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Over participants covering 28 countries have already registered in this 4th edition. Project Description: This research assistantship is part of an NSF-funded project to examine functional relationships and tradeoffs among habitat components.

What's Included

The PhD student will be responsible for evaluating thermal and security aspects of the relationships between pygmy rabbits specialists and cottontail rabbits generalists and their habitats. Activities will include construction of thermal physical models, animal capture and collaring, telemetry, measurement of habitat components in the field, participation in studies with captive animals, quantitative modeling of habitat selection, use of GIS to synthesize habitat features, and mentoring of undergraduate students.

Strong quantitative skills, field experience, and a positive attitude are required. A record of field-based research and communication of science publications and presentations also is required. The candidate must be strongly interested in working in a collaborative and interdisciplinary team. Review of applications will begin on 20 April and continue until a candidate is selected.

Many species of Lagomorphs hares, rabbits and pikas , particularly those withinthe same Genus for example, Lepus exist in mutually exclusive allopatry. Species ranges rarely overlap with sympatry tending to be a temporally transient phenomenon. Each species, in the absence of another, can inhabit the potential range of its closest geographical neighbours, but upon contact each usually retreats to its preferred optimum habitat. However, demonstrating ecological competition in the wild is notoriously difficult and is usually inferred using broad-scale biogeographical patterns of species occurrence.

This 3 year studentship aims to examine the processes which contribute to the global distribution of Lagomorphs all 92 species including biogeography, ecology and interspecific interactions.

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Ecological niche modelling will be developed to include interspecific interactions and range edge effects. An additional element of this project will also examine the responses of the Order to climate change and their physical adaptations which contribute to their ecological niche separation. In particular there may be a focus on Arctic species and the likely impact of future land cover changes in the region.

The grant attracts dozens of innovative research projects each quarter, and the most promising of these are awarded funding. The European rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus , originated in the Iberian peninsula and is the precursor of all domestic rabbits. Humans have been hunting and eating the European rabbit for over , years, but the rabbit was only domesticated in the year AD.

Given the huge success and interest aroused by the first edition of this conference, done in Montefiascone Viterbo, ITALY on June , after four years, it was decided to repeat this opportunity to meet and study, in view of cyclical event.

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World Lagomorph Society. RHDV2 is a foreign animal disease that prior to this report had not been detected in domestic, feral, or wild rabbits in the United States. Dear all, great news! Hope to see you in Stockholm.

In the dark: The cost of Canada’s data deficit - The Globe and Mail

I am looking for high quality images — and I can only select one image to represent each species — so I will be looking for how well the image represents the species. If you have a terrific habitat image, or an image that depicts a critical behavior or morphological feature — feel free to submit these as well. At the recent Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting in Berlin, Germany, Susumu Tomiya Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL USA presented new research that shows that ecological competation between lagmoprhs and ungulates likely restricted the body size of lagomorphs over millions of years.

See below for the abstract, links to the article and a related discussion piece. A labour of love and the definitive history of the bunny as told by a confirmed bunny lover Link And if you like that, here's a link to an earlier book in the series on our beloved Hare: Link.

More from PNAS: "The snowshoe hare is one of 10 mammal species worldwide that undergo seasonal changes in coat color that provide camou- flage in snow-covered terrain. The 4th World Lagomorph Conference is coming! We are looking forward to meeting you in Vienna, Austria in the heart of Europe! Dear Lagomorph Researcher, it is our pleasure to send you the 1st announcement of the 4th World Lagomorph Conference to be held from July 24 to July 27, in Vienna, Austria.

This meeting, organized every 4 years on behalf of the World Lagomorph Society www. HTM , brings together researchers on rabbits, hares, and pikas from all continents. It provides a perfect opportunity to share up-to-date knowledge in the all fields of basic and applied science in this fascinating mammalian order. Please register at www. We are looking forward to meeting you in Vienna! Did you know that there are more than 90 species of rabbits, hares, and pikas, rabbits' little-known cousins?

And that new species are still being found? Or that baby rabbits nurse from their mothers only once a day? How about that some people brew medicinal tea from rabbit pellets? Wildlife conservationists Susan Lumpkin and John Seidensticker have all the answers—from the mundane to the unbelievable—about the world's leaping lagomorphs. A recent study published in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology highlights this new find off the coast of Spain. This massive rabbit, aptly named the Minorcan King of the Rabbits Nuralagus rex , weighed in at 12 kg Approximately ten times the size of its extinct mainland cousin Alilepus sp.

However, as we enter this new cycle in the Chinese zodiac, conservationists are warning that, in spite of their reputation as prolific breeders, nearly one in four rabbits, hares and pikas - from the order known as lagomorphs - are classified as Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. For pre-registering please send an email to dgs anf.

A novel and innovative coupling of traditional radio-tags with new GPS loggers to track hand-reared Irish hare Lepus timidus hibernicus leverets after release into the wild has been developed. The aim of the conference will be to gather all forces of European Mammalogy and to update our knowledge in Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Evolution, Ecology, Biogeography, Conservation of Mammals. Click to check the status of your lagomorph species. About Us.

The World Lagomorph Society WLS is an association, which intends to intensify the communication between persons who are interested in the research, management and conservation of lagomorphs rabbits, hares and pikas.

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  • The main purpose of the association is to promote the cooperation between lagomorph researchers and to spread the existent information, in order to improve the knowledge in this group. The WLS also aims to support the study on lagomorph species, in particular those under special conservation status, by helping funds for specific projects and by scientific support. As some lagomorphs have an important economic value, either as game or as pest species, a special attention will be drawn on these species, namely by promoting the exchange of technical reports.

    Finally, WLS will promote the World Lagomorph Conference, each 4 years, and support complementary regional symposium in specific subjects. WLS also aims to get funds to support the attendance of students in conferences. The current Red List status of lagomorphs. Friday, March 29, Aufwind gGmbH supports research on Lepus castroviejoi. Thursday, March 21, World Lagomorph Conference Tuesday, March 19, Thursday, March 14, African hares!!!

    Thursday, March 7, Saturday, January 12, Thursday, January 10, Friday, September 15, Friday, July 7, Lagomorphs - Pikas, Rabbits, and Hares of the World. Monday, May 8, Lagomorphology: Biology of Evasion and Escaping Strategy. Monday, March 27, Wednesday, November 23, Congratulations to our two student grant awardee attending WLC5. Thursday, September 8, Wednesday, September 7, Monday, September 5, Monday, July 11, Wednesday, May 25, Wednesday, March 2, PhD project: Brown hares, Land use and predation risk.

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    • Thursday, December 3, A large mimotonid from the Middle Eocene of China sheds light on the evolution of lagomorphs and their kin. Monday, November 9, Friday, October 2, Friday, August 14, More than two-thirds of lagomorphs threatened by climate change. Friday, May 1, Competitive interactions in the order Lagomorpha. Friday, March 20, Requesting lagomorph images for upcoming book. Thursday, March 19, Read the below PDF for submission details. Tuesday, January 13, Rabbit artefact exhibition at Palarikovo Castle, Slovakia. Tuesday, December 9, Rabbit-proof hoof: Ungulates suppressed lagomorph evolution.

      Wednesday, November 19, Read below for press release and news coverage. Monday, October 20, Tuesday, September 30, Thursday, September 11, Tuesday, June 24, Tuesday, May 6, New Book: Rabbit by Victoria Dickenson. Friday, December 20, Monday, December 9, Lagomorphs at the 11th International Mammalogical Congress Belfast. Thursday, October 24, Wednesday, October 2, Monday, August 5, PNAS: Camouflage mismatch in seasonal coat color due to decreased snow duration.

      Tuesday, February 5, Graduate Research Assistantships. Wednesday, January 30, Tuesday, January 15, Wednesday, January 2, Lagomorph Distributional Data Request. Tuesday, October 9, Tuesday, August 28, Wednesday, August 1, The conference proceedings are ready to download at LagDocs. Saturday, June 2, Monday, April 16, Two PhD studentships on Lagomorphs. Monday, December 19, Thursday, July 14, Thursday, April 7, Nuralagus rex: Giant extinct rabbit that didn't hop. Monday, March 28, Photo of the Day. Hares, Italy.

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