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Democrats hate Trump's guts A likely scenario for the expression of this conflictual and disturbing energy would be the political conflict over the revolutionary policies of President Trump. Indeed, while his opponents focus on Trump's flaws as a human being, the main objection is to his policies to help ordinary Americans at the expense of the powerful globalised corporations. Indeed, after cooperating to pass traditional Republican policies, like tax cuts and deregulation, they abandoned the President before reforming trade and immigration had been accomplished.

After being denied the Presidency at the ballot box in , the Democrats appear intent on wresting back control of the political domain in , possibly by seeking to impeach a President they perceive as "lawless" or "out of control". Such a course of action would be likely to prompt a violent reaction among Trump's voters. Other scenarios are possible and the development could involve a natural disaster, a major industrial or pollution accident, a deadly illness, a terrorist attack on US soil or a sudden outbreak of war with heavy involvement of the USA.

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What seems beyond doubt is that whatever the event, it will likely result in mass deaths and death-like experiences, and be of a quantum that shocks the national psyche. The peak intensity is expected from May to October Below is an elaboration of individual aspects, sometimes overlapping, with commentary of likely influences. The prediction highlights the emphasis of the Systems' Approach on the influence of the 'invisible' moon's nodes , Rahu and Ketu, especially when stationary, hovering over a given degree for up to three months at a time.

Before the transits are examined in detail, let us first consider the planets, signs and houses involved and what indications they represent. A major challenge of any prediction is to signal the most likely indications to be triggered - as the discussion of the above scenarios indicates. Indeed, each planet, sign and house has many possible, albeit logically consistent indications.

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This is also known as multivalence, a special feature of astrology. It means that each element may find expression through several indications that have an affinity through a shared nature.

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The following indications will likely be involved in the coming events. It also rules low technology industry and mining.

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The close afflictions to the eighth house or its lord by the most malefic planet or slow moving planets from the malefic houses or the weakness and affliction of its lord indicate significant setbacks for the country including its territorial integrity and resources.

He has also written extensively on this system of astrology, and has been published in the United States, England, France, South Africa, Australia, and India.

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His honors include being recognized and certified by the Bharata Vidya Bhavan, an Indian institution devoted to traditional Hindu knowledge, as an expert in Hindu Astrology. He is an ordained Swami of the Temple of Kriya Yoga and is a duly initiated practicing Hindu of the Shaivite tradition. He has studied Hindu Astrology with several prominent Indian and American astrologers, is certified to instruct Jyotish Hindu Astrology by the American College of Vedic Astrology, has organized an Institute for instruction in Jyotish in the New England area, and has done charts for thousands of individuals from different parts of the United States and the world.

She retired in , after a long career in Banking, to pursue her lifelong interest in Vedic Astrology.

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Certified by ACVA, she conducts readings from her home and is also an online instructor at the school. Her inspiration was her mother, who was a renowned palmist and numerologist for many years. They live in the Princeton New Jersey area. She has an extensive background in earth based philosophy and incorporates this understanding into her Astrology Practice.

Angela lives in the Seattle area and works full time in astrology, specializing in self development. She runs her astrological consulting and holistic healing practice from her home office in New Mexico.

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Juliana may be reached by email at Juliana AstralHarmony. Patty Sanders Patricia Sanders, M. Her focus is on personal growth experiences with her individual readings and through teaching astrology workshops and seminars.

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Patricia is in private practice at the Dallas Yoga Center www. She is on the faculty of the American College of Vedic Astrology. He has an enormous experience of conducting every kind of puja, be it Lord Hanuman puja, Lord Shiva puja, Lord Krishna puja etc. He has successfully conducted puja using Vedic astrology charts for a lot of people and people have been greatly satisfied with his service. He uses the concept of astrology signs, dates and various mantras and tantras to cast Vashikaran. Is your son or daughter of the marriageable age and you wish to see him or her getting married?

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Have you found a match for your son or daughter and wish to get the kundali matched? She uses astrology birth charts to frame the best kundali that any other astrologer can ever make. There would hardly be any person in this world who would want to get separated from his or her spouse.

Divorce cases are increasing rapidly in the world. He uses the concept of Hindu astrology and expert in solving such type of relationship problems. He is a black magic removal specialist in Canada and USA and uses the concept of Vedic astrology to offer the best solutions for the evil force. Contact this black magic removal expert now and see how this evil disappears and you lead a happy life again.

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