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If you are not happy with the reading we will give you a Full Refund. This is only available for credit card clients through the auto and manual credit card service. Please call the Helpdesk on Well, each year in the Chinese horoscope is actually represented by different symbols, which in this case are animals. In the Chinese zodiac you will find the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, snake, monkey, horse, sheep, rooster, dog, pig and the might dragon.

Find out more about how the oriental zodiac views the dragon. In Chinese astrology, as well as in culture and tradition, the dragon enjoys a very prominent role. For many, the dragon represents dignity, success, honor, luck, capacity and of course, authority. It was believed that in ancient periods, the dragon was seen racing across the sky, and possessed a lot of divine powers.

Oozing with strong character, Dragons rank fifth in the Chinese zodiac. A dragon is full of ambitions and aspirations.

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These individuals like to follow their own rules and like to be alone. People from this sign never hesitate to take risks, and are strong-driven. Sad to say, this eagerness and zeal can leave them unfulfilled and exhausted. Zodiac signs for dragons have colorful personalities. They blend in with the group and are very friendly, as long as it at their advantage. These people may seem agreeable and pleasant, they can also be as dangerous and ferocious as the mythical beast they are assigned in.

Despite their diligent nature, as whole, they are fit and healthy. They can acquire bad health because of stress. A Dragon can avoid such situations by keeping cool and doing light exercises. Work that permits them to convey their inventiveness is ideal for them. This could be a lawyer, engineer, sales person, broker, inventor or dealer. Despite being sentimental, a dragon can be pretty insensible and temperamental.

Lots of people run when Dragons are provoked. However, when a dragon found its partner, they commit to that individual for life. For , people born in the year of the dragon will likely have a much better time than others. It can be difficult to get a Wood Dragon to agree with you once her or she has taken the opposite stand, but try to respect that people born under this Chinese horoscope sign are often right, so perhaps it is you who should change your position!

Chinese Astrology. Wood Dragon Personality Horoscope. Comments: Wood Dragon Personality Horoscope. Kit I worked closely with another wood dragon. Best time of my life!

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Wood dragons can be devoted. We don't want to be neglected.


However we did not mean to break hearts in the process of finding the true love of our life. Tracy I am a wood dragon and can see myself in this description of the traits, not all wood dragons are cheats or flirts as I have never been either of these things. I am very loyal once I am in a relationship and as a friend. Kind regards Tracy. Yes, I am a wood dragon. I have never cheated on anyone. I made it a point to always end one relationship before I ever started being in another James, thailand Wood Dragons are awful flirts and don't mind a bit of something in the background as well as you so watch out Otherwise we got on really well personality wise.

Canleovir I am a metal dog and saw through my wood dragons B. Huge liar. Funny not mentioned here. Lady Water Dragon Dragon and dogs do not get along. Being a Dragon who has had two significant relationships with Dogs, I can attest to the fact.

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Dogs have sharp teeth , they can be very nasty. Dogs are very critical and they don't like dragons self confidence.

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