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Busy time socially and many new people to meet but keep your head above water in your financial matters and do not get carried away with shopping Taking a ticket with an Aquarius fried could turn out to be very lucky for you. Hectic time for most and too much to do and not enough time to do it in. November December 20 Lucky Colour: If you plan to make changes you could meet opposition. However if you are unsure of your ground there is nothing holding you back an unexpected encounter could lead to a happy surprise for you.

You're emotional and love life should be much happier than before and someone from your past could come and figure very prominently in your future. Keep an eye on expenditure. Spending a lot of money is not always the best proof of quality. People are not always impressed with big spenders; try to keep some kind of sense in your money matters during this period. Lots of talk about travel and many wishes could come true. You might be in the minds of some people and you could hear from them after a long period.

Work situations could also improve. December January 19 Lucky Colour: Routine is likely to be disrupted by some unusual events just take it as it comes. A good time to reflect on relationship and partnerships. A romantic overture could be flattering. Gemini - May June 21 This sign never seems to grow up. They'll stay young at heart. Very changeable and restless they are extremely talkative and seemingly have a split personality. They can get out of a difficult situation by talking. They seem to have a flair for languages and should make good reporters or television compares.

Cancer - June July 22 A strong imagination, kind and sensitive, Cancerian possesses a strong mother hen feeling. Shrewd and a good homemaker, they are, but they can also be over-emotional, over sensitive, moody and indulge in self-pity. They are easily flattered and untidy. Leo - July August 22 Leo's can be generous, creative, broad minded, ostentatious and a good organiser.

However, in the negative sense, they can also be dogmatic, intolerant, tyrannical, self-opinionated and pompous. Virgo - August September 23 Discriminating, yet precise is the Virgo. Being exact, neat and tidy obsesses them. They are modest in their success and can be rather, finicky and hard to please. They are born to worry. Through a melange of showmanship, media saturation, and doling out Craft initiations to anyone who mentioned so much as a mild interest in tealeaf reading, Sanders became the most prominent Witch on the planet for many years, and also one of the more conspicuous bisexuals well, until Glam Rock came along.

Sanders above had many fine moments in print but one of his choicest was a lengthy interview for a British Playboy- clone called Men Only. During a frenetic four-page wind-up - and attempted pick-up - of his interviewer, James Tyson, Sanders cheerfully recalled "the period when I first started sleeping with men Now I realise that it's just another side of my nature - and I thoroughly enjoy it! As Gardnerian and Alexandrian Craft progressed, along with new forms of witchery, through the decades that saw debate shifting from the legality of gay sex in private to the legitimacy of gay marriages, its early homophobia didn't really stand a chance.

The nearest things to gay-male problems I ever hear these days are single witchy girls complaining that the most appetising unattached men at open Circles always turn out to be gay.

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Considering we live in a world in which at least seven nations retain mandatory death sentences for any form of same-gender sex, I expect that's a problem Witchcraft can live with. Sanders became the most prominent Witch on the planet for many years and also one of the more conspicuous bisexuals. There is detailed information for practices and rituals which will enable you to stay close to the natural world. Not just a diary but a keepsake and reference. I didn't know there were any qualified Rev Dr's in our community. Could you please provide me with more information as to where the author received her qualification, and what it is she has a Doctorate in?

Hollie, via email Briefly, my qualifications are genuine and recognised here in Australia. I am a Reverend ofShambhallah Awareness Centre, one of the first registered pagan churches in Australia, and have been since its inception. The Shambhallah Awereness Centre is also a legally registered charity and pagan educational institution. It was a very thorough, comparative religious educational program in which we learned about every known religion in order to destroy people's faiths as we went from door to door. I was recognised as a minister limited female and became a 'Pioneer' a sort of missionary.

I door knocked for 90 hours per month for a very long time. I left the church because of a series of personal issues. I later studied with the Spiritualist Church in Newcastle for a year. I drove like a demon to get across the mountains from Tamworth to Coffs Harbour to be thoroughly "enchanted" by none other than the famous Fiona Horne. To my utter dismay, the show had been cancelled the night before and yet at the Plantation Hotel where she was to perform there was not a sign of information displaying this fact.

It was a full correspondence course with a minimum time period, text books, and an exam. I had to supply a religious work that I had published, and I had to gain greater than 75 per cent in the final exam. Because this qualification was gained from an overseas institution, it has to be considered honorary here, yet it is considered official in the USA.

I sat with my sister, being the faithful fans that we are, and it was only when the doors failed to open at 8pm that we began to look around for clues. There were some other disappointed fans at the bar and they let us know that the show was cancelled. We received a refund on the tickets big fat deal but no explanation or apology. We were told to contact the promoters who are impossible to find there's a shock and so I went to Fiona's website that very night only to discover that the concert date and information for Coffs Harbour had been completely removed!

I am most unhappy that this occurred and hope that you can discover why she cancelled. Natalie, via email Due to the unique nature of Fiona's tour some unforeseen technical and logistic difficulties meant that some shows were cancelled by the venues. These problems have now been addressed and when One Enchanted Evening, Part 2, hits the road in , Fiona has assured us this will not happen again.

Fiona asked us to express how sorry and disappointed she is that she couldn't do those shows but she is looking forward to 's tour - Editor. UCL America was recommended to me by The Cross Accreditation Board of Australia, as I was unable to gain recognition for my prior religious learning at any of the religiously biased institutes here in Australia.

It is a generally well-regarded qualification but not prestigious. It is useful for dealing with bureaucracies.

It is not a PhD. My formalised magickal training did not begin until when I studied with two indigenous Shamans - one a Tibetan named Kushog a traditional Kandorma from the Kham provinces and one Fijian- Hindu, Abi Ram from Nadi. This poster displays the meanings of terms used in astrology in a balanced design to see the patterns and relationships between the signs.

Indudfrig information on the planets, body metals, gemstones, colours, foods, flowers and herbs. Because we don't always picture what we read, this mandate with the key below is a usefii tool for learning and quick reference, making astrology easy! I was also the first religious pagan marriage celebrant registered with the Attorney General's Department. I hope this clarifies my qualifications for you. She d'Montford. Being a newbie to the Craft and having looked unsuccessfully for a mentor, I emailed Lady Maat with regard to the Art of Ritual class that they conduct the traditional year and a day of mentoring before you are accepted into the coven.

I am a year-old Sagittarian Rat. I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict.

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I have spent the last 40 years seeking enlightenment, and have dabbled in Buddhism, Zen Buddhism,Taoism, alternative healing and many different forms of divination, including medicine cards, I Ching, runes and astrology. I had seen your magazine on occasions but regrettably bypassed it, thinking it was not for me. There is an old saying:"When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear''This has been the case for me.

Last week a neighbour gave me their May-June 44 issue of your magazine. I browsed through it, thinking,"Hmm, this looks interesting, I'll read that later"etc. Then I came to the article on Centaurs by Lucy Cavendish and it was magick. I needed that article so much. I thank you for printing it, thank and what do you know - they accepted me! I'm now learning so much about the Craft with and from an absolutely great bunch of people - all thanks to you folk. So thank you for the wide range of topics you cover - they are much appreciated!

While agreeing with the broad thrust of her argument, that the Craft at its heart is a personal spiritual journey rather than a mainstream religion, I feel that she has missed or ignored a crucial consideration - public education and recognition is our best defence against the often hysterical accusations levelled against us.

Witches don't need acceptance? Tell that to teen Witches told to remove their Ms Cavendish for writing it, and my neighbour for giving me the magazine. At last my horoscope has become clear. You see, I have a Grand Cross in my birth chart involving Chiron, and this article has enabled me to find the resolution. You have yourself a new reader, and although I see myself more as a Shamanist than a Witch, I think there are more similarities than differences.

Bruce, Moss Vale NSW pentacles at school, though their peers are allowed to wear crosses, headscarves and other religious insignia. Tell that to Olivia Watts and Witches living in the City of Casey, accused of'promoting evil'; or pagan parents whose beliefs have been used against them in custody proceedings. Many are attracted to the Craft because of the secrecy traditionally associated with it, but every article in the paper, every feature story on Channel 9's Sunday program, every ABC Compass special explaining our beliefs and practices, means less ammunition for those who would vilify us.

This isn't to pursue an agenda of pagan clergy, celebrants and the other trappings of mainstream religion, but to promote the message that Witches and pagans deserve the same rights as any other religious grouping. I hope that Leannan Sidhe will acknowledge that not all Witches see a future in secrecy. Many now want to be loud and proud. If Witches want to celebrate Rites of Passage in a public way, they have a right to do so, and a right to access resources, such as celebrants, without raised eyebrows or lectures on why their beliefs are 'dangerous'.


How we as a community balance engagement with mainstream society and keeping the 'mystery'in our Mystery Religion will be one of the great challenges for the new century. Leannan Sidhe, if she is serious in her arguments, might consider giving her column to someone else - Witchcraft magazine has, after all, done more to promote and gain acceptance for the Craft than any other publication in Australia! Balmain Ph: 02 Fax: 02 www.

Penrith Ph: 02 Fax: 02 Practitioners available every day for Williamson worked as the curator and also as a full-time consultant on Witchcraft, specialising in removing curses from people who felt themselves bewitched. He hoped to attract like- minded people to the museum in order to work group magick. In I he moved to Boscastle, where he opened the current museum in on the site where it still stands today. However, perhaps Monique can lie judged a little less harshly if we know' what the circumstances were regarding her decision to sell.

Wilson had a young daughter who, the media alleged, had been involved in nefarious magickal rites. Subsequently, the girl was placed under the eye of a probation officer for the next three years. Perhaps they just were not thinking straight? Maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time? The Witches' Mill no longer exists as an entity on the Isle of Man. Before he came to purchase it, he ran a manufacturing business which made cameras for filming archival materials, ancient books and documents.

The business had grown rapidly and Graham found himself overworked, stressed, and not enjoying it at all. He stayed camping with them for several days and was so impressed with their lifestyle that he re-evaluated his own, and soon after sold his business, car and house, with the intention of walking around Europe for several years.

At midnight, October 31, , contracts were exchanged and Graham became die new owner of The Museum of Witchcraft. Some of these speakers have included Mike Howard, editor of the long running Cauldron magazine, die late Master of Cultus Sabbati, Andrew Chumbley his only public speaking performance before his sad death last year , and Philip Heselton, a historian well known for his research on Gerald Gardner.

There is an Australian connection to the Museum of Witchcraft. She moved to the United Kingdom from Sydney in and soon after became a volunteer at the museum. Kerriann was living in London, but found Boscastle to be such a beautiful place that she decided to move there around four years ago. Graham Is the local Coast Guard, so at the first sign of danger he reported the incident and was responsible for calling in the first helicopters. He also crossed the river, ran part of the rescue operations and set up a mortuary in the local village hall for the expected 50 or so fatalities.

Miraculously no one was killed. Over people were airlifted that afternoon, and Graham Ls receiving the highest Coast Guard commendation medal for his swift actions. We calmly got everyone out - some people actually asked for refunds on the way out! We aimed off the power and put all the stock up as high as we could, but the water was quickly coming up to our knees so we got our torches and went through the dark and very spooky museum to the library upstairs.

We both got back to my house across the river several hours later. Graham and I had no idea if either of us had been hurt or killed, so I lit a candle in my window so that he would know we were safe. Luckily he saw it soon after and came in. The Salvation Army even set up their food van in my driveway. It was several days before we could get back to the museum to check the damage, which was extensive. The flood water had come in very quickly, but it had gone out very slowly through cracks in die windows, so many of the artefacts had remained trapped in around one meter of sewage-filled sludge.

All the mud had to be taken out in wheelbarrows widi die help of many volunteers, then sifted carefully for any artefacts hidden within. The workers had some wonderful discoveries, for example a photo of the Gardnerian High Priestess, Patricia Crowther, was A car floats past at the height of the flood, which nearly caused the ruination of the Museum. Bellarmine witch bottle display. Fortunately, only around ten percent of the exhibits were lost and the upstairs gallery and library were untouched. Walls had to be re-built, however, new floors laid, and windows replaced.

The Museum of Witchcraft is now able to continue on as before, however there will be some slight differences. We are trying to formalise things more now. We realise the insurance problems that items on loan can bring, so we are persuading people to donate artefacts in the future. The library is expanding and our website is being updated. All the artefacts are being photographed and will be added to the website catalogue.

The online flood diary Kerriann kept has proved to be so popular that we have decided to keep it going in a Blog format under the title of News. This is mainly so we can ensure the museum continues after we pass over. Most of the artefacts now come from deceased estates. The museum also collects magazines on occult topics, and publishers often donate books to the library.

It also collects artefacts tolonging to significant figures from the revival movement. If you have any special relics, you may consider donating them to the museum for protection and posterity. The Boscastle Museum of Witchcraft is truly a Witchy treasure which we should all be proud of and grateful for. Boscastle is on the North coast of Cornwall between Tintagel and Bude.

Goths in their long black coats, and Witchy women wearing tight corsets and crushed velvet, went along for a high energy, high volume concert. Inkubus Sukkubus took to the stage amid stirring guitar chords and a swirling smokescreen cut by laser lights. Candia, the sexy lead singer, used all of the stage and more, even stepping down onto the 30 speakers that lined the dance floor, while guitarists Tony, James and Adam prowled the stage.

James was favoured by the ladies who threw their G-strings to him which he strung from his guitar. Favourites from Clockwise from top right: Fabulous fashions were provided by Dragon's Blood Creations; Adam on bass; An audience favourite, James vamps it up with Candia; sexy lead singer, Candia. Support act was Adelaide s own Spiral Dance who, after impressing Inkubus Sukkubus with their beautiful music, were invited to share the stage with them for an encore.

Extra entertainment for the evening was a fashion parade by Dragon s Blood Creations. If that happens, make sure you are there! Please allow up to 28 days for separate delivery of book. Offer ends 27 December, The faerie seeker is invited to follow the sparkling pathway to Elf Land through the pages of Faeriecraft. The aim of this book is to reverse a trend - that the magical and spiritual pathway of faeriecraft has traditionally been kept a mysterious and elusive secret. The authors passionately believe that the faeries are for everyone who seeks them.

This inspirational version of faeriecraft is shaped from the authors' own experiences and concepts, which have been impressed upon her by the faeries themselves. Faeriecraft takes the seeker on a step-by-step guide on how to practice this craft, which is the creative melding of the faerie faith and natural Witchcraft. Once faerie seekers have followed the exercises and insights throughout this book, they can emerge inspired to work with the faeries and have the knowledge and confidence to call themselves a faerie priest or priestess.

Neil and Alicen Geddes-Ward are an artist and writer, respectively, who frequently work collaboratively as a creative team. Alicen works as a writer and faerie priestess, travelling extensively throughout the UK giving workshops and lectures on faeriecraft. Subscribe before 27 December to ensure you don't miss out on this very special offer. She lives in Somerset, UK. Her life and work are dedicated to the Greening - a way of bringing the magick back to life by experiencing our oneness with all creation, and the enchantment that is present in everyday life. Poppy's artwork also regularly appears in magazines in the mind, body and spirit category.

Congratulations Poppy! Your new book Craft of the Wild Witch was recently released in Australia and it's one of those rare books that contain a great deal of useful information, while still being written in a very poetic, enchanting style. It's like piece of written artwork! Do you think that your artistic background helps you to see the world in a different way to the rest of us non-artistic types? That is so lovely, bless you! I seem to write vast tomes in somewhat of a void a lot of the time!

So, sincerely, thank you! Now, in answer to the question, yes, I am coming to understand just how differently I do see the world. I serve the purpose of being a word-painter I realised this was my role when I was in one of my periods of ill health and I had dragged myself to a supermarket in some considerable pain. Yet the fence was glorious! It woke me up to my role as a seer of the soul-songs that are present in the simplest things Regarding the ill health you mentioned, I read that you've had chronic fatigue syndrome and this disease gave you an opportunity to explore non-physical realms.

Do you think that you would be unaware of those Otherworlds if that illness had not occurred? It has been with me since and eventually meant that I had to close my tattoo studio. You mentioned your work as a tattooist, and I believe that you are in high demand for what is called 'sacred art'. How would you define 'sacred art'? It is such an intense joy and overwhelming privilege to create a sacred piece of skin art for someone. How important was it to differentiate yourself from other terms such as 'Witch' or 'Wiccan'?

I have simple, green-spirited, free -fl owi n faith in the sanctity of all life and in the mystery of existence. So, why wild witch? Having the freedom to explore our own eternal nature, whilst honouring nature, Ls w'hat the Wild' is all about. I guess my concept of wild witchery is more for the natural seer, who needs some guidelines for safe interactions with the Otherworlds, or who is in need of a bit of inspiration on their journey. And I know there are those of us who were just bom into that way of being who need a wee bit of guidance, not another set of hard and fast rules.

And where do you hope it will lead you? To hold that star, to shine with it, is to walk in peace, in balance and beauty. Each of us has a different star. I have found mine. By doing this we may also witness the firmament and so see our intrinsic connection to all the other stars When writing about various times of the day, phases of the moon, and tides of the seasons, your writing is so poetic and full of reverence that it's hard for me to work out if you have any favourites!

No, I am not unbiased! I would have to say that the time of the Dark Moon is my favourite. I am a Dark Moon nut! The whole waning is wonderful for the wild witch who is not afraid to look beyond. And bare, black trees outlined like charred gallows against a blanched sky. Or silver gulls highlighted against the baiise of a storm cloud. I love the crone, the deep dank cave, the cawing of crows over stubble-fields, the stripped, pared bones of existence and that which is resolutely, unapologetic- ally dark. I'll be looking at the darker seasons in a whole new way now.

Thank you Poppy! Resurgence ; 7 he Greening. Be part of the journey. On sale throughout Australia and New Zealand every second month. For our current advertising rates, contact Chris Froebel on 02 bh ,or email: spooky hawknet. You've got to have friends, even when they're not the most visible of allies. For many who have read about or engaged in witchery, though, this notion might seem something of a contradiction in terms. If the Witch wanted solitude, he or she might just as well have trotted off to a football grand final. Whether this concept rings true to us depends on how we view the matter of invisible friends and their propensity for accepting invitations.

At one end of the theological spectrum, we have the literalists, who accept the existence of their uaseen invitees as confidently as they do other phenomena undetectable to the human eye due to size sub-molecular particles, for instance or the limitations of our optical sensory receptors as in the case of x-rays. Thus, some may be bom with the capacity to see ghosts, faeries or related phenomena such as auras, while others may acquire this skill.

At the other extreme is subjectivism. This fomi of subjectivism is often thought of as Jungian, but Jung would be the first to dispute that usage. Wicca, however, does have its own theology. Or, more accurately, it does according to most introductory books on the subject. For others it means worshipping a number of gods and goddesses selected from Pagan pantheons. Perhaps, though, Wiccans can get a trifle too blase about such matters.

Are they a personified Yin and Yang, complimentary halves of a single supreme deity, or even Platonic ideals of humankind? A common opinion is that they represent the true entities behind all lesser Goddesses and Gods, all of whom are aspects of the divine pair. If tliis is so, why then do we give them certain specific attributions - lunar, earth and triune aspects for the Goddess; solar, horned and dual aspects for the God - to the exclusion of others?

It doesn't sound awfully Wiccan, but some do incline towards belief in a single uber-Goddess. You pray or invoke help in spell casting. You pray or invoke help in spellcasting. You sulk. Monism doesn't. It states that there's only a single, universal energy be it material, mind or spirit that comprises blooming everything. Thus, the divine is present in all things, rather than being a transcendent presence.

Pantheism can be further broken down into two subspecies: the Classical, in which the deity is sentient; and the Naturalistic, in which it isn't. A bit cake-and-eat-it, really. It may or may not preclude belief in any of the above variants, since the numerous deities may be emanations or underlings of a superior being. Polytheism may be inclusive that is, all deities are awarded equal credence , preferential one pantheon might be given more respect than others , or exclusive certain pantheons may be excepted from belief - it's not uncommon, for example, to hear polytheistic pagans stating, perhaps with questionable logic, that they disbelieve in Satan since he belongs to the Christian, rather than a pagan, pantheon.

There may be a higher governing body, as we see in Zoroastrianism and certain forms of Christianity. This is not an uncommon Wiccan practice, although frequently both a Goddess and a God are given special attention. Heno-ditheism anyone? The Kathenotheist will worship an appropriate deity at an appropriate time for an appropriate purpose, and then move on to the next when the purpose suits. A tad tarty, perhaps, but very practical. This is a rather slippery philosophy since a lot depends on the equally soapy definition of matter.

Most historical Gnostics, however, claimed to have thoroughly sussed out all the relevant data, usually coming to a plethora of bleak and life-denying conclusions. Your best Wiccan friend might be, for instance, a hybrid of Ditheist, Panentheist, Animist, Gnostic and Shaman - all without realising it.

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Goes the Witch Disinformation; , describes his experiments in magickally invoking Buffy the Vampire Slayer, thus driving the point home like a well- sharpened stake. Subjectivists might be treating actual entities less respectfully than they would characters in a fantasy role-playing game. More importantly, though, neglecting theology may be a teensy bit of a cop- out, intellectually and spiritually. There are maps aplenty. We have, to scramble metaphors, an entire smorgasbord of spiritual options to examine, taste and evaluate. In the box opposite is a rapid run-through of the main dishes and how they might enhance a Wiccan banquet.

Some polytheists consider individual deities to be egregores, strengthened by the custom of associating them with particular correspondences, such as their favourite incenses, colours and so on. In this theory, the creation of As theologians, Wiccans have an advantage over followers of many faiths: we are interested in exploring mysteries, rather than dominating others with our opinions.

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The ancestral magickal path is one which can see us re-embrace our heritage, our blood kin, and at its heart, our very selves. Here, Lucy Cavendish talks to five inspiring people who are claiming their spiritual inheritance. Kerstin Fehn works as a rune and tarot reader in Sydney. I Ier magickal path is Asatru, the name given to the ancient religion and traditions of the Germanic people. Our gods are even thought of as kin in this way! Therefore, what we do in this life gets passed down in turn to the next generation. This is why honour is so important to us.

Much has been lost already, of course, and there is much yet to be uncovered or recovered. Knowing ourselves and where we come from is, of course, paramount to understanding ourselves, our place in nature, and also where we are headed. Modem life values the broadening of horizons, but forgets deepening our relationship with who and where we already are. She does feel, though, that perhaps what they are experiencing is a feeling of kinship with the principles of the path they are exploring, and perhaps not getting the entire picture.

None of these complete the picture though for someone unconsciously searching for the Northern path! Often there is a relief when we finally find the right path for ourselves Kerstin herself knew nothing of Asatru when she first experienced its power. I knew she symbolised the life force which I needed very much then. It reminded me of a life-sized 3D sketch, in a way! I just knew and felt I should step up and into the place of this woman, and as I did, I felt energy recharge me as the outline disappeared.

I was not quite sure what had happened, but I was so revived and managed to happily keep working away all day. Further research astonished me with the valkyrie connection to the goddess Freyja, as well as her association with the life-force and its symbols of gold and amber. A rather powerful wake-up call! I was impressed by the attitudes, knowiedge and wisdom of the mem- ben; of the group, and found myself quickly accepted as well.

Since joining, they have supported me through my personal journey, bestowing upon me the honour of performing the function of Gythja priestess for some Blottar, which continues today. But it seems her heritage came to find her. A voice told me that this is the key to my happiness. This is why ancestral means, to me, that which you cannot run away from. It is that absolute knowing that deep within my DNA there Ls this calling that Knowing ourselves and where we come from is paramount to understanding ourselves, our place in nature Only an ancestral awakening would have propelled me to change my life so dramatically and to see dirough the lessons of this life.

I built an Ancient Room with a crystal eneigy bed to do my work, and have many therapists working in rooms around me in the soul spa.

Leo July 23 - August 22

I feel more complete when I have the beautiful energy of people around me. The more smiles and loving hearts together, the easier our work can be. This scared the hell out of me! And I still get shivers dow r n my spine when I diink about it! My path is just an evolved version of what my forefathers have lieen doing for the past , years in this country.

My culture, the Kuku- Yalanji culture, now travels with me with every step I take. I made a commitment to my ancestors w hen I first went home that I would forever walk tall. His path, and that of his family, is called Gaelic Traditionalism, or Sinnsreachd. A modernisation of old and ancient Gaelic practices, his is a cultural, religious and spiritual path. There has always been a keen interest in the actions and life of those that came before us in all the generations of my family. It promotes the advancement of die self over anything else.

At least for die Gael, a family in the historical context was those you were related to in blood, and those who shared your family name and territory. Family was something that would help you ahvays. And reawakening dlls love for ancestry and die connections it provides, means we can reclaim this sense of community wliich is currendy lacking. Awareness is a better one. And from there, soon after finding a number of people with die same ideas, some who had been established for many years, others just starting, was another great flash of awareness.

Having a pious devotion to my Gods and to my 7 Clann has given me the realisation that, at die least for myself, spellcraft was an endeavour diat I had no need for. It Is about living his life and his culture. I honour my Ancestors. I make offerings and sacrifices to them all. And this is not a lone practice. The core of it is the family, and from there the Clann or Tuath. Thu laigbe stos an cuan na dith Gun diobbail is gun sgatb, Thu 'g eirigb suas air stuagb na sith Mar tiogbain dgfo bblatb.

Hail to thee, thou sun of seasons, As thou traversest the skies aloft; Thy steps are strong on the wing of the heavens. Thou art the glorious mother of the stars. Thou liest down in the destructive ocean Without impairment and without fear; Thou risest up on the peaceful wave-crest Like a queenly maiden in bloom. While some Clann Eoghanachta practices like these are traditional, others are adapted for living in the modem world. So, one cannot truly live in the same way as the Ancestors, nor would one really want to. But the core ideals and culture can be adhered to. That sort of stuff is for role players and living-liistory re-enactors.

Just as the Asatru had an Aero-Space Guild at one point of time, we look towards the fuaire, and look to the past for inspiration and lessons. Thirteen years later the second clarion call and a voice, or thought distinctly not mine, but my words, stated, you are a Medicine Man! Also, in previous times, fasting and labours - sorts of tests - were undergone prior to many rituals.

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  • About all I can say to that is that when healings do occur, and physical changes manifest in the world, one can only conclude that one is accurately approaching the original ritual intent. Druidrq, Hermetics. European Martial Arts. Pagan Supplies. The cinema Witch is usually depicted as a nose-twitching, telekinetic exaggeration of all things pagan, while a Warlock is most often portrayed as a super-human nemesis, quite removed from men in the Craft today.

    But all too often the witchy aspect of Earth-spirituality is missing from the screenplay completely. By the pricking of my thumbs, something uicked this way comes. Oh, they reputedly eat children too. The prototype of the wicked Witch appeared in popular cinema with When it comes to taking a starring role. Witches, Warlocks and magick in pop-occult cinema tend more to the supernatural than blissful realism.

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    • But there are some gems amongst the dross, as Rebecca Fitzgibbon found out. Ding dong, the uicked Witch is dead! Hectic time for most and too much to do and not enough time to do it in. If you plan to make changes you could meet opposition. However if you are unsure of your ground there is nothing holding you back an unexpected encounter could lead to a happy surprise for you.

      You're emotional and love life should be much happier than before and someone from your past could come and figure very prominently in your future. Keep an eye on expenditure. Spending a lot of money is not always the best proof of quality. People are not always impressed with big spenders; try to keep some kind of sense in your money matters during this period.

      Lots of talk about travel and many wishes could come true. You might be in the minds of some people and you could hear from them after a long period. Work situations could also improve. Lotto Numbers: 9. Routine is likely to be disrupted by some unusual events just take it as it comes. A good time to reflect on relationship and partnerships. A romantic overture could be flattering. You could change your mind about someone or something and this could be the cause of some problems later on. Tact and good will could be the answer to someone who has not be very co operative before.

      Very happy re unions indicated and some nostalgia is definitely around you. Realising your fondest wish could be one of the highlights of the period and starting again with someone you gave up on before. You could be meeting with people away from your usual ground and this could give you a new insight to what you really want. Family could cause some problems by insisting on your presence at a family gathering. What you hear during this period cold spur you on to try something totally different good aspects to give you a lift and people could be seeking your company socially.

      During this period you could be finding out who your friends really are and no use wasting time with people who are only fair weather friends. Make sure you check all appointments and plans to avoid disappointments. Business and pleasure may not mix very well during this period your loved ones could feel that they have been neglected. Some plans for travel coming up soon and could be long distance.

      Very tense period in which you could find yourself at the receiving end of some unpleasantness. Try to keep your cool if you can and it will blow over in no time. Some luck with a Pisces person. Your attitude towards others will decide your future so be prepared to be more socially active not wise to confide your inner thoughts to anyone a change in affairs could be a little unsettling and yet you will gain.

      Good period for possible windfalls and a wish could come true. Something interesting from your past could suddenly pop up in your life again and change a few things or the way you think. It's a matter of knowing what you really want then pushing hard for it. People might not agree with your choices but if it is what you are aiming for let them wonder. Romance should be good too. Not a good time to tell or listen to secrets they could rebound back to you in the wrong way.

      Someone you helped in the past will now be in the position to help you. Media Man Australia. Sexy Monthly Horoscopes.