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This will be the big break you have been seeking but it won't come easily. You will have to step up and show courage.

This is a time for major professional changes for you. These changes will stay with you for years since eclipses are the times of beginnings and endings.

The Capricorn Woman

You will lay to rest the old and go forward with the new for years. So, choose wisely as your future happiness depends on it. You could find it difficult to communicate with friends. This period is a time for you to exclude longterm plans from your life that you are not fully committed to. There is no point in spending energy on things you don't want to.

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So, save your time and energy for the more important things in your life. Communication on the professional side will need attention. You will recognize your financial weaknesses. So, take steps to protect your assets. You will have more chances to make money over the next six months. You will have to be attentive and bold to bag that lucky break when it comes along.

It's been a taxing year for you and it has stretched you thin. This year, you have been forced to grow personally. The lunar eclipse will further cause you to grow, not for any external achievements, but for yourself.

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As you age, the more you are ready to change, it shows a willingness to stay young at heart. You could face difficulty communicating with partners, especially with financial partners. A sudden change will bring you in touch with someone who can offer you new opportunities on the work front. You might feel unsettled initially but it will all come together. You will feel things just working out for you, only if you take the necessary action to seal the deal.

Don't celebrate prematurely. It is upon you to find a clear destination for yourself and find the reasons to go ahead. This may be related to abuse of power or due to a self-destructive character trait such as addiction, spying or stubbornness.

The July 12222 Solar Eclipse Will Lead to a Huge Internal Shift | What It Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Events may include the breakdown of an appliance or car, theft or violence. Avoid being overly assertive, egotistic, or resistant to change. Challenges are more likely if you stubbornly resist change, or have engaged in some habit that is destructive to yourself or others. Even though you may experience a bruised ego, there is also great potential for positives if you are open to change. The dwarf planet Eris was discovered in January and named after the Greek goddess of strife and discord. According to Nick Anthony Fiorenza:. Eris challenges patriarchal authority.

As a powerful warrior female force, Eris especially uncovers and challenges patriarchal dominant miss-deeds and acts of misuse of power, especially about male dominance over, or exploitation of, women. She provokes change by upsetting the status quo, by upsetting the apple cart. She opens our eyes to what is covered by lies, often revealing something deceitful, shameful, ugly, or simply what is unacceptable behavior, often driven from greed or inflated pride.

So Eris square the lunar eclipse and Pluto is going to give more power and influence to the MeToo Movement. The Sun opposite Moon at a lunar eclipse already highlights differences between masculine and feminine energies. The lunar eclipse July astrology will shine a light on abuses of power and all the ugly, cruel, disgusting, immoral, unethical and illegal behavior in society.

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It especially emphasizes the mistreatment of women by men in positions of power and authority. Following this lunar eclipse, bad behavior in the domestic and work environment will no longer be tolerated. Annoyance and irritation will turn to aggressive reactions, the exposure of secrets, separations and legal cases. Perpetrators will be shamed, vilified, demoted, fired, fined and imprisoned. Victims will be acknowledged, vindicated, emboldened, promoted and compensated. Venus opposite Saturn brings sadness and loneliness because of delays and limitations affecting your love life and finances.

It makes it harder to give and receive love and affection.

Full Moon May 12222 Astrology

Physical or emotional distance can add more strain on love relationships. The best way to show you care is to work hard and do practical things. Try to work out where you are responsible for any relationship difficulties and do some work on self-development. Venus trine Neptune is good for relaxation and daydreaming. It softens the cold Saturn influence and makes it easier to connect through empathy.

It heightens your sense of compassion and wishes to serve to others. So thr Lunar Eclipse July astrology is good for joining a charity or some other organization to help less fortunate people. This wish to help out may even lead to political activism. Connecting to a companion at the spiritual level will be easier and make up for the lack of affection from Saturn.

Saturn sextile Neptune brings material gain from spiritual pursuits. You can make your dreams come true with hard work and a sensible, realistic approach. You will understand your own limitations but will be optimistic at the same time. Through practical help and spiritual support and encouragement, you can help others follow their dreams.

You might become attracted to groups or clubs with similar values or beliefs to your own.

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According to George Noonan [2] , it portends eminence and renown, while the energy of Mars can be extremely valuable in such areas as war and business and politics. It can give a cruel, rash nature with an aptitude for getting into quarrels.

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Vivian Robson [4] said it gives a love of boxing, dignified malevolence, and is connected with poisons. Sun conjunct Pollux: Brutal and tyrannical, violent and cruel. The partial lunar eclipse on July 16, , with Pluto, brings intense emotions and compulsive behavior. It brings the potential for a personal crisis revealing deeply buried memories and psychological trauma. Power struggles, abuse of power, manipulation, jealousy, and lies are possible.

Dark secrets will be exposed and this is also caused by the eclipse square Eris. Eris represents the female warrior archetype and strengthens the feminist cause. At the personal level, expect the calling out of sexual abuse and misogyny to result in more criminal cases. At the social and cultural level, the attack on the patriarchal authority will intensify. Other planetary aspects widen the gap between men and women. But Lunar Eclipse July astrology also gives hope that empathy and understanding will lead to lasting changes out of the strife and discord.

This should result in higher ethical and moral standards, especially regarding the treatment of women in the workplace but also in the domestic environment. The attack on the patriarchal authority will result in a loss of masculine pride. This July holds a special full lunation: a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn. We find the buck analogy most potent when addressing growth through the themes of the Capricorn full moon as they represent authority, structure, and persistence being brought to the moonlight.

The full moon itself is typically indicative of a time to set intentions for manifestation. When the full moon is in Capricorn this is a great time to set goals that will help you become your most authentic self. The clearest path to authenticity is in addressing fears and insecurities. Astrologer Lisa Stardust reports that the hell point will be in orbit during this eclipse. This punk band sounding name is actually what astrologers call the midpoint between Saturn and Pluto which is a major force of growth.

You may notice the pressure to find a breakthrough or get to the bottom of things during this time. This is the influence of Pluto and the moon which will have you deeply investigating your emotions and subconscious mind. Saturn also will be influencing your emotional investigation through its lens of fear and insecurity.