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Visiting our site, you'll find our top horoscopes every day and then some! Weekly horoscopes, monthly forecasts, daily predictions and of course yearly zodiac readings are all here every day. Multiply 12 horoscope signs by 4 forecast periods daily, weekly, monthly and and 5 kinds of horoscopes for each brief, general, love, money, career and then add in a dozen Chinese horoscopes a day and In addition to all the precise astrology we publish in October and throughout , we decided to write this guide to the best astrology sites, best horoscopes and top astrologers in the world.

Like us, they deliver precise horoscopes, accurate astrology predictions and the readings are in-depth.

You won't just find Barnum statements that could apply to anyone. The world's best astrologers and top 10 astrology websites in our horoscope guide have passed the test of our experience with their readings, delivering accurate astrology and meaningful, in-depth astrological interpretations for all signs of the zodiac. Here are our picks for the top 10 astrology websites, best horoscope sites and top 10 best astrologers in the world. Best Horoscope - 1: We decided that Jonathan Cainer is the best astrologer in the world over 10 years ago and since his sad passing in , his nephew Oscar has carried on with Jonathan's legacy forecasts and his own unique voice.

In the time since, he's given us the best, most meaningful, accurate and precise horoscopes free and he does it daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. His 5 star horoscope service adds amazing video horoscopes, the best we've seen. World-renowned, Oscar assisted by Jonathan's vast library of forecasts is our top UK astrologer for Best Astrologer - 2: To fully appreciate Rob's sage wisdom, you'll want to read not only the in-depth and accurate weekly horoscope, but also to listen to his spoken word audio horoscopes.

His best astrology comes from his understanding of psychology, the human condition and Rob Brezny is an empathetic, passionate motivator who really wants to bring out the best in you.

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Our pick for Best American Astrologer Rob Brezny Free Will astrology. Best Horoscope 3: When it comes to monthly horoscopes, nobody works harder than Susan Miller to deliver the best detailed astrology reading. She is certainly one of the best astrologers in the world. She's consistent about updating her horoscope site, insightful and thought-provoking. Even recently after losing her mom and suffering an accident herself, she managed to type out her own forecasts and it's that personal connection she brings which make her horoscopes among the best in the world, certainly THE best monthly forecast for Astrology Zone - Susan Miller.

Best Astrology Sites 4: If you want the best personal horoscope, free, you should get some of the good vibes over at Astrodienst. Not only have they been doing this longer than just about anyone, and not only are they the publishers of the Swiss Ephemeris that contains precise astrological calculations used by most other astrologers, but they're practically giving away the store! Liz Greene brings a warmth, intelligence and accurate insight that few astrologers can match. Astrodienst - Liz Greene.

Best Horoscope Site 5: Indian astrology, numerology and good Western horoscopes come from this team effort over at Ganesha Speaks. This is truly one of the best horoscope sites, with a great assortment of horoscopes covering life, love and money. Watching Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer take apart the astrological influences of the day and assemble them into meaningful morsels is a pleasure. Of course the daily astrology from Rick is first rate and we enjoy this quality horoscope site for its layout, navigation and crisp design as well. Best astrology site design for sure from t he folks that brought us Tarot.

Daily Horoscope - Rick Levine. Best Horoscopes 7: Offbeat and sometimes even zany, Michael Lutin is never boring. He practices some kind of voodoo to produce the best horoscopes, and they are always thought-provoking. Get the daily fix, next week in review and the monthly readings too.

Enjoy colorful imagery, raucous music on occasion and meaningful horoscopes from a top astrologer who doesn't pull any punches. Michael Lutin. Best Horoscope Site 8: For a mystical sojourn, drop by Kajama or visit Susyn Blair-Hunt directly for her contribution to the metaphysical realm.

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You can get your email horoscope, psychic readings and daily astro forecasts from a top astrologer with over 20 years of experience. When positive, they can adapt themselves to any situation, make the most out of the least, and easily learn new methods and techniques that help them in life. When negative, they tend to be wasteful, indiscriminate, exaggerating things out of proportion while they magnify personal details and are blind to the collective whole.

I hope these definitions prove useful to you. With love and blessings to one and all, AO. Rick Levine and Jeff Jawer give an excellent talk about the astrology of each month, which also takes beginners into account. If you watch regularly, you'll learn an awful lot about astrology and have fun too - they're very entertaining speakers :. Today's full moon is a supermoon Ruled by the moon, the Cancer person lives in the watery world of emotions, instinct and intuition. However, having the exterior of the crab, Cancerians can be Extremely family- orientated, this zodiac sign feels the most secure when they are surrounded by family and loved ones Roy Gillett's book The Secret Language of Astrology , helps explain astrology to those who have only heard of horoscopes.

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and it is an 'AIR' sign - it is of the element air, which means it is connected to the mind, to communication, speaking, writing, to learning, curiosity, to moving around, connecting and networking. Air signs connect with people on a mental level - they are thinkers. Dinaik Pashan Sunny.

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Michele Porter. So, this online book on the truth of life called "The Present" is ev It's free for everyone to check out at a website called "The Truth Contest". I thought I should let you know, in case you haven't seen it yet. Search it in your engine. It has some amazing truths in it that could turn your life around to the positive.

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Sorry if this bothered you. Understanding the Zodiac: and why there really are 12 zodiac signs, not The phenomenom of precession was known, understood and explained in ancient astrological texts; the western zodiac is fundamentally designed upon the principle of it. The reasons why the zodiac has 12 signs and not 13 are well known, and there is no mystery as to why Ophiuchus is not amongst them. If you want to pull off something really big This sign is the unsung action hero of the zodiac. The Sagittarius School of Infinite Possibility.'s famous astrologers

If you are counting down the days to season seven of Mad Men, or reading a story told tweet by character tweet, or if you have ever shivered in line at midnight to buy the newest iPhone, you ar If you are a person who uses astrology to make your life a better, happier, and more meaningful place - or even if you're just open to the idea - take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the most common arguments skeptics use when they try to poke holes in it.

Love this, from Astroflair, with the Sun in Leo at the moment. Very appropriate. Shop window in Tullamore Ireland, Aug 12th.

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Perfect for the Leo's out there! The Sun Archetype. Learning to honor and tune into the Sun Jupiter in Cancer. Cancer described by Lyn.