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Sun, Moon and Mercury Pisces 9. Jupiter and Venus Aries Ketu, South Node of the Moon Taurus Gemini Cancer Note :- The author is an expert both in the political astrology and natal astrology. He has been offering consultations covering all aspects of life based on examination of natal horoscope.

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He can be reached at :- kushal gmail. It is verified that the article is the product of my own application and is being exclusively submitted to ChTA Astrology. Both times he was lucky but anybody would have invested in Bahubali 2, realising the potential it had in store. All distributors and producers have only a smile on their face and no doubt the film collected more than double the amount that was spent on making the film prior to its release.

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Monday Hindi at However, Kushal Kumar, an astrologer from Haryana now claims that he had predicted the success of Bahubali 2. Precisely relevant to this great accomplishment of Indian cinema is the prophesy of this Vedic astrology writer.

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Though Buddhism is seen as a religion that advises mindfulness and the Middle Path, fact is the Sinhalese have, like their counterparts in Thailand and Myanmar, linked it to issues of identity and they justify violence when they are under threat. With the Tamil issue gone, these people have latched on to Islamic fundamentalism as the new threat. This is something for the government of Ranil Wickremasinghe to address, although with polls scheduled later this year, the situation could easily degenerate.

It is also important for India to help Sri Lanka with intelligence and information at this time. The scale and coordination of the attacks make it obvious that a small band of terrorists could not have pulled this off without support from forces abroad. They wanted to make a splash.

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They must fail. Wednesday, 09 October Home Columnists Opinion. Terror returns Tuesday, 23 April Pioneer.

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