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Both matters need to be handled with kid gloves.

Virgo Daily Love And Relationship Horoscope

Finding new ways to put the spark back into your relationship is vital. As is working out the finances and if necessary agreeing to disagree about certain money issues. Perhaps your other half is a much bigger spender than you are? More generous and extravagant? While it may bug you and could mean that you are often having to pick up the tab when he or she runs out of cash, you need to work that out between you and discuss it.

Especially with Venus spinning out of phase for 6 weeks. Especially seeing as Venus is retrograding in your communication zone. If you do go out on a date, the less said the better.

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Your New Moon September 8 brings with it a chance for singles to meet someone worth meeting this month. Mars the planet of passion and romance transiting Capricorn, your fellow earth sign and spiritual zone through the 11th as well as Saturn moving direct in the same part of your chart on the 6th signals a green light for single and attached Virgos on the 9th.

Once Venus the Goddess of love and relationships moves out of your money zone and into your conversation zone on the 10th, it will be much easier for you to express yourself and exactly what you want in your life and your love life particularly. Luckily for you Mercury, your ruler and the planet of communication in your sign from September 7th — 23rd helps provide you with the perfect words at the perfect time this month.

If you can grab a day or two off work and do a road trip or a quick getaway do it. Mars the planet of passion and lust retrogrades further backwards into your fellow earth sign of Capricorn, your romance, self-fulfillment and creativity zone on the 14th, making it a great time for partnered up Virgos to have some fun with their other half. Keep in mind that with Mercury your ruler, the planet of clear thinking and communication out of phase in your past karma zone through August 19, you might be hanging onto the good times and memories and not remembering the not so good times Virgos.

Venus the Goddess of love will remain in your sign until August 6. You will have more than one admirer admiring you early this month. If you are dating online, updating your profile and adding new pics is a great idea.

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You might have to bite your tongue around this date! Early in the month you might get caught up in some kind of web — either one of your own making or one involving your other half. Possibly in a situation you really want nothing to do with. Venus the lover moves into your sign July 11 through August 7. This is the perfect cosmic time to meet someone worth meeting. Cancers and Scorpios are both excellent match ups for you this month, particularly around the time of the Solar Eclipse. Some things are best left unsaid. Swinging singles…Early in June someone may insist on introducing someone to you that they think is just perfect for you, So despite what may have happened on other blind dates, this is one you should check out Virgos.

At least make a date for a cup of coffee — how difficult or time consuming can that be? At the very least you my have made a new friend or meet someone you can introduce to someone else. The best scenario is that your friend was right and the match is a match.

Neptune the planet of fantasy and dreams goes out of phase in your solar 7th house of relationships on the 18th where he remains retrograde through November This is definitely a time when you could reconnect with someone from your past — the last person you would even think of reconnecting with. Just try not to go down the same path as you did last time or the same outcome will happen.

For those of you in a committed relationship the retrograde activity of Neptune will definitely sort out some of the issues that may have been plaguing you and your partner for some time. One issue at a time Virgos. Patience is key. Filled with memories — some good, some not so good. Coupled Virgos should take advantage of the Full Moon on the 28th in your romance zone and do something special. Once Venus the planet of love and relationships moves into Cancer on the 20th, your 11th house of hopes, dreams, wishes and friendship, a friendship could develop into a love affair if you play your cosmic cards right Virgos.

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Cancers, Capricorns and Taurus are all good matches for you. For those of you in a relationship, the planets are conspiring to make this month a special one for you.

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A New Moon in your romance and relationship zone on the 15th is just what you need to reboot your relationship Virgos. That simply means that there is work to be done Virgos. Receiving tokens of affection and verbal reminders of appreciation lifts their spirits and, in turn, makes them generous givers themselves. Virgos are perfectionists, and they look for perfection in everything — relationships included.

Most Virgos have a very healthy libido and are ferocious flirts and chasers — they love the thrill of meeting someone and having that delicious lead up to the big event. Meeting your match is something Virgos enjoy. Many Virgos meet partners through work or work related connections.

Capricorns, Scorpios and Taureans are your best matches partnership wise. On the flip side, many Virgos also are happy to remain single — working their way up the corporate ladder and having love affairs along the way to sustain them. Virgos are not necessarily married to the idea of marriage.

Free Virgo Love Horoscope & Advice - (June )

Sexually, Virgos can be rather naughty and may enjoy a wide variety of lovers throughout their lives. Virgos often consider sex as a work out session and plan elaborate games for their partner. You tend to meet people through work and your coworkers often become your closest friends. The 6th sign of hard work and dedication, you attend after work functions and are often very charity driven.

You sign up for breast cancer runs and anything happening at work that is extracurricular. Earth and water signs are your best matches sign wise for friends. Pisces are good friends to have when you have any sort of emotional crisis, while Taureans and Capricorns are your common sense go to signs. No account yet? Register Free. Virgo, setting realistic expectations saves you from potential heartaches. The less complications you have in your relationship, the simpler and happier you will be.

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Find out what gives you personal satisfaction and go for it. Being in a relationship also requires you to have an ounce of independence. Be able to enjoy doing things even without your partner being present. Help yourself grow and mature as an individual too, Virgo. Single Virgo, not having a partner grants you the freedom to live life on your own terms. At some point this week, you might be curious to know what it feels like to be in a relationship. Start exploring the dating scene, but be clear with your intentions.

Avoid the emotional investment for now. Just focus on meeting new people and getting acquainted, Virgo. Please wait, processing Connection to LifeReader lost Reconnecting now Create Account Remember me on this device. Already have an account? Sign in.