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The art of doing absolutely nothing. You are clear as far as your goals are concerned, but it is the journey that will determine how and when you get to the destination. Words to add to your dictionary: focus and discipline. The more consistent you are in your efforts, the more magnificent the results. Remember, all good things take time.

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So be patient with the process and be willing to put in the work. Leo, you are being noticed for all the right reasons. Remember, you have the permission to drop the inauthentic parts of you—the pain, the trauma and the false beliefs included. The Universe is supporting you to start anew. Make the most of this opportunity. Loving too much is no crime, Libra. But to expect another to have the same level of emotional depth as you would be unrealistic.

Some people need more time to get there. Patience is your operative word. What you need to focus on now and forever is yourself. Cosmic tip: To expect another to have the same level of emotional depth as you would be unrealistic. Two is the magic number, Scorpio! Partnerships of all kinds are blessed today. Learn and grow together. You interpersonal relationships are also in the limelight.

Nurture the ones that bring you joy. PS: How about taking your best friend out for dinner today? Ready to manifest a miracle? Grab it with both hands.

Andi asks is your Birthday January 11th...

See how you can give it your own touch. Word for the wise: Invest your time, money and energy where you are sure to get maximum returns. Happiness is a choice, Capricorn. You can continue to mourn about the things that are not working out, or you can make a conscious decision to work the bad vibes out of your system. Cosmic tip: You can continue to mourn about the things that are not working out, or you can make a conscious effort to vibrate higher.

You know that feeling of being the only sane one in the room? Make patience your superpower, Aquarius. People are likely to be the most difficult version of themselves. A new creative project could strike you like a bolt of lightning.

Remember, an idea is just an idea until you manifest it. Stop, breathe and recentre. Yes, people are still being the most annoying versions of themselves. Patience is the only thing that will help you put up with all the nonsense. On the upside, your career is advancing to the next level and your life path is becoming more and more clear to you. Maximise on the opportunities knocking at your door, Pisces. Aries horoscope today Aries, you are infinite potential in human form.

Gemini horoscope today You are manifesting new opportunities on the work front—ones that are one hundred per cent in alignment with your soul purpose. There is nothing more enchanting and alluring to you than some passionate time with your love interest. The only problem that Ganesha sees here is that there may be too many love interests. Your chosen partner, though, may get to see a different side of you in the evening.

The Scorpio in you can make anyone fall on their knees, begging for your love. Today, this side of you shall be dominant. Professionally, you will be able to resolve nagging issues. Friendship with a few like-minded people is likely to develop today. You shall spend a large share of your time discussing issues like attitude, beliefs and values. Those with you will enjoy sharing their ideas and opinions, and casting them in a new mould. You may not get as popular as Romeo did, but your exceedingly romantic nature will earn you quite a reputation, not to forget the hypnotic effect it will have on your sweetheart, says Ganesha.

On the flip side, troubles will chase you everywhere; you are likely to face problems with your business rivals and health condition, but your mind will be on guard always, giving you an edge over your opponents.

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Today is an important day in the larger scheme of things. You may finally decide to buy a home, change your job, or marry!

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Sudden and unexpected profits are on the cards too. Reputation and rewards are all yours today. This acknowledgement helps you remain committed, says Ganesha. Today you will feel generous and calm. You will shower those in the family who are younger than you with this generosity and as a result be the object of their fondness.

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With a clear perspective you will be able to see things for what they are. The only downside of the day is that your expenses might take a toll on your wallet, says Ganesha.

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