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The recording is slightly different. Saturday morning, August 10 th , I woke up with the intuitive feeling that a tipping point had just been reached. At this same moment, I looked at the news headlines which came out regarding a dark politically connected individual that must not be named. So, what to do next?

Call Mom. Now that is interesting. Last time Uranus went into retrograde, we all lived through the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. What a nasty time! That retrograde period of time totally played left against right, men against women and fact against hearsay. Generally, it pissed people off. They said that it was similar, but people back then were willing to fight. Now that more than a year has passed, I asked Mom what would make people angry enough to fight and she said not having food.

I get the feeling that this turning of Uranus is going to be similar to the Kavanaugh hearings, but on a much larger scale. If tariffs kick in in the US and inflation is noticeable, people might actually be kicked into action. Or if we hit a slowdown in the economy and people lose their jobs. Or if something happens to money. There are so many things that could trigger it, but what will happen is the real question.

Before looking at the future date, we want to go back in time to see if there is a pattern that we can read.

Events for January 7, 2020

If you go back a year and a half, Saturn just moved into Capricorn and mid-month, the Sun, Venus and Pluto all came into a conjunction. Capricorn is directly over China which makes the opposition point the east coast of the US where the show is obvious for all of us in the states. All winter long we had to deal with Trump news day in and day out. In the simplest turns, Venus being what we value and diplomacy we got to see political jockeying at its finest dirtiest.

The Sun, representing the leaders and being in the sign of Capricorn make sure that we all got to see what they were doing on a daily basis.

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Saturn had a brushing with Mercury which kind of represents how the entire Mueller investigation unfolded. Yet also note that Uranus, Pallas and Eris were all conjunct in Aries at the time which turned out to be square Pluto and the Sun conjunction. This side conjunction marked a period of time where the rebel Uranus in each of us was distracted by the chaos Eris all the while just wanting justice Pallas to prevail.

The rebel in each of us was square the Leadership Sun.

Your due date is January 7, 2020.

When we fast forward one year and we get a different dynamic. What did we see? We saw a US government shutdown where diplomacy was thrown out the window. And, during that same transit, Mercury ran up against Saturn. Thus, a repeat of the previous year where the Russia investigation kept everything on lockdown. One thing worth noting about this Pluto Sun conjunction is that Uranus was direct and coming back towards Taurus. It had been in Taurus for a short while before swinging back into Aries for a short stint.

When it was in Aries, it fell back into that square with Pluto just like we saw in the previous year. The only real difference was that Pallas moved away to trigger rioting throughout Europe with the Yellow Vest movement.

Scorpio Year of 2020 Reading

Now we look ahead to January What do we see? Well, once again, we see the Sun stack up against Pluto. That detective work that Pluto stirs up is going to be working its magic on the Leadership once again. Secrets are going to WANT to come out but there is a stronger tie to Saturn that will want to bring restrictions to that information release.