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Over the next six months I lost two aunts, an uncle, and got divorced.

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And I kept having these weird dreams! I thought I was losing my mind. But they began to send me hither and yon to every psychologist, counselor, therapist and shrink they could find and in eastern Maine in there were not many of them. So it was in May of I thought I was about to see another mental health professional when my student Miranda suggested I consult someone she knew.

She came with me to a nice house in Bar Harbor, and it was only while walking up the steps to this house that I learned I was about to see not a therapist but an astrologer.

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An astrologer!???!! I was livid, and castigated Miranda for thinking that astrology was of any use. It was just bogus hogwash.

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And I refused to go in. Then I felt exasperated, but also guilty—that one of my students was going to pay for this mumbo-jumbo.

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  • With great reluctance and skepticism I went in and sat down. Initially my body language reeked of disdain and disbelief, but then I began to hear things that resonated. This woman somehow knew what I was experiencing.

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    She seemed to know me. More than this, she was telling me when things would improve, timing the passage of this interval filled with turmoil and torment. Of course, given the limitations of my Ivy League training, I saw no way to explain the accuracy of the reading but to accuse the woman of being a psychic, but she denied that and said that I could do just what she did, if I learned how to identify and interpret the symbols, that astrology is a very powerful and complex symbol system.

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    This presented me with an intellectual challenge I could not resist, which is how I became a student of Frances Sakoian, the foremost American astrologer of her generation, author of dozens of books, and my first teacher. Wilmette IL: Chiron Publications, Jung, C. Princeton: Princeton University Press. You've probably seen those dunes and don't know it: Ansel Adams made them famous. Every good commune leader needs a rad name, and it was here Arthur decided henceforth he would be known as "Gavin" Arthur. It was an ancestral name he thought sounded cooler than Chester.

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    As usual, he dreamed big. That didn't happen. Every time an issue went to print, Gavin's mom would send down a case of champagne. In , Edward Weston shot nude photos of his lover Charis Wilson in the Oceano Dunes, some of which he deemed too hot for public display. Gavin donated Moy Mell's land to the Coast Guard during World War II, and his cabin on the property was eventually moved to the train station in nearby Oceano , where it remains today. Following the demise of Moy Mell, Gavin dropped out of public view for a couple of decades. The theory has predicted steadily increasing global temperatures, and this has been refuted by experience.

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    After all, if every weather event that happens fits your global warming hypothesis or theory, the theory cannot be invalidated by real world observations or data. Climate fear promoters are now morphing to the level of the daily horoscope in your local newspaper. President Obama made the completely scientifically indefensible claim that the Waxman-Markey climate bill would stop global temperature increases of up to 5 degrees! Related Links:. La Cosa Climate: Commerce Sec.

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