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A typical Cancer man loves to eat, and enjoys preparing food for himself and the people he cares about. If this man prepares some food for you, be sure that he is interested in you, or that he cares about you in a special way.

Which Star Signs Should Cancer Date?

The love for food often causes them to overeat and overweight. These men often struggle with excessive weight and are often on some dietary regime. If he is hurt, you will certainly notice that although you might not always be aware of the reasons for his behavior. The sign of Cancer is governed by the Moon, which in astrology rules emotions and our subconscious reactions. These people are often influenced by the changing of the phases of the Moon and their emotions and mood changes accordingly. The reactions can range from slight moodiness, to anger, grumpiness, accusing others, to complete silence, when this man stops talking all of a sudden, making you wonder what happened all of a sudden.

He is not to blame for such behavior because most of the time he is not aware of the reasons for his attitude.

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These men are usually very humorous, and have a talent for a good joke and make others laugh. When he is in his best mood, he could be the center of the party where people will gather around him just to hear him speak and laugh at his funny comments.

They are more emotional than passionate, and can often be shy when it comes to approaching girls. They prefer to get to know the person they are interested in before they make their approach. In some cases, they lack initiative because they are afraid of being rejected. When they are in a relationship with a woman who fulfills their desires, they are devoted partners who do their best to maintain the relationship and make their girl happy and satisfied. They are good providers and take good care of their loved ones.

Cancer Man Compatibility With Women From Other Zodiac Signs | qatacamaluga.tk

They love children and often have a lot. They enjoy spending quality time playing with their kids and doing other fun stuff. A woman they fancy, with a caring and nurturing nature, like theirs, has a great chance of this man falling in love with her; if she is good around the house and in the kitchen, even better. This man is a wonderful companion for a woman whose goals are a stable and harmonious family life by her man. The Libra woman is a beauty lover.

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These women are naturally drawn to everything that is beautiful, from people, clothes, things, furniture, buildings, beautiful sceneries and places, art, etc. Libra women have an inborn sense of kindness and desire to please others. The symbol which represents the sign of Libra the scales, which are the symbol for universal justice and balance , says a lot about their main personality traits.

They are usually very stylish and love beautiful clothes and jewelry.


Their superb taste enables them to look expensive even with moderate means. Because of their good looks and their love for beautiful things, these women often end up as trophy girlfriends or wives of men who have a tendency to show off with their assets, and sadly, they consider their women as one of them; this is indeed the worse scenario that a Libra woman can experience because she is usually very emotional and seeks emotional rather than material satisfaction.

It is a sad fact, but it often happens that these women suffer in life because of their beauty instead of it being a benefit for them. Libra women are often very creative and talented in many ways. They usually have lovely voices and are musically gifted. They are also good at drawing and other forms of artistic expression.

That is what often leads them to choose professions somehow related to arts. One of the ways to amaze this woman is to take her to an art exhibition or experience something she considers beautiful. Generalizing too far based just on sun signs can therefore be misleading. To fully understand someone or how compatible you are with them we need to calculate those other planet positions from their date of birth and then compare them to your own. This unlocks the real power of astrology and gives much more useful and specific information, such as how they view you, how to turn them on, how to avoid arguments with them etc.

If you would like to explore this further please see the astrology compatibility readings page. Here you can share experiences and opinions on dating, marriage and affairs, whether you're a Cancer or have experience with one. You'll find that some of these forums are generally positive in tone, and some are generally negative. That doesn't guarantee that will be your experience, however you are very likely to recognize some common patterns which can be fascinating.

Some relationship combinations are much more common than others. Some sun signs are also much more chatty than others. Some are more likely to compliment or complain!

Each forum therefore tends to have a fairly consistent trend to the comments. Please keep in mind though that people are much more than just their sun sign. Beyond a point Cancer compatibility varies due to the individuals other planet positions when they were born.

Cancer Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

You need a real astrology reading to understand a real relationship. How to use astrology to explore your unique relationship. Find out what astrology has to say about your unique partner and relationship beyond just sun signs. By understanding someone and how they view things it's easy to make yourself more attractive to them.


Explore hidden factors such as physical attraction so you can see the whole picture of your relationship. Personal relationship advice based on your natal and composite charts. Astrology can let you learn more about someone you recently met. It's the most powerful tool I've found to predict the future of a relationship. Avoid arguments before they start and turn your differences into strengths.

Gemini & Cancer: Love Compatibility

It's never too late to begin again. For the first time in years you feel alive. My unbiased and anonymous analysis takes the gamble out of deciding what to do. How does it work? How accurate is it? Why are there 12 signs?