Interpreting progressions astrology

And what a great and profound discovery this proves to be — the specific help and challenges being whispered and roared! To begin, draw the transiting planets on your chart and see where they are falling. What natal houses do the transiting planets fall in?

How astrology can help you understand your potential

What natal planets are being touched, either directly by conjunction or by other aspect? You can start with the slowest-moving planets, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus, and see, first of all, if any of these outer planets are near an angle in your birth chart. Are they about to cross, or have they recently crossed, one of these very sensitive points in your chart? By combining your understanding of the meaning of the transiting planet with the particular sensitive point involved i.

Progressed Birth Charts: What They Are and Why They Matter

I find it useful to start with the three planets mentioned and then move inwards that is, toward Earth , looking next at the positions of transiting Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars. These planets move more quickly, but the same points of observation are important, i. What house are they traveling in and for how long? How are they aspecting natal planets?

Measuring Progressions

The movements of Venus, Mercury, Sun, and Moon are tracked in the same way: draw them on your chart and watch them move through the houses and across the planets of your natal chart. In my experience, this is one of the truest ways to learn astrology — watching the transits of the planets through your own chart and observing what happens, both inwardly and outwardly.

Sample Progressions Report

Keep a journal of impressions and observations. Some days it might be quite elaborate about some previously hidden aspect of your psyche that all of a sudden with a transit of Sun to your natal Uranus, and transiting Pluto visiting your natal Moon for an extended stay you see clearly and strongly. Some days you may just jot down brief notes maybe transiting Moon in your natal 3rd house or in aspect to your natal Mercury about how busy you were, how many tasks were required of you, or how you couldn't really settle down into any one thing that day.

You might want to choose one planet, perhaps the ruler of the Ascendant in your natal chart, particularly if it is one of the faster-moving planets , and watch it for a complete cycle. You will be busy doing this if you have Cancer rising or Cancer on the Ascendant or if you choose the Moon to observe, as she travels very quickly. Watch her and feel her move through the houses and across the planets of your natal chart for an intensive learning experience for your emotional body!

As a different example, the Sun cycles around the wheel in days, or about one degree per day remember that his apparent path around the zodiacal wheel is how we define our year. Since the transits of the Sun will bring solar vitality around the birth chart, you can follow his course for a year and see what is being highlighted in your chart by the solar rays. What happens on the day the transiting Sun crosses conjuncts Jupiter in your natal chart?

Create a New Chart

Does anything happen? What is activated in you when the Sun transits your 4th house, or, more specifically, transits natal Saturn in your 4th house? Sometimes you may be surprised and delighted at the obviousness of what occurs and sometimes you may see nothing. Your observations will get more subtle and you may begin to see layers of meaning about this whole wonderful field of astrology that were previously hidden. This is where your own observation and experience of transiting planets become very real and very much a part of you. You will have a glimpse into understanding the possible meaning of a transit the next time it comes around, or you may see it for someone else, because you have lived it yourself.

Progressions are another tool we use to bring the chart into the present moment, so to speak.

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