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Since Venus is backtracking, you may have more success reconnecting and reconciling than you do reaching out to people currently in your life. But a squabble between Merc and Mars warns you to choose your words carefully when it comes to money, possessions and personal values. Let ambition mobilize you rather than letting hierarchy provoke you. When Mercury and Venus tango in your exploration corner, you can glimpse the patterns in your experiences and interactions and hopefully find meaning that expands your outlook.

Since Mercury and Neptune have their own dance going on, anything you learn this week can touch your spirit and inspire you to dream bigger. Seemingly foreign ideas, beliefs and places will resonate with you. To get the most out of this transit, make a point of talking to people outside your comfort zone. A Mercury-Mars battle can tempt you to take a leap of faith that will work against you, so be careful not to get ahead of yourself.

But when Mercury and Mars go at it, mistrust can pose problems. A passionate tone could be taken as forceful, provoking rebellion. Alone time can soothe your soul over the weekend. Your ruler, Venus, will continue to travel retrograde until mid-November, but her date with Mercury this week can smooth one-on-one relations and help you engage in satisfying dialogue.

Your Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of August 5-11

You might get back in touch with a past partner or best friend or start thinking more intently about old bonds. Mercury is also gelling with Neptune in your network house, making it easy to get on the same page with your squad or another group and to talk about your hopes and dreams. You can read between the lines now and express your understanding. But since Mercury is squabbling with Mars in your ambition angle, your drive can make compromise challenging, and conflict with authority figures is one possibility.

Use diplomacy to work together. Vague dissatisfaction can take shape, and you might hit on a solution. When the moon zings into your exploration corner midweek, you may feel the need to get away, and even a brief mental escape can cure your restlessness. A Mercury-Neptune confab nudges you to pay attention to details so you can read the mood of higher-ups or achieve elusive recognition. Disciplined, analytical thought will pay off in tangible and intangible ways. Apply methodical thinking to assess a risk.

The week starts off with your ruler, the moon, dancing across your partnership angle, bringing an added level of emotion to your interactions. Merc is also linked with Neptune, renewing your hopes and giving you an opportunity to see the big picture. In telling your own story, you could make a profound connection far beyond yourself. However, a Mercury-Mars dustup warns against egoistic words that can trigger discord with someone close to you. But introspection by itself can be quite fruitful now. A Mercury-Neptune dance reiterates the theme of diving into your psyche in search of cathartic self-awareness and sharing your thoughts and feelings with a loved one.

A full moon can spell a health or job crisis or the completion of a project. If your confidence is lacking, it may be difficult to find your place in a group when the sun in your network sector argues with Saturn in your worth house this week. A relationship problem calls for a fresh approach now. You need to play, express yourself and get your feelings out in the open. A love affair could reach new heights with this lunation, or it could come to an end if that is what best serves your growth. The moon is in sync with Jupiter in Sagittarius, strongly suggesting that whatever transpires will be to your benefit!

Saturn in Capricorn locks horns with the sun in your ambition angle this week, putting you at risk of getting in your own way.

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Part of you may be intent on proving yourself on a bigger stage, while part of you feels like a work in progress. When Venus and Uranus oppose each other, however, you may digress from a group and march to your own beat.

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Romantic sparks with a friend or spontaneous fun with your squad will satisfy your need for excitement. Right Now than Mr. Right, although only time will tell. This is a great time to meet new people through a new interest or to discover a new interest through new people. The full moon might trigger a blowup on the home front, a major mood swing or a family matter you need to deal with.

If the weight of the past tempts you to hedge your bets, you might take a calculated risk rather than going for broke. But when Venus moves into an opposition with Uranus, a sudden development at home or a mood swing can force you to take time off from polishing your public image and ingratiating yourself with bosses; stay flexible. If domestic disruptions or unruly emotions get the best of you, you might lose face. This opposition also pushes you to break out of an old pattern so you can improve your PR or win over higher-ups.

Try to avoid speaking rashly around people whose respect you need or want. And be open to the wisdom of a parent or elder. When a full moon activates your thinking-and-talking corner, you could experience information overload and feel pulled in a hundred different directions. Under this lunation, a development involving a sibling or your neighborhood could come to your attention as well. When the sun goes up against stern Saturn this week, even though you may want to invest wholeheartedly in a particular person or endeavor, the fear of cutting off other opportunities can make you hesitate to go all in.

Peer pressure can also put a strain on a close relationship, for instance if your commitment to someone is questioned by your crew. You might date people who are different from you or different from your usual type. Or you could become interested in an unfamiliar culture or art form. Thinking outside the box will allow you to sample more of what life has to offer.

A Venus-Uranus standoff hints that something or someone you took a hard pass on could suddenly be your jam. Chase after gratifying experiences that are both unfamiliar and eye-opening. When Mercury faces off with Uranus, a stimulating debate could spark up, and if you do as much listening as you do talking, you can glean interesting info. Your earnings or your confidence could also surge with this lunation! Are you too timid or malleable?

Free People Horoscope by Tracy Allen, Week of June

Your efforts to partner with someone could reach an impasse during this transit, and it may be difficult to get onto the same page. You might be prepared to compromise but fear the prospect of deferring to another person. When Venus opposes Uranus, though, you might be torn between desire for intimacy and anxiety over getting what you need. And fluctuations in confidence or finances can create a power imbalance. Try loosening up your requirements; be open to what others are offering.

You or someone important to you might need more space now. A greater degree of independence could ultimately make you feel more secure. Mercury is also going head to head with Uranus, hinting that a negotiation may take a surprising turn, or flexible demands could keep communication humming in a close relationship. And for those of you who are more engaged in introspection than dialogue, insights can move the needle if your self-worth has dipped. Whatever you require, ask for it diplomatically and do your best to balance your needs with those of others. Your productivity could take a hit when the sun in your efficiency corner spars with Saturn this week.

You have the impetus to accomplish a lot but could run out of steam if you start to doubt the point of it all. Try to do what needs doing, within the boundaries of what you know to be true. Combining discipline and vision will ensure your success. But you might veer off in your own direction when Venus goes head to head with Uranus in Taurus.

Find ways to be your own person and still maintain important bonds. If a break or a breakup is called for, this transit can put the wheels in motion. Your desire for space might spur you to flirt with someone other than your partner just to shake things up.

If you meet someone new, you might have instant chemistry, but the two of you may or may not go the distance. When Mercury opposes Uranus, you may be tempted to break off communication or speak bluntly. A full moon could bring a secret to light or cause you to crave solitude. Offset busyness with downtime and spiritual fulfillment.

The sun and Saturn are sparring this week, which might put pressure on a romantic relationship or cause you to feel judged by someone close to you. Once Venus segues into your efficiency house, you could start to enjoy your work more or want to work on a relationship issue. Find alternate ways to get things done. Take periodic breaks and give intuitive flashes their due, as your best ideas may not be fully formed yet.

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And if a person or circumstances seem to be working against you, notice how you might be unconsciously colluding with the shakeup. A flirtation with a colleague may appear to come out of nowhere but has probably been brewing beneath the surface for a while.