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Altering certain habits or, perhaps, changing the way you work or the place you reside in or the centre for your endeavours is quite another matter. But with so much in transition, even these are bound to be confused. Urgent as decisions seem, nothing will be settled for weeks.

November 29th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

And by then those facts will be clear. Still, you have no choice. Move swiftly but be extremely diplomatic. While that was probably wise then, times are changing and these need to be discussed before lasting plans for the future can be made. But you really have no choice. All that was needed was good intentions and a desire to find a solution that suits everybody. For you, the process of analysis is like breathing. But, on the other hand, whatever you gain today will be undermined by their underhand manoeuvres tomorrow and in the days after.

Knowing that, think twice about confronting them. Wait and watch. Usually, facts are facts.

November 30 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

But with Mercury retrograde and positioned in Sagittarius, minor errors are bound to pop up and could cause confusion. Rather than seek a quick solution, ask a few questions. It's a great day to put extra effort into a professional project or make plans for your future.

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  • You have a realistic outlook. Being aware of your capabilities as well as your limits helps you establish an almost fail-proof strategy. Success is assured when you're thinking this critically and attending this carefully to details. It's important to be both practical and efficient today. Depending on your personality, this could be a tall order for you.

    You're idealistic by nature, but now the universe is pushing you to be realistic -- which could feel a lot more like pessimism, to you. But realism doesn't have to be limiting. In fact, in many cases, knowing your limits enables you to be much more creative. Your efficient side kicks in today. It's a good time to make a plan or establish a new routine, because you're thinking so practically.

    There's little danger of taking on more than you can handle, because you're quite realistic about the limits of your time, energy and abilities. This makes you something of an efficiency expert!

    November 29, 1969 Birthday Facts

    Bring this influence to your work or other projects, and you're sure to find success. It's a good day for establishing a new routine of some kind, or recommitting to one you've already set up.


    This might include eating healthier foods, spending less money, exercising more often or cleaning your home more regularly. Whichever area of your life needs attention, give it your focus. Make a workable plan. Welcome to a busy, focused day. You'll probably sense the increased emphasis on details and effort -- which might make you nervous!

    Details aren't really your strong point. You generally take a more organic, holistic approach to life, one that leaves lots of room for adjustment. Now, though, it's more important to get something right the first time. Make careful plans, pay close attention and do your best. It might be best to talk to someone close to you for some solid advice. Also, be mindful of the info you share today.

    You might be in the mood to treat yourself today, but you might have to watch that you don't overspend. In matters of the heart, be mindful that you're not giving too much attention to someone that's not reciprocating.

    November 29 Birthday Astrology

    For now, your task is focus on loving up on you. You might feel like you're being pulled in multiple directions today when it comes to all the people that seem to be clamoring for your attention. Try to make sure that you carve out some time just for yourself so you don't end up feeling drained and burnt out. You may feel like hiding today, but the outside world is calling you.

    While it might feel like you're running in circles today, try to take a break and get your footing. Not everything is an emergency. On similar note, be more intentional with the info you're absorbing today. A financial situation could get in the way of something you've been planning or wishing for today. Though the important thing for you to remember is that you can find a solution if you're willing to take a different approach.

    November 29 Sagittarius Personality

    Meanwhile, don't settle when it comes to love. Are you working too hard to try to impress others today?

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    6. Love Compatibility?

    Are you a little too concerned about what someone else may be thinking of you? Your job for now is to only worry about impressing yourself.