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Claudio Majorana's new photo book, Head of the Lion , is a study of the intimacy between a group of young skaters in Misterbianco—a suburb of Catania, Sicily.

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The title of the book, Head of the Lion , refers to a large rock in the area where kids like to hang out in the summer—jumping over it is almost seen as a rite of passage. Majorana is a trained doctor, and sees similarities between medicine and photography: "In both cases, it's about an exchange with people where it's important to find empathy. I believe doctors and photographers share a skillset. Jasper is recommended to be worn on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays — these days of the week it is able to show the most activity. Do not put on display decoration.

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  • The Leo Teen, Young Lion of the Zodiac.

It should be covered for clothes or kept in a pocket or purse. When no strangers are near, jasper can be worn on the index finger. This spherical stone helps to concentrate forces, and the elongated stones in the form of a drop and an oval clear the aura. It gives Lions the ability to take into account the advice of loved ones, makes them wiser, repels anxieties and fears, and has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

Topaz is believed to attract wealth to Lions. It is impossible for topaz to contact with copper. Undesirable neighbors are rhinestone and diamond. Topaz is usually worn on the little finger. He helps with social contacts.

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The stone of pink shades can be worn on the ring finger, which is responsible for the love relationship and heart. This stone is able to help Lions to realize creative ideas. It repels anxieties and fears, calms its owner, helps to get rid of insomnia and create a feeling of peace in the soul. You can wear it in the form of any decoration. It is recommended to have some product with tourmaline at home to strengthen relationships.

Especially male chameleon stone. He is able to change the color from crimson to turquoise depending on the lighting.

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For successful Lviv with leadership skills. The talisman helps to confidently manage the team and wisely distribute tasks in the team. Drives away insecurity and dispel sadness. It is not recommended to wear it without a pair. Alexandrite is worn as a brooch and ring, ring and necklace. Ruby frees the mind from unnecessary information and helps to concentrate on the important points of life. Lioness at the age of such a talisman will help strengthen the heart and overall health.

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Strong talismans in the form of rings or earrings are often made of ruby. At night, it is recommended to remove the charm. Helps women lions to discover the ability to think logically, necessary in any work. Gives vitality and helps to reach the top of a career. To attract the attention of men fit any of the jewelry with this stone. A woman with a stone heliodor will always feel the enthusiastic views of the opposite sex.

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Dark sardonyx is a source of love, a stone that helps to achieve success quickly. For Lviv, sardonyx is useful for its ability to bring love and luck. It protects its owner from the evil eye and negative energy, protects the family hearth. The talisman from sardonyx attracts money and luck, develops self-confidence and determination among the owners. At work, the stone will help in career growth and the implementation of the plan.

For those who are not confident in their abilities and are prone to depression, sardonyx will help, which helps in the implementation of plans and ideas, attracts good luck and eliminates obsessive thoughts. Positively affecting the conception of a child, a talisman, which is useful to wear to newly married girls or women who have health problems.

It is worn under clothing, closer to the body. Lions wearing sardonyx usually have increased optimism, easily achieve their goals, are not subject to fear and laziness. When storing sardonyx in the house will not be adultery and quarrels. Sardonyx can also be simply carried in a purse as a talisman.


For Lviv it helps to be tolerant towards others, it is easier to experience your own mistakes. Reveals inner talents and helps you realize your creative potential. With it, it is easier for Lions to conquer the audience and feel confident. Chrysolite is worn in the form of rings, necklaces, medallions, almost always set in gold.

It is recommended to wear chrysolite rings on the little finger.

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When wearing chrysolite for medicinal purposes, it should be kept closer to the problem area. For Lionesses, he will reveal artistic ability. Suitable for creative people, musicians, stylists. Mineral helps to create masterpieces. Sometimes it takes a while for others to get your humor because it's on the dark side, or flavored with sarcasm. You don't like to be rushed into anything, especially friendship.

Capricorn in Love is pretty reserved. Capricorn teens are often close to family and interesting in family heritage. That grows out organically to include the region and nation but often begins with a strong sense of place. You might enjoy researching your family tree or asking older relatives questions about their time. You are more at ease than other signs around older people. And you might see eye-to-eye with many adults. You're a dependable friend, and chances are, you'll keep many of your high school friends into your own old age!

See if you don't enjoy the old-fashioned rituals of friendship, like writing letters in long form and sending by snail mail. You're wary of getting into anything too serious, and it's possible you'll date friends you've been friends for a long time. It's important for you to be sure of someone's character before you go anywhere with them. It's good to honor that quality, since it can lead you to experiences of love with the depth you want, but also not too fast.

A key to your nature is being in control of yourself. And you've got this to a greater degree than other signs. You're simply obsessed with making the best use of your time and resources. You're the uphill climber of the Zodiac, and it seems at times that life piles more on your plate than on others. As a young person, you can seem to have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Your ruler is Saturn , the planet of earned rewards.