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It is a tension that is highly amplified by Uranus that is in a conjunction with the Moon.

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Retrograde Uranus creates emotions highly strung with octanes of nervousness. We need to be free and to express our emotions , out in the open, regardless of norm or convention. In addition to this, Uranus is not only conjunct the Moon, but simultaneously is in an opposition aspect to the Sun and to planet Venus in Scorpio. Its opposition with the Sun in Scorpio brings rebelliousness, independence, and a need to break away from manipulating and complex-ridden relationships.

So either more freedom is what we need, or we are full of enthusiasm for new flirts, or a sudden new romance appears. Whatever the case, our erotic life is shaken and is very likely to change under this combination of aspects. The circumstances under this full moon in Taurus are unsettling to our stability and serenity.

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This is a full moon that has the potential to deeply affect relationships or how we relate. It is charged with highly—strung emotions, and brings the need for freedom and for expression of our individuality. It brings sudden events that challenge what was up to now familiar, highlighting the need for re-establishing emotional security in our love lives. These aspects somehow ground the disruptive energy and work beneficially for relations that otherwise could very easily break under the stress of this full moon.

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Even though your feelings are more intense than ever, you do your best to hide them and keep a poker face. If you get near two people having an argument in this period, it will be very demanding for you to agree with only one of them. Your decision making will be slower as you will need more time to consider everything. If you have to convey your opinion, your expression will be rather ponderous. Furthermore, you would not like to make enemies, you would prefer to be friends with everyone. In this period, a great influx of mental energy may occur. You will be able to absorb information even late at night, feeling no tiredness.

If your mind is focused, everything is possible. No obstacle will be huge enough for you. Additionally, you will be interested in original topics, for example sex, occultism or medicine. Issues related to relationships may seem ridiculous and not interesting to you.

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Your job will truly fulfill you, although, if someone tries to inhibit your performance which puts you under pressure, you might criticize a lot and then get fussy. During this time, you can expect being rational and cold.

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The only thing that you could be unsettled by is sense of injustice - in this case, you will be willing to fight for the right thing with no hesitation. Your objective and thorough attitude is certainly useful when it comes to career.

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Maybe you're growing deeper in love with your romantic partner? Your heart could be opening up to this person as you explore a new level of commitment and connection. If you're single, you might find yourself drawn to someone in your immediate circle. Being around them could be a heady experience that makes you feel a bit high!

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At this point, you're flying high, enjoying the career successes that you've achieved over the past several weeks. Today you could accomplish yet another goal, which adds to your feeling of accomplishment. As a result, you might find yourself planning a vacation, or perhaps a return to college.

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The expansion of your horizons has not left you complacent. Instead, you want to continue expanding. This is a very positive development.

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Go for it! It isn't out of the question that some older ideas or philosophies shed light on your path these days. Even if you aren't interested in any insight to be gained from psychic knowledge, give it a try anyway. Have a Tarot reading, do some Runes or anything similar that is based on ancient traditions.