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Libras are the most social zodiac sign. They feed off of the energy of others and love to make people smile and laugh.

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A Libra will certainly go to extreme lengths to get a laugh. She can turn almost any bland and non-amusing situation into a hilarious and rip-roaring story. She will be the one at a dinner party to tell funny anecdotes to the point where people will spit out their drinks from laughing so hard. Geminis love to tell jokes and will be the first one at a party to offer a joke up.

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Expect a Gemini to be the first one to speak up if something embarrassing happens to you. But only meant in a way that she feels is non-judgmental just observatory to the situation. A Virgo can be the queen of sarcasm; she will use her humor to poke fun at herself and any situation she is in. Any bad situation that is going on in her life she will use as a funny anecdote to tell people. She will not be afraid of what people think about her in the moment; she uses humor as a way to not stress out about the situations that she is in.

An Aries has a very goofy and more upfront sense of humor. She will use her body language and mannerisms to get a laugh.

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An Aries is funny primarily because she will show her humor through words but mostly through her actions. People find this quality to be entertaining and will most likely laugh and find joy when hanging out with an Aries. Leos tend to be humorous in situations but sometimes can be a little too much when they try to be funnier than normal. She will use exaggeration and lots of adjectives to create a funny story. Pisces love to tell long-winded and entertaining stories.

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The problem with Leo is that she can get a little carried away. A Taurus is very passive with her humor. She can be funny without trying but people have to be paying very close attention. Being a stubborn sign can hinder her humor if she feels that no one will find what she has to say funny. While she feels that she is being funny and cheeky others can perceive it as a little insulting and mean. It takes away heaps of the work and makes you seem really insightful. Your week will be determined by how you interpret this spinning top.

This week, the stars indicate that you need to stop being so jealous all the time. Oh and by the way, I forgot to give Leo a prediction. Thanks man. That could go either way, so try not to do too much speaking or walking or living. This week, everything will become just as clear as it is unclear.


It has to do with you winning a lot of money, so just do it. Things get adventurous this week. Well this week Aquarius, you take the plunge. Also, get a more interesting life. That is grim.


You will encounter frustration this week when you come across a Capricorn trying to research an animal that I made up. Just remember: snitches get stitches. So click here to see more starry wisdom. Leave a comment. Last night, I spent the evening knee-deep in star charts, connecting with the universe. I understood none of it.

I am merely the vessel. Here you go:.