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While the Gemini New Moon is wonderful for all forms of self-expression and communication, we also have to be mindful of how we choose to communicate and what truths we wish to share with others. Communication is an art form and involves a lot of listening. Very often, we listen just to respond or we get so wrapped up in what we are thinking and feeling that we forget to really pay attention to what the other person is saying. By listening and observing, it also allows more room for our other senses to kick in, especially our intuitive senses which are sometimes quieter and softer than our mind.

We are not just limited to our five senses. Within us, we have the power and potential to tap into other more ethereal senses such as our intuitive sense, our psychic sense, our telepathic sense, and more. We always have these abilities on offer to us, but under the Gemini New Moon, they will be heightened, sharpened and easier for us to work with.

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Take a moment to think about how you can listen more, whether it is listening to your clients, your friends, your family, or the Universe. In fact, if something has been troubling you, think about where can you afford to listen more. Where can you afford to tune into your intuition and trust the wisdom and knowledge that arises? If we want to communicate effectively, if we want to get to the truth of something, we first have to learn how to really listen.

Use this energy to rise up, to speak up, and to stand up for all you believe in. Use this energy to take action and to take responsibility for the world you wish to create and the reality you wish to walk in. We are not on this planet alone.

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Making connections, sharing our stories, listening to other stories, has always been the foundation of society and of humanity. Let us find the confidence to share our truth, to talk about our weaknesses and our strengths, and to celebrate the stories of others, for sharing and listening is how we inspire, grow, and change the world. For guidance with connecting to your truth, sharpening your intuition, and raising your confidence to share your story, try my Cosmic Guided Meditation for the month of June Get your Gemini New Moon Ritual here. Intuitive Astrology June Forecast. Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious.

She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire.

Discover the Moon phase today with our Lunar calendar ! What is the Moon phase today? The period of the Full Moon is one of rich rewards for your hard work and dedication. The Full Moon on October 13th will also call on you to chase the freedom you crave.

We reveal all here! Your ascendant sign also influences your life events.

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Figure out your ascendant with our rising sign calculator. When the Moon and the Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth, we view the Moon as being full, hence why it's known as the Full Moon. The side facing Earth is completely lit up by the Sun and appears as a disk. The Full Moon occurs once roughly every month as shown in our Lunar calendar Checking out the Moon phase today will help you prepare for all the major Lunar events. If you worked hard during the period of the New Moon, you can look forward to enjoying the fruits of your labor during the Full Moon that follows.

The Full Moon is the best known lunar phase and now, thanks to our Moon calendar , you never have to miss another one again! Learn more about the Moon with Astrofame's selection of products:.

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We have the answers! Following this lunar phase, the Moon then waxes and grows bigger into what we know as a half-moon. The first half Moon following the New Moon is called the first quarter because the Moon is a quarter of the way though the lunar cycle phases. The term waning means the Moon is getting smaller and gibbous refers to the shape of the lunar body.

The waning gibbous Moon can be identified due to its semicircle shape. Moon phases have an effect on the oceans too, and the tides actually change in function with the Full Moon. Track the Full Moon dates in our Moon calendar and never miss another lunar event again. The Moon phases are due to the fact that the Moon orbits Earth, which in turn causes the part we see illuminated to change.

When the Moon travels around the Sun, it's also lit up from varying angles by the Sun causing different lunar phases. The Moon orbits the Earth in Blue Moons are fairly rare, but are great to see. The only month that could potentially not have a Full Moon is February and if this occurs, it will be in a leap-year when February only has 28 days. Our experts are available to answer all of your questions right now! So, why not choose from our selection of advisors and kick start your quest for answers and enlightenment regarding your future, right now?

To help you make your choice, check out our advisor's specialities, tarifs and reviews. Discover everything you need to know about your sign and more! Knowing more about your zodiac sign will give you a better insight into your personality, sexual compatibility, as well as your weaknesses and strengths. So what are you waiting for?

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