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Weekly horoscope predictions are here to help you make perfect planning for the coming one week.

With the help of accurate weekly astrology offered by the renowned astrologer in India of PavitraJyotish, you can make perfect resolutions for every week. Weekly horoscope gives you time to plan our activities in advance for the week. Weekly predictions carry importance for a salesperson, professional to have a view of coming times. You can get forewarned about a positive or negative aspect of planetary positions through our weekly forecast. Weekly predictions can be helpful for traders as well. Indications from weekly predictions are useful for job holders to know whether to ask for a raise during the week or look for the more supportive time.

Weekly astrology indications can give a single idea about supportive planetary positions for the week to propose your intentions. The weekly forecast can make you aware of possible health issue having the potential to trouble you. If you are in for an arranged marriage, the weekly forecast can let you decide about the supportive planetary position or not for the week.

Pisces 2020 Horoscope

Want to know about prospects of love and marriage prospects? Have a personalized detailed love and prospects report. There can be nothing more exciting than talking to the Astrologer and getting your…. To find solutions pertaining to astrology is an easier task as simplified by advanced…. Chief Astrologer Pt.

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Umesh Chandra is dedicated to the subject of astrology. Pavitra Jyotish is successfully providing directions, solutions to matters related to career. We provide yearly Career report analyzing planetary positions in your natal chart and give a view about career prospects for the year. If you want to plan things about a career with a long-term view career report for 2, 3, 5 and ten years can also be provided.

Pisces Horoscope 12222 – Planetary Transit:

The report includes an indication of supportive times to push ahead of your prospects. Career report tells you about growth prospects and tips to enhance your prospects. The report can give you an indication of changes envisaged during the year. It is good to know about good time to switch job for betterment.

This report gives an indication of gainful times during the year.

Moon in Libra

We are weary of winter, but there are promises of spring. The Sun has begun migrating northward. We live day to day, euphorically hopeful when pre-spring warmth surprises us and despairing when a blizzard follows. This is a time of chaos.

Pisces 12222 Love & Relationship Horoscope: Love life would be quirky & fun!

Resources are meager, and there seems little opportunity for gaining more just now. Our well-being seems entirely subject to the caprice of nature and circumstance.

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Will seems mostly ineffectual. The challenge here, some days, is surrender. Upon letting go, Aquarius can appear reckless, even mad. The season seems to exempt us from consensual standards of behavior. Aquarius finds it easier to ask for forgiveness than request permission. Polite forms seem and in this context are trivial. Any life circumstance which pushes us past the boundaries of the known, even past where we lose sight of our reference points, is frightening. If fate is kind, we count our survival miraculous.

In life Aquarius is the season of old age. Even the hormone storms have ended. We expect a great deal from others. In some moments, we become children again. We expect to be listened to, when we do choose to speak, and we expect to be believed. This is a time of detachment and idealization. We look at the life cycle as if from a far distance.

Ivan Karamazov, who loved humanity but did not love people, had an Aquarian outlook. We anticipate the next cycle hoping for secret knowledge. We may consult oracles, throw the bones, seek out the spirits. Now is the time of necessity, and we reach not for craft, not not for art, but for invention. We experiment without specific goal.

Pisces Overview

Each and every effort of yours will be taken into consideration and enable you to earn a descent name in the society. Your father, seniors and people of higher ranks will look upon you as a reliable individual. However, be a little cautious of your abrupt and impatient nature otherwise it will hamper your growth as well as performance and you will come across certain difficulties from 16th October onwards. Therefore make a point to adhere to your present line of career in the event you would prefer not to confront difficulties in the near future.

Confidence level and stamina will be boosted up till 16th October due to the transit of Sun in your seventh house. At last, maintain a strategic distance from controversial matters in case you would prefer to keep up harmonious professional ties. Career: It is the ideal time to take a major stand for turning your dreams into reality.

You will work towards growth and development of your career by investing your time and resources in it. Ex employees will request for a comeback chance, at that point it is fitting to welcome them into your company. You should work towards maintaining professional ties with foreign clients; this will be a boom for your career. Avoid commencing a new work after 16th October in the light of the fact that it will bring up unfavorable consequences.

Pisces love & relationship Horoscope

Business partnerships should be dealt in a very careful manner otherwise there are odds of conflicts. You will get business proposal from Multi National Companies. Your boss and seniors will acknowledge your diligent work and efforts. There are chances of promotion and appraisal as well. Your luck might take a brilliant turn and offer you an amazing opportunity to serve the government with your employment.

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  6. This month will bring about an improvement in the past distorted bond. You will spend a quality time with your partner.

    Pisces September Monthly Astrology Horoscope 2019

    There will be give and take of whole lots of surprises and unexpected gifts. There will be an open space for plentiful of lovey-dovey moments such as dinner ad coffee dates, long drives movie nights and so forth! You both will go on a trip or an outing to a hill station.