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Either send my kundi back or refund my money. If gd vashist is a frod and not to be believed, then hw come he has such a stong hold in most of the television channels with long lectures and guidance? And if he is such a ford, why no action has been taken against him from any police or government agencies like "jago grahak jago" advertisements?? I have also asked for lal kitab amrit which will be delivered soon but looking into these kind of complains, i also strated to built doubts in myself regarding such practises.

I hope mr. D vashist need to look into all these cases and take care of each people's problems as they come to him with full faith and trust for happiness. I made the payment on 6th oct, but till date no opinion receivedd from him neither his office bother to call whether they received the payment or not and when they will able to send the kundli etc. I made the payment on 6th oct. I send back to him my kundali to his office address at pitmapura. Still there is no reply from their side.

I make also complaint via email on theri id [protected] gmail. I am big confusion in that kundali they say one page do not use white and red colour but on the next page they say use red colour handkerchief. I think that mr. Vashish is doing only business and make money. I am also paid rs for lal kitab made by g. Vashisht in that there are lot of mistake in that so i am return back to his address but still there is no reply from their side. So i think that he is only doing business and making money and make fool to people. I am also a victim of so called pandit? G d vashist.

While going through the pages of computerised book, i realised that it was actually lal kitab vish and not amrit.

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I had no ' dukh' prior to march, , but after reading the book dukh-hi-dukh. Simply curiousity to peep into my future life dragged me to ask this professional fellow for the lal kitab amrit, much advertised on reputed religious channels who are i dare say rendering great disservice to the innocent viewers by making money themselves and allowing such fellows make dirty money by cheating poor and distressed people. Viewers like mr. But who'll bell the cat? Let mr. Chandrajit get cheated first and then come forward to lead the campaign not only against pt vashist, but many other vashists also, who may be different by name but very similar by action of looting.

I have communicated my great resentment to mr vashist by a regd letter on Reply is still awaited. Mainly electronic media is being used as a tool by these fellows. By the way which channel will raise a voice against its client, mr. I am also a victim of pt g d vashist ji. While going through the first pages of the computerised book, i realised that i have been cheated. Not even a single incident of my past life of 55 years was correctly told by the much advertised pt gd vashist ji.

How can his future predictions be trusted and upaais been followed? I conveyed my resentment to pandit ji on I know many. Reply is yet awaited from pandit ji. Mr chandrajit above is right in questioning about inaction against such foretellers?

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But who will bell the cat? Get cheated yourself and lead the campaign not only against one but all. Electronic media can not help, because it is being benefitted by advt money, but i dare say that most of the religious tv channels are also rendering great dis-service by allowing such professionals to loot poor and distressed people.

I am also a victim of lal kitab amrit Actually vish. But, while going through only pages of the computerised book, i realised that i have also been stung by the lal kitab vish. I further waited for 7 months to let any single prediction come true.

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But alas! I have conveyed my resentment to pandit ji, but reply from his side is still awaited. Electronic media, especially religious channels are rendering a great disservice to the poor and distressed viewers by allowing such jyotishis to make dirty money. Let this be stopped now.

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Category: Other. We came back to home. My parents said pooja is very expensive so leave it for now. But they uncouraged me to do the upays. I thought lets give it a go. But still have doubts in mind. Then I thought to go through the Lal kitaab myself. I have read the lal kitab beginners edition and found that my whole life is written in that lal kitab. I will have only daughters so accordingly I have two daughters. My wife will be very kind and from rich family, I will be having eyes problem, I would like to get attract towards wine and meat, I am very angry person, I will be good in salemenship and like wise.

Now the main point, when wverything about us has been written in details in lal kitaab then we have two options left with us either read all the lal kitab editions by ourselves or follow Mr GD vashist though the fees is very high. I found that he is expert doctor of a very expensive hospital with hugh fees to be paid but why am I paying him because I myself need his advice.

Now I have read about my wife, my father in lal kitaab and found that yes lal kitaab really describes our faith but a beginner level Lala kitaab edition will not help me. So accordingly I try to complete maximum upays but still few of them still pending. I have visited Mr GD vashist again next year and told him that some new problems came in my way and he himself have shown me the same thing already written in lal kitaab.

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I am still trusting them upto a limit and this year again a expensive pooja has been prescribed by him but I have get it done in this week only. Now just to tell you guys why am I doing it. Answer is when everything about my behaviour and my lifestyle has been described in a book which has been written years ago then why shouldnt I follow him. I am now awaiting for fruitful results. One more thing, rather than getting the yes i can change file meet Mr GD vashist and and get the upays written by himself. Also i dont think he is a fraud, he is giving us his advice and also upays are not that difficult that I cant do that.

Kisiko thodi advice requied ho then mail me only. Go and buy the lal kitaab beginners edition then read it. If everything about you is mentioned in that book and then follow the remedies also for positive effect. If you want then I will read it for you because I am getting my interest developed in reading lal kitaab, I will not charge anything but this will increase my knowledge about planets and all.

VASISTH Friends jo koi bhi iss astrologer jo ki apne aap ko guru kehta hai se apni kundli yaan book banane se pehle mera yeh post read kar lee. Friends prediction karna ek baat hai aur uska life mein implementation hona ek alag cheez hai. Ab main aapko batata hoon ki gd vasisth kaise prediction aur upay batata hai Sabse pehle gd vasisth ne jo ki mein kundli bana ke deta tha usme sirf lagan kundli ke jo planets hote thee uske upay karwata tha Bas yehi hai iski research Jis kisi ko bhi thodi si astrology aati hai yaan basic knowledge bhi hai woh aasani se apni lagan kundli One more thing pehle yeh varshphal ke upay karwata tha abh toh vimshotari mahadasha aur antardasha planets ke bhi upay karwane shuru ho gaya hai Maine bhi apni kundli teen baar banwayi first time in then in and now in but i was wrong koi research nahi hai iss fake scientist ke pass sirf paisa chahiye isko aur kuch nahi.

So dont fell in trap of these astrologers because jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai aur jo jaisa dikhta hai woh waisa hota nahin. It is a message to the public at large agar aapko upay kar na hi hain toh aap niryana bhav chalit kundli mein grahon ki position ko dekh kar kar lo aur jis planet ki mahadasha aur antardasha chal rahi hai uske upay kar lo jo ki bahut hi sasti lal kitab mein mil jayenge and Manish Chauhan. Giru plzz help me, m ek poor family se blong karta hoon , or aap ke naam se mujhe kai baar frod call b aaye the oonho ne aap ka leakr majhe oopaay ki samagrri b bhej di thi jo ki maine le li, lekin pta karne par pta chala ki yo log fros h, or un k paas meri file ki detail kaise gai mujhe nhi maaloom, Guru g aap ke charno me mera sat sat Naman Plzz, help me ,m bahot li problum me hoon plzz help me Aapka sisaya Manish Chauhan I felt bad after reading the complaints.

All over India illegal and fraudulent business is going on in the name of astrology. This is so unfortunate. No body In this world can change your destiny. Destiny good or bad one has to suffer however certain planetary placements in some natal chart provides a certain degree of option to reduce its impact however it does not go completely.

If anyone in your family is in the death bed and if the destiny says he has to die then he will die no body can save him. Like for example in mahabharat abhimnanyu was murdered in front of Lord krishna, arjuna, vyasdev they had the capacity to give him life however they did not interfere with his destiny. So even lord the supreme does not interfere then how can a human being under the control of maya save you.

It is just a business or making money which is in fact a sin and would take the sinner at the time of death to the darkest part of hell as per our vehicles scriptures. If you all still want to know your destiny and get genuine remedies if that is possible as per your natal chart then you can call a very devoted astrologer. He is not into any publicity stunt.

He sits in behala , Kolkata, West Bengal and only takes Rs. Call him between 6. When you call it is up to you can give my reference however it is not so necessary. Radhey Radhey! No intimation of gemstone delivery and no information about gemstone carat on certificate Hi Sir, Order No - Order No - I ordered for pukhraj and manik gemstone rings from Ratna Amrit from Yes I can change I spoke to Rahul from Yes I can change..

He confirmed my order for both gemstone rings and told me that I would receive dispatch details and delivery status too. But no intimation of delivery was received. A person from India post came at our home one morning all of sudden to deliver gemstones without prior information. It was really difficult to manage payment all of sudden.

My contact details were there with Yes i can change team still they did not bother to inform regarding delivery of gemstones. Secondly, after receiving gemstones when i checked their certificates of authencity , no information of carat is there. Even the sizes of both gemstones differ because according to information given to me from Yes I can change Incorrect gemstones and wrong predictions, difficult remedies Hi sir, I have ordred my file two months ago Employee don't get communicate with guru ji Your employees are not only horoscope dealer but also liar too.

While selling horoscope they say that you will communicate with clients to console and solve their problems. After delivery of the product their duties are over they don't communicate with you but force person to buy them to buy their products such as gems stones hope you will take proper action. She said that potli will take care of other planets. I am not worried about rupees that I paid for my maanik ring as per your software suggestion, but needs to know the actual reason for my health issue after wearing your maanik ring.

I asked him why the earlier Lady suggested me incorrect stone. He replied that he was not sure. I potty for my foolishness. Very Unsatisfactory service We met GD vashist yesterday at the gurgaon location regarding my brothers horoscope,we got the file made and paid 11, rs for the same. When we met him he hardly spent 7 minutes and only told us about the negatives in the kundali match.

We feel he should have given us more time and understood our concerns. Not happy with the service at all. Very unsatisfactory service. Very unsatisfactory meeting,no information provided correctly We met GD vashist yesterday regarding my brothers horoscope,we got the file made and paid 11, rs for the same. Regarding Non responding.. I have deposited Rs.

Unfortunately they have given Mantra upachar Samagri amounting to Rs. Even after repeated telephonic contact. If not it was received, how they have sent the items of Rs. I feel I have been cheated by them. It is requested to the all concerned not to transact with them before receipt of any product. There is very chance of being cheated like me. In the name of solving your problem, they are creating the problems for you.