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Thus Til snana ,til bhakshana ,til dana ,til homa, til tarpana ,til deepa naivedya Shad til karma is performed. TilGud Ghya goda god bola [That's marathi] Any karma gives times more results. Labels: parihara. Vashikarana does not mean controlling people against their wishes , let me explain through an example.

All the three have an idea , they present it to their boss. Boy A goes and puts forward his idea , boss rejects it. Boy B goes to the boss and explains in detail with powerpoint presentation ,boss is impressed and accepts the idea.

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Girl C at her attractive best , gives a smile and pushes forward a pile of notes on the idea, boss goes through it almost hypnotically accepts it without a second thought. Boy B had better vashikaran than A , Girl C had successful vashikarana on the boss , in all the cases boss did not act against his wishes or he was not controlled , he accepted voluntarily. But for the boys it was vashikaranna. Labels: how. Marriage is just one among many of series of happiness or miseries that man undergoes in life.

Type of marriage determines the type of progeny, unconventional marraiges give spritually less developed children. This in the long run puts a stop to giving tushti to ancestors and hence accumulates papa. Those who betray women , or have many wives and at the same time illtreat one of the wives 2. When happiness is destined and fulcrum of life is better conjugal life then also god gives Gandharva between equally [guni] pairs.

There is difference between anuraaga and moha. Unfortunately english language is short of words , love marriage out of moha is due to Papa of the past karma , love marraige due to anuraaga is due to Punya of past karma. Marriages happen out of karma only , what type of marriage one undergoes [there are eight types of marriages] determines the amount of punya that one gives to his number of ancestors, [every karma that we do ,its consequences will be experienced by our ancestors[pitru] and also by those who will be born as sons and grandsons.

When there is complete union of mind [ chittanukulya] whether before or after marriage is purely predestined and karma. But this is natural to the enlightened souls. As I have stated in the blogs ,Souls have gender, Male or female ,God is bothe male and female. Everytime same pair becomes wife and husband , sometimes this gets disturbed on account of sins , to get restored ,it takes seven births. Married life keeps changing as per the punya we have accumulated , those who pray Krishna with white ,flowers sweet smelling ,then one gets beautiful wife , if not then no such things etc.

Labels: marriage. How does SriRaghavendra swamy fulfills the desires. SriRaghavendra Gurusarvabhouma SriRaghavendra swamy fulfills the desires of the devotee instantly. How are desires fulfilled? There are so many saints and others who are also known for fulfilling desires.

What is the extra benefit that is assured in following SriRaghavendra Swamy? Desires are fulfilled with the aid of Punya. Punya has to be operating when desires occur in our mind ,then they get fulfilled. You kill your desires ,resorting to vedanta or some other kind of udaseenata. You simply request your elders[capable] to get it for you. The type of punya acquired determines the quality of enjoyments. As discussed earlier type and quality of enjoyments is of paramount importance.

Most of the babas are not mentioned in purana or veda. That he should have acquired some merits himself. This he must have acquired in his previous births only. That means if he was an ordinary person in his previous birth his punya would have been ordinary and thus the results that one gets after getting this punya will also be ordinary. Sometimes these punyas would have been tainted with some papa [on account of sinister intention ] , so we are also destined to get some grief on account of this sinister intention. If this is really big then you are actually inviting unhappiness in exchange for a small desire fulfillment.

No person is perfect and hence his punya will not be perfect , thus desires fulfilled by these imperfect souls[babas] will also end in disappointments after a little wishful moments. Praying him will give both natural punya as ordained by Shastras and at the same time , The saint himself has promised instant punya from his account.

What is the quality of Punya [ done by Prahalad]. Prahalad is the only bhakta who has never asked anything from the God. He is a true bhakta , whose bhakti is totally desireless. Unmixed one. Such pure bhakti gives pure punya. This pure punya fulfills all desires to the complete satisfaction. Pure punya gives rise to enjoyments that leads to more Pure punya. Thus with Sriraghavendra swamy you are assured of happiness[ desires getting fulfilled without any side effects or diminishing quality].

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They will never bring misfortunes , unhappiness or craving for more. It will full satisfying and complete. To elaborate more , I shall narrate a story. Once there was a tree which fulfilled all the wishes for those who took shelter under it. A peasant came by and took shelter under the tree in a scorching sun. These are the qualities of kalpavriksha that can be seen in the world. Infact he does not even allow such disastrous thoughts cross the minds of his devotee. He constantly guides them to unmixed happiness helping them with his own punya where one falls short of. There will not be an iota of unhappiness once you are a ardent devotee of SriRaghavendra swamy.

Kamalanatho prasadodayat. But by the grace of Narsimha , Prahalad has been granted a boon of recommending Moksha to his followers.

Thus he can assure Moksha for all of us. SaKshi Hayasyotra hi. These words told by appanacharya bear the testimony and sanction of Lord Hayagreeva himself. Note: It is very difficult to achieve Moksha , one must learn all the shastras by heart , must have analysed them [its easy to know them but difficult to understand], test them and then one start his sadhana ,keeping unattached to all the karmas ,vighna,and helplessness towards miseries that occur in this world and in future births again and again.

SriRaghavendra swamy is the only saint who has come down to simplify this whole exercise to a n enjoyable outing on this earth in this birth and yet another in the Vaikuntha. All we need to do is like a good child who trusts none but his parents and sticks his tiny plam towards the little finger of his parents and he is assured he is not going to get lost. Oh SriRaghavendra Gurusarvabhouma , i the child of this tatvavada lineage hold your finger , and I know when the doors of the Vaikuntha opens You will be the first to be let in , you never leave the hand of those who have faith in you ,like a child i would also follow you to Vaikuntha by the grace of Bharathi ramana mukhyapranantargata sri Lakshmi Narsimha.

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Labels: raghavendra , rayaru. Retrogression gives an additional of 60 points[virupas]. Does the same retrograde principle hold true for lords of good houses 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,10,11 and lords of evil houses 6,8,12? Mantras are not discussed or written down. Best mantras are those whose rishi and devata both are Narayana. Such mantras are not known to ordinary people This is the way mantras are declared. Labels: mantra , parihara. Why did Rama kill Vaali? Vaali sugreeva were brothers. Vaali was incarnation of Indra , Sugreeva ,of Surya. Sugreeva sought help of Rama to finish Vaali.

Fisrt time HE did not kill Vaali. Sugreeva came back. Rama assured to kill ,put a garland to him. Vali was killed from behind by Rama. Rama is God ,therefore thinking he did not recognise Vaali ,is untenable. When two brothers are at loggerheads ,they usually go to any extent in fight. But once revenge is over , There is sudden surge of brotherhood. Thus one must never interfere in a brotherly squabble. Chances are they unite and treat you as an outsider and even abuse you for instigating enmity.

One must always give a chance to such reversal of mindset. Rama spared Vali for the first time to bring such reversal of mindset towards his brother. Why did he kill Vaali?


Vali had taken away wealth ,wife and belongings of his brother without any fault of his. So he was liable for punishment. Why did he kill from behind and not in a straight war. Had Rama befronted him, he would have immediately asked forgivance and Rama would be compelled to leave him alive. But crime of Vali was he had taken birth to serve Rama and in the flow of arrogance of power and might due to boons and strength , he forgot his duty [purpose of Birth] and befriended Ravana.

Also he hurt Sugreeva [a devotee] , More importantly He was standing in a camp against Hanuman. Sugreeva on the contrary had befriended Hanuman and was under his guidance. God only sides with the one who sides with Hanuman[Vayu]. HE does not prefer to see the face of those who go against Hanuman, even if they are his devotees]. Those who pray Lord Vishnu without Praying Vayu [hanuman] , God does not give any fruits ,however hard and devotionally one prays ,its of no use.

God does not appear before them [like vali] and finishes them off from behind. If you Pray Hanuman along with Vishnu only then you get your wishes fulfilled like Sugreeva and Arjuna]. When Arrows pierce heart of Vali[ Vayu enters his heart] , he gets knowledge , asks forgiveness to lord and Rama offers to give him back his life. But Vali refuses because he does not want to let go the chance of dying in the hands of Rama [which ensures Moksha].

Labels: ramayan. Let us come one by one to your points. Bhagavdgeeta mentions Duryodhana speaking about karna as from his side to his preceptor and not being present in the army. Karna was decisively not on the battlefield as he was addressed as Ardharathi. Bheeshma wanted to save him for the last. He deserved discouragement thus. But Karna also had the presence of daitya suryavarman ,here all his bad acts are attributed to this demon.

Karna was not the son of Pandu , thus Kingdom cannot be birthright. He was offered world to tempt him towards righteousness, The height of evil is they are intent on doing evil to Arjuna[friendship was his selfish aide]. Parashuram is lord all knowing ,yet he himself appointed these as guards for Duryodhan. Pandavas did not cheat Bheeshma Drona, Karna , they were already defeated all put together single handedly by Arjuna in Draupadi swayamvar, Viarat [Agyatvasa] Go samrakshana episode. Karna was only blabbering amassing pity over his birth ,and other misfortunes.

Brave dont lament over their misfortunes. Bheeshma and Drona were killed in a fashion not to attract sin on account of they being preceptors. Dronacharya had clearly mentioned to Duryodhana , I shall protect you along with my family ,i shall take to weapons even though being a Bramhin ,but know it firmly even I will not be able to save you from BHeema.

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Karna was defeted even before Mahabharath war by Bheema , in rajasooya digvijaya. At that time Karna had Kavach Kundala. He could have killed him with kavach kundal also , but that would amount to insulting donor of kavach kundal. Now your other points. God Parashurama gave shapa , God knew he was kshatriya [God knows everything] , thus he taught him, it was foolish of Karna to have thought that he has tricked God , and also he had lied that he was Bramhin, thus he was rightly cursed. Malefics in Lagna and 4th causes one to cheat others and be. Benefics in Lagna and malefics in 4th, makes one sincere, but.

Malefics in Lagna and benefics in 4th makes one cheat. I read. There is one point where I want to. I am not aware of any author who takes that view. Kapata yoga is normally thought. The 4th house shows. Raman produced papers based on his vast studies that. Though Rahu is in 4th,. Not even an upagraha joins Mercury. Though Moon aspects Mercury and some people may take. He is incapable of giving Kapata yoga. The lagna shows the self and malefics in the lagna causes one. Malefics in Lagna and benefics in 4th makes one cheat others,.

The 4th house shows the heart and happiness, and malefics. Malefics in Lagna and 4th causes one to cheat others and. Benefics in Lagna and malefics in 4th, makes one sincere,. LarsenArchives: vedic astrologyGroup info:. The 4th. Such a malefic's argala on the. Raman's definition of. Both are irrevocably intertwined. This sheer and eternal. The lagna shows the self and malefics in the lagna.

The 4th house shows the heart and happiness, and.

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Malefics in Lagna and 4th causes one to cheat others. Benefics in Lagna and malefics in 4th, makes one. Malefics in Lagna and 4th. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Vedic Astrology Jyotisha Search In. All Activity Home IndiaDivine.

Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Recommended Posts. Guest guest. Report post. Posted August 12, Kapata Yoga can be caused by malefics in the 4th house… Now who is cheating and who is being cheated needs to be clarified.

In all cases there is Kapata Yoga, the differentiation is between the cheater and the cheated. This can be applied to divisional charts as well to see specifically in which areas one is cheated. I read the nice points you made with interest. There is one point where I want to throw further light. I cannot buy that. The name is also insufficient to support that view. Kapata yoga is normally thought to make a person deceitful, rather than being deceived. The 4th house shows heart and this combination basically suggests impurity in heart and emotions. Raman produced papers based on his vast studies that this yoga can just make one diplomatic rather than deceitful.

Though Rahu is in 4th, the 4th lord Mercury is not afflicted. Not even an upagraha joins Mercury and he is unafflicted. Though Moon aspects Mercury and some people may take Moon of Krishna paksha as a malefic, Moon of Krishna Tritiya is almost full and hardly a malefic. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Its very interetsing to know. Just few questions.. When Malefic also is with benefic in 4th house. Is person is saved from being cheated? Also does Lordship of malefic planet indicates about from whom perosn is being cheated Like how to analyse from whom the person is being cheated?

Malefic in 4th and benefic in lagna? Does the planet which is powerful indiactes its power? What is role of rahu and ketu here? For Virgo lagna like Rahu in 4th saggi -- so called debilited and Venus in lagna also debilited. Whose power is more. Does it make any difference when lord of the house 4th or lagna is in own house with malefic in that house. Can you please clear my doubts?