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To get your chart wheel and natal reading, please fill out the form with the date and time of your birth and click continue Do you know what time you were born? In order to get your Birth Chart you need to know your date, hour and place of birth and take into account the fact that the hour given must be very precise for the calculation of the ascendant, if possible with a margin of five minutes. If you don't really remember your hour of birth, you can find this information on your official family record book or on your birth certificate.

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The calculations of the birth charts are made by a very precise professional software that will guarantee the accuracy of the calculation of the ascendant. Natal Report Your personality based on the analysis of your natal chart.

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Why do you need the date of birth and other details? As you may know, the planets are in constant movement and they transit from one rasi to another as a result of their movement. Each of these planets take a specific amount of time for this movement from one rasi to another. For example, moon takes about 2 and half days to move from one rasi to the next.

Similarly, all other planets take their own time for this movement. The movement of the moon from one rasi to another and from one star to the next are important for preparing a horoscope.

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This is where the time of birth, date of birth and place of birth assume importance. During the movement, the moon moves from one star to another, in the same rasi till it skips to the adjacent rasi. Horoscope by Date of Birth. South Indian Chart. Explore your hidden future in your date of birth You will be surprised to know that your date of birth encapsulates lots of things about your personality and future life in it. Life horoscope based on date of birth It is possible to check your life horoscope by date of birth.

You will come to know about the following details about the individuals by the date of birth Varshaphal: It is the yearly astrology which is yearly predictions of the life happenings of the individuals.

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Annual horoscope by date of birth will let you know about the consolidated future happing in the next one year. Nakshatra phal: It is interesting to know about the nature, personality, behavior and characteristic of the person. With the help of your date of birth, you can know many things about you which are remained unexplored for many years.

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There are parents who get the horoscope match for their new born to know about their personality and what kind of person will their baby be in future. They can minimize its effects by preparing themselves and handling the situations with peace of mind.

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Usefulness of the predictions All the predictions and the inferences from your horoscope by date of birth are helpful for the individuals in making some important decisions in their life. Marriage horoscope based on date of birth In the Hindu culture, no marriage is proceeded without horoscope match.

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At the same time, the Earth is also rotating on its axis and moves one degree every 4 minutes. So, the location of the Earth that is on a rasi, lagna and star also changes every few minutes. So, the astrological position of the planets are different for different parts of the world. Thus, the place, time and date of birth assumes significance and are considered and preparing horoscope by date of birth is common practice around the world.

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It is common for people to know their date of birth, but not know the time of birth. This was especially true for those who are above 50 at this time.

They may not remember or have not noted down their time of birth, because they did not deem it important. Nowadays, people have started leaning towards astrology and horoscopy and pay much attention to their present and future. So, for a person who does not remember his time of birth, an astrologer with reasonable experience can easily predict the approximate time of birth, since the generated horoscope by date of birth does not change much during the entire day.

He does this by evaluating the characteristics of the individual and is able to approximate the time of birth based on his interpretation.