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Analogous to above, India was known as the 'white area' and gave rise to the term 'white astrology'. Early Indian civilisation had much cultural interchange with the outside world, which is reflected in an identical zodiac to the Mesopotamians twelve signs and twelve houses and the widespread decans.

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Later on however, differences occurred for example when most other systems moved away from the early sidereal zodiac, which is preserved in the Indian tradition. Far back in history, also the Chinese and Indian system may have common origins. Similarities are for example the 28 Chinese lunar constellations and the 27 or 28 Indian Naksatras from the Vedas , and the importance of the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu.


Signs of the zodiac The Indian system is based on the observation of the sun, moon and the planets like Western astrology. The sky at night appears like a globe dotted with stars surrounding the earth. During one year, the sun moves along this expanse of stars and completes one cycle. This cycle is divided in 12 sections, called the signs of the zodiac. Western astrology follows the cycles of the sun related to the seasons, and the Tibeto-Indian system follows the cycles of the sun related to the stars, and there is a small difference between these two.

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Over the centuries, a difference of almost a complete sign has accumulated. The general explanation of the signs is similar to the Western system. Two major differences are the relation to different parts of the body and the fact that Indian signs are divided into day and night signs indicating when their influence is strongest.

Lunar mansions Indian astrology mentions 27 lunar mansions Naksatras , but as one of them comprises two adjacent constellations, it covers 28 constellations. In the Tibetan system, the lunar mansions have also been connected to the Chinese elements and directions. Ketu and Rahu are nodes of the moon. The ruling of the planets over the signs is the same as in Western astrology.

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The Kalachakra tantric system contains not only an extensive religious practice system, but also medical knowledge. At the core of the system is the very familiar concept of 'as above, so below', the correspondence of the outer universe with the inner physical and mental processes in humans. It describes the interaction of human and cosmic phenomena with time and builds a complete system of Indian astrology. Interestingly enough, this tradition contains all elements of Indian astrology, but merges it with Chinese principles.

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The Tibetans started to adopt the 60 year cycle in , as it was taught both in the Kalachakra tantra and the Chinese tradition. Some very interesting info can be found on www. One could say that almost everything in Tibetan culture is strongly influenced by Buddhism. Even myths have been 'buddhified' over the ages. In Tibet, usually a teacher lama , either monk or layman, would be the local astrologer. When living in a monastery, he would be responsible for establishing the calendar for religious practices and festivals.

The following legend comes from 'Tibetan Astrology' by Philippe Cornu. It is based on the manifestation of a Buddha called Manjushri see image , who is a personification of wisdom and insight.

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Tibetan teachers invoke Manjushri at the commencement of any astrological undertaking. Seeing in a dream that the universe in formation required a stable base, Manjushri pierced the flank of the turtle with a golden arrow. Iranian Astrology. Roman Astrology NEW. Follow MysticScripts.

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Contact Us Privacy Policy Disclaimer. Free Tibetan Astrology Readings. Tibetan Astrology MysticBoard. Put this script on your site. There are other useful readings about your favorable days, colour and cautionary years and the remedies to overcome the obstacle, along with descriptions about your personality, previous life forms and your astrological deity. It remains a custom in the Tibetan community to consecrate the statue or thangka of one's astrological deity in order to ensure a good rebirth.

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In a nutshell, this astrological reading guides you throughout your lifespan with counseling about every aspect of your life. One can choose between casting either a detailed or a brief reading. Astro-Science of Marital Compatibility This astrological reading portrays astrological interpretations of the bride and groom. It includes matters concerning the stability of the bond, health of the child, prosperity of the family and acceptance in the society. Astrological calculations are done to evaluate the favorable and unfavorable aspects and the corresponding remedial measure are given in the form of personal prayers and amulets.

Astro-Science of Obstacle Year This astrological reading emphasizes more on ups and downs in a single year of a person.

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Various astrological methods are used to see the rise and fall of one's life-force, health, prosperity and luck in that particular year and corresponding remedial measures in forms of personal prayers and amulets are also prescribed. Astro-Science of Ill-health This astrological reading is mostly done for those patients who suffer from chronic diseases.