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Before you go, brush-up on knowledge of the consolations. Gemini will be impressed with your cleverness, which naturally leads to a hotter romance with these ethereal creatures. Damn these clever little fuckers. They got too freaky so all the haters decided to call them two-faced and leave it at that. Nah, more like too-fucking-smart-for-anyone-including-themselves-to-deal-with. Taurus is out here conditioning the fuck out of everyone. You never had a chance. You just assumed that thread count were the only sheets ever made.

Until Gemini. Gemini burst out the gate to get its motherfucking discover on. All signs are a response to the previous sign. Gemini about to try every motherfucking coffee in the universe to see if that shit is true or not. Gemini is all about super sneaky exploration. But, on a healthier note, when they put all these seemingly random facts together Gemini babies can develop a crystal clear picture of who they are, what the world is, and how they stack up against every other thing around them.

At its highest level, Gemini knows itself better than any other sign. Gemini has the willpower and openness to break away from everything its ever known Taurus for the sake of discovering who it truly is and how it relates to the world. Trouble only comes when these little babies get so into checking out the world that they loose touch with themselves completely — without something to anchor their sense of self discovery becomes pointless, directionless and yes, haters fake as fuck.

But Cancer, i. Astrology got its shit together. If you want to know how a Gemini feels about love you should not listen to what he or she says but rather observe them. They play two very different roles in their life. They can be the life of every party they walk into that social butterfly but when the party ends they can also be someone very deep and emotional.

They can be a lone wolf and often need their own time to think and reflect on things. Before acting and reacting every move they make and every word they say is carefully chosen.

What Do You Want to Know About Geminis?

They will think about who you are now. Everything they get themselves involved in they will come out leading the pact.

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Along with that they are workaholics always striving for success. What they need in a partner is support and understanding and a long leash. They know what they have to offer is someone of quality but in the past, a lot of people have taken them for granted. But if you try to disturb their peace of mind then they will not forget to respond 3. The Gemini mind is always occupied with thoughts and ideas 4.

Gemini is a massive flirt 5.


Gemini is highly independent and uncontrollable 6. Gemini has zero patience for overly critical people 7. They are an extremely Loyal friend, ally and a lover 8. Gemini can get crazy at times 9. They are not scared to tell you their thoughts Gemini is a restless soul and is always in go on a mission. And that my dears, was how Aries lost his innocence. A Gemini is always possitive, Even if we are dying inside.

Gemini - the powers and purpose of Gemini are doubled here, with an abstract, rational, turbo-charged mind as a result. If there is a game, a puzzle, or lyrical challenge, you can be sure the Gemini mind will solve it, and love every minute of it. They want to keep everything moving, whether its is a conversation, a thought or theory, or a topic and issue, because forever is too long for the Twins. The present moment in all of its splendor fascinates the Gemini mind to no end. At least until something new comes up. Geminis are natural born linguists. They can turn around any problem into a solution using their wit.

Because of their natural ability to communicate well, they excel in foreign language and learn faster because of their quick thinking. I smile very hard when people tell me these things, but I felt it necessary for me to say this. Wind moves Fire and makes it stronger! So you will be an effusive and wild person.

I can think of , things better to do than organize my closet or plan my day out. Log in Sign up. Gemini zodiac astrology gemini facts gemini advice zodiac facts astrology facts horoscope gemini horoscope gemini rising gemini sun gemini quotes gemini quote. Gemini and Scorpio. Gemini gemini facts zodiac zodiac facts. Gemini likes to help other people especially those who need a friend or are lonely.

Aries: When you fall in love with someone over and over again. Cancer: Seeing a baby or small child smile at you or hearing the laughter of a baby. Gemini zodiac Gemini facts. Gemini Fact: we usually tend to pretend like everything in our lives is absolutely perfect just so that no one will know that in reality, we are emotional wrecks and everything is falling apart.

21 Secrets Of The Gemini Personality…

Mars in Gemini Gemini is an air sign governed by Mercury, which is an earthy neutral planet. How to Seduce a Gemini! Gemini gemini facts Zodiac Zodiac Signs zodiac zodiac facts astro astro signs astrology astrology howtoseducegemini seduce facts articles. Gemini gemini facts Zodiac Zodiac Signs zodiac facts its zodiacology astro signs astrology astrology facts. No one is making sense of Gemini without Taurus. Peace out Astrology bitches. Gemini is, was, and always will be eternally youthful.

They sparkle, they glimmer, and they make you look. Some Gemini traits from ZodiacFact on Twitter.

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At home the Gemini can be uncharacteristically neat and meticulous. Gemini is to society what the nervous system is to the body. Gemini facts ZodiacFact Twitter. Gemini Fact: Gemini is one of the only zodiac signs that can have great sex with all signs, because they adapt to people's personal tastes very easily. Gemini Fact: A Gemini will feel like they found a lost piece of their soul on an Aquarius lover. Gemini zodiac facts Gemini facts zodiac. Gemini gemini facts zodiac zodiac facts horoscope gemini horoscope astrology.

Gemini Zodiac Sign. They prefer to be showed than to be told. Facts When Gemini are not doing well, they tend to detach and retreat from human contact. Facts Gemini is that one person who gives the best pep talks known to mankind. Facts Gemini have a hard time trusting because they know what people are capable of first hand. They know those roads well. Facts Gemini can be serious one moment and then cracking jokes the next. You never know that to expect from them. Facts A question that this sign need answered: why do people assume they can control me? Facts Gemini likes to talk things out face-to-face rather than resorting to texting.

Facts Qualities of gemini sign are numerous although they often do not reveal themselves on the first look! Facts Inquisitive, opinionated, talkative and with multiple interests — Geminians are fun to be around! Facts They have emotions, of course, and can fall victim to them just as anyone else but are able to deal with the situation extremely well and make very good decisions.

Sagittarius-born are able to transform their thoughts into concrete actions and they will do anything to achieve their goals. That's one of 80 facts about sagittarius. Barring all are so true about me.. This is I for sure. Just need to conquer the negative moods.

Talking is so much better. I am a Gemini and Wow, you got it spot on!! You wrote a few things twice and said a few things in different ways.

Good read thou but who ever , wrote it should have noticed that shit. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Facts 3: Gemini is most likely to speak up to defend you in your time of need. Facts 7: They can be having the most fun and then suddenly want to go home. Facts Gemini has a strong dislike towards anything boring.

Facts The Gemini will win, always. Facts For all their talk, Gemini are surprisingly shy. Facts Gemini is always craving for someone to laugh with. Facts Gemini is most likely to speak up to defend you in your time of need. Facts When a Gemini loves you, they love with all they have. Facts How to get on their side: Make them laugh. Facts Gemini love and appreciate romanticism. Facts The best curve on Gemini is their smile Facts Gemini likes to talk things out face-to-face rather than resorting to texting Facts Geminis are great storytellers and writers Facts A Gemini female is among the most desirable of the Zodiac.

Facts Gemini present themselves well in public. They are a real charmer.

Facts Geminis the only sign that can have good sex with every other sign. Thank for reading! Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Gemini Symbol, Quality, Element and Planet

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