. It indicates areas where the personality will be restricted by fears and lack of confidence, and also areas which are important to be worked on in this lifetime.

Uranus is the planet of freedom and revolutionary vision, the urge for change and the ability to visualize new possibilities. Uranus rules Aquarius, and is exalted in Scorpio.

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It is also associated with mental studies, electricity and astrology. Its position indicates the arena of originality and freedom from conventional thinking in your life. Neptune represents the universal ocean of oneness with all beings. It is thus highly compassionate, also idealistic, imaginative and self login or even self undoing, and can be associated with drugs or media, as fantasy expressions.

Neptune rules Pisces, and finds its exaltation in Cancer. Its position indicates where there may be confusion and also great creativity in poetic or musical fields. Neptune has been called the higher octave of Venus. Pluto is a force for change that can be destructive in its power. Pluto rules Scorpio, and is exalted in Leo. Pluto is related to will, and intense passion, and has a reputation for ruthlessness. As god of the underworld Pluto brings the deepest compulsions into the light.

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Its position indicates areas of life that must ultimately become transformed as part of the soul's evolution. Chiron is a small planet, or 'planetoid' that was only discovered in , and which has already shown itself to be quite powerful in an individual's chart. Occupying an eccentric orbit between Saturn and Uranus, and named for the centaur physician of Greek myth who taught ancient wisdom to mankind, Chiron represents the archetype of the "Wounded Healer" and is associated with shamanism and going within to heal oneself.

Its discovery is synchronous with the rise of the holistic health movement.

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Chiron's position in the chart reveals where one has been wounded, and where also there is the opportunity for discovering healing from within and sharing this discovery with other people, since from our wounds arises our compassion for the suffering of others. The position of Chiron, by house and sign, can also show where we have talent and access to ancient wisdom, as well as where we may depart from the mainstream in service to a higher practicality.

Those with prominent Chiron are likely to be educators and spiritual healers. As goddess of the harvest and the natural process of fertility and renewal, Ceres represents the process of nurturing and motherhood in an individual chart, and has been attributed to the sign Cancer as a co-ruler with the Moon, as well as to the signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo. You might already be expecting a child! A Lunar Eclipse on January 21 in your sign will be the last one to pass over you for many years.

These eclipses shifted your love life in a significant way in , so the final one now might very well be the culmination of all you've learned about truly giving love. A commitment might deepen, or end if things have not been going well, but either way the most important lesson you'll take with you as a result of this last Leo eclipse is the fulfillment of learning self-love and respect.

Have you been splurging where you should have added to cart and saved for later? Connecting with a mentor or a financial advisor could help you re-align. What is love if not mutual understanding? You and your partner are on the same page as far as the future of your relationship is concerned. For some, this is a time of taking things to the next level, of acknowledging the beautiful connection you share in front of your friends and family. Let those inhibitions go, Leo.

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Everybody is going to love you just as you are. Cosmic tip: Acknowledge the beautiful connection you share in front of your friends and family. Delays are not denial, Virgo. This is a time of fruition in your world, and everything is finally coming together for you. As you wrap up a project close to your heart, allow yourself to receive well-deserved rewards. International travel could be on the agenda or some. Hocus, pocus, focus! Word for the wise: prioritise. Take charge of your career. Channel your energy into projects that not only feel in alignment, but also help you level up. Oh, and what about your friendships, Libra?

Are you falling into the trap of pleasing everybody at once?

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Make time to nurture the connections that matter. Cosmic tip: Channel your energy into projects that not only feel in alignment, but also help you level up. Why hide behind masks when you can be exactly who you are? Do away with the pretences, Scorpio. Let your most authentic self shine like a star. Remember, those who truly love you will see your vulnerability as your greatest strength.

In matters of the heart, allow yourself to express your innermost feelings. Are you a human being having a spiritual experience or a spiritual being having a human experience? Your old friend existential crisis may strike again, Sag. When the world gets too much, know that you have the permission to retreat into your burrow.

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