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Well, even if you were a cynic before, you're about to be converted into a true believer in The Nodes of Fate are bringing the romance and sexy back into your life a major way. Finding balance between your need for independence and eccentric habits is the task at hand, thanks to the eclipse points. The trick is to stay out of your head and firmly rooted in your heart all year long. This might require losing your proverbial cool, but it's so worth it. Venus Retrograde allows you to work out old issues that weren't resolved in your previous relationships in March and early April.

You might find yourself doing this either with a new lover or an old lover — but the lessons remain the same. Either way, the learning curve for dating, mating and relating is steep around this time — but well worth the test. The eclipse on 21 August utterly shifts your romantic relationships — love is coming for you, ready or not. Popularity has never been a problem for you, Aquarius. If anything, your issue has been saying no to the thousandth colleague that wants something from you when you have work to do. You're about reach another breaking point when it comes to followers and fans in Long-distance travel only amplifies this potential, so jet to your heart's content.

You will meet some pretty amazing people in the most unexpected corners of the world this year. Money has a way of coming and going, and it may seem beyond your control, so surrender might be your best option. Don't get attached to your bank balance and trust another wave of cash will come just when you need it most. The true career awesome arrives in October when Jupiter cruises up to the tip-top of your chart. You only get this opportunity for fame and fortune once in every twelve years, so take it to the next level, baby.

Friends are your number one, always. That said, your love life will be in hardcore competition for your time and attention this year, which makes socialising more of a stress than a joy. Your friends and community are used to having nearly unlimited access to your genius. Putting limits on your social life might feel uncomfortable at first, but will make you so happy in the long run. You are learning the balance between spreading yourself too thin for friends and the desire for quality time one-on-one.

Plus, your career is going to explode later in the year, which will make it hard to find time for anything that isn't professionally linked. You certainly won't be in need of new friends or a supportive network this year. It's just a matter of having time for everyone. Pay special attention to your delicate nervous system in If you haven't figured out just how sensitive you are to overstimulation especially too much time glued to your gadgets , your body will not let you ignore this reality any longer.

You can't overdo it on taking breaks from screen time. Turn it OFF when you go to sleep, don't just silence it. When you feel spent, immerse yourself in healing remedies like oils of frankincense, sandalwood and vetiver. And never underestimate the healing power of deep and steady breathing. Long, meditative walks and extended time on the mat are also amazing remedies to help your system decompress. If anxiety starts to kick in, you know you've been pushing yourself too hard and not making enough time to breathe and feel.

there are 336 nuanced personalities that the world is reduced to. ;p

If that requires scheduling in extra downtime to simply feel what you need to feel and breathe through it, by all means make that happen. Your glamorous star is on the rise in All the changes and shape-shifting are finally starting to take gorgeous form. If you've felt like your ship has been tossed around in the sea of constant unknowns, this is the year when you finally land in your dream harbor. Relationships are deeper and more healing than ever and your sensitivity no longer feels like a curse. You are living the dream life, Pisces, both while awake and while asleep.

Now that you no longer need to escape into a fantasy world to feel like you're in your element, you can do what you do best: create magic everywhere you go. Venus starts the year off in your stars and takes a sweet, extended stay in Pisces compliments of her rare but potent retrograde phase. Love, beauty and money are highlighted for the first quarter of the year, so dive in.

If you feel you're on the precipice of one chapter or perhaps more like a book ending and another beginning this year, you're right in tune with the stars. Even better: you may suddenly break on through to the other side. This could be one of the most creative and inspired years you've had in decades. You're waking up to who you truly are and that will reverberate through every life arena. Finding your dream lover is a never-ending quest even when you actually have an earthly partner. That's because you're an incurable romantic and no human relationship will ever live up to the one in your limitless imagination.

In any case, you can't be bothered with anything that smacks of the shallow or the tepid when it comes to love this year. If you've been neglecting your needs to keep the "other" content, this is the year your soul will command you to stand up and speak out. You'll have the extended gift of the goddess of beauty and love in your stars in in January, for a minute in February, and again in April. The Venus Retrograde is especially significant for reworking your love life in the spring.

You will gain tremendous clarity about what you value and what you need going forward. And don't be shocked if a coterie of old lovers show up to court you again, via every single social feed. He's liking your Instagram because he wants to date you again — don't even question it. As much as you try to fend off worldly pressures or concerns, you can no longer ignore the demands of your career. Saturn is pushing you to grab the brass ring this year, even if that means getting out of bed earlier than you wish to.

You must keep up with the demands of your onslaught of projects in It's one of those no rest for the wary modes, but it will pay off, Pisces. You're also uncovering new talents you never realized you could turn into cash cows. When Venus moves into your money zone in February, you'll not only be a moneymaking maven, but you'll attract more beauty and luxury on the daily.

Let the world take notice of that special spark and matchless empathy you bring to everything you touch.

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Long-distance travel is your lucky secret after October so never turn down a chance to jet. If you're tempted to gamble with your career, throw those wild instincts into a cross-country adventure instead. Staying well should be your number one priority this year and every year, Pisces. It's the only way the rest of your magic works. This could be one of the most active and aggressive years you've had in ages. That said, you'll need all your grounding tools to stay in your body instead of floating off into the ether.

Root veggies and patchouli oil are helpful, and regular eating and sleeping schedules are crucial to your optimal wellness. Quality time and affection from friends and family are your top immune boosters, so don't skimp out. Brain fog continues to be your constant battle. Upping the caffeine might seem like a quick fix, but isn't worth the long-term backlash of potential adrenal fatigue.

You're better off inhaling essential oils that keep you focused: try bergamot and cedarwood.

Step Aside for Celebrity Cancers Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan, and Lana Del Rey

Regular salt baths are also key to removing all the energy you pick up throughout the day, being the psychic sponge you are, Pisces. Your social life and life goals have been one of the longest, ongoing works in progress imaginable. That's because Pluto has been working on uncovering every aspect, layer by layer since By the time he leaves your friendship zone in , this part of your life will be beyond powerful.

In fact, you're only halfway into the process, so be patient. Letting go of any need to control the direction of your fate has been a painful but potent life lesson. Deep surrender brings increased personal power with friends and within your community in general. You're respected most for your ability to let go and trust the bigger process, as the true channel and divine conduit you are, Pisces.

Bonus: old friends might return to help take some of your most essential long-term goals to the next level in Overview You've never been so ready to ignite the revolution, Aries. You were born a leader, and you're usually upfront, directing the show, in any given situation. But in , you won't even wait for a group to assemble, waiting for your signal — you are a walking spark of radicalism this year. Better yet: the world is finally ready for you. With Uranus the planet of instant change and Eris the goddess of mold-breaking close together in your own sign, you are anything but boring during the next twelve months.

In fact, if you don't make major waves, it could drive you a bit batty. Honor your creativity, your dreams, your passion and your fire, Ms. Ram, or someone could get hurt. It is essential to listen to the directive of your heart and soul this year — more than ever.

With Jupiter in your relationship zone through October, you're lucky in love, and you're likely to attract someone totally different than your usual type. If you're in a long-term partnership, expect the unexpected from your lover this year. In fact, you should demand it — or you might be tempted to look elsewhere for excitement. You continue to refine your life's mission statement, thanks to Saturn — by the time arrives, you'll be more than apply your personal and political philosophy to work you do out there in the world. Best news of all — you can make a major difference in people's lives.

Jupiter the planet of luck, expansion and auspiciousness moved into your relationship zone in the fall of , and it will bless this part of your horoscope through October. This is an amazing once-in-twelve-years opportunity, Aries — the stars are bringing you a higher love in If you're single and dating, expect big changes, because a series of eclipses in February and August can totally shake things up.

Your radical vision of a brand new life is likely to seep into the direction you swipe on Tinder — and you might just find that you've got a lot more opportunities than in previous years. Remain a bit constrained in March and the first half of April — while Venus is retrograde in your sign. Ex-lovers WILL show up in your social feeds now — be wary of reuniting. As for your sex life, the stars will keep it so hot that you could get burned — so try to keep a smidgen of restraint but just a smidgen.

This increases intensity after October. You may have to wait until the end of the year for your biggest ship to come in, but in the meantime you'll be stoking creative fires all over the place — and these can translate directly into some serious cash. Use your astro-mojo to take one of your most inspired ideas — even if it seems "out there" — to the next level. By December Saturn will move into your career zone, helping you to get super serious about your rise to the top.

Whatever your field, within a few years you'll be the equivalent of the big boss soon enough — pace yourself. This is where your life really takes off this year. Your relentless curiosity about the way the world works has pushed you to meet more people and see more places — at least it should have by now. If not, Saturn will remain in the international zone of your chart for one more year, challenging you to point to a random spot on the world's map and say, "Next, please.

Any shifts will show you just who your real friends are, Aries — the ones that will stand by you as you become the leader you were meant to be. Leading the way has its limits, Aries — and it can be mega-stressful on your body. This year you're in "can't stop, won't stop" mode, and this relentless drive can take a toll if you're not careful. It is essential, no matter how hard you're working, to get enough sleep at night — shut off your gadgets at a normal hour no matter what kind of deadlines you've got. When Venus is retrograde in your sign in March and April, it's even more important to have a regular rotation of self-care rituals at the ready.

If you don't do this you'll feel haggard, and you might worry that you look at that way too. Just don't book any major treatments botox, fillers, or even major changes to your hair until the planet of beauty goes direct. It's totally legit to get a birthday makeover or blowout — just don't make big changes. You've made it through the morass of and have emerged intact on the other side, Taurus. Instead of focusing on how awful the past year was, invites you to dive right in to its ample delights.

That is, after Mercury goes direct on 8 January. Good news: you have at least a week to slip into your New Year's resolutions. The coming year has a dominant theme: your work must be meaningful and rewarding. If your daily activities don't somehow support your worldview, you might end up feeling deeply disconnected — and seriously bored. Find a way to merge your income with your life's direction this year, because it can change everything for you, Ms.

Eclipses in February and August highlight the split, if any, between your career ambitions and your domestic life. Saturn will spend one more year in your transformation zone, helping you to dissolve the boundaries in your most intimate relationships. If your sex life has been a bit boring in the last few years, the stars will help you bring the spark back, and to sustain it for the long-term. Here's where your life gets really interesting, Taurus. Saturn has been in your intimacy zone for more than a year, and it may have made you feel less than lucky in lust.

But you've learned some important lessons about desire, and now you're ready to put them to work. With Jupiter keeping your health super robust, you have loads of energy for your lover — or finding a new one if you're single. Yes, Taurus — your sex life can go from lazy to practically athletic during the first part of the year. Even better news — your relationships get a once-in-twelve-years boost come October, when Jupiter moves into your partnership zone.

This is an excellent development — both for nurturing those relationships that already exist, and bringing someone new into your life if you're single. If you've stuck it out on a boring yet reliable job, you can make the leap to work you love this year. Trust that with Jupiter in your work zone through October, your responsibilities will expand. You may be busier than you've been in years, but it's likely to involve meaningful, creative projects. The big transformation comes near 7 August, when a Lunar Eclipse hits your career zone. This is when you can change gears in a major way, making a huge splash in your arena of choice.

Dare to dream HUGE. Pay attention to Solar Eclipse on 26 February. Within a month of this event either before or after there could be a big shift in your social life. It might be that someone new and amazing comes into your life, bringing opportunity after opportunity. Just as likely is that a friend or group of friends will be eclipsed for good reasons — perhaps their presence in your life has lost its value. This may have been building for a few years already — this is the final eclipse in a series. Know that these changes are happening for a reason — one that will help you connect a girl-squad you'll never want to part with.

Because advancing your career is at the very core of your being in , you can quickly lose sight of the necessity of downtime. Your mission will be to figure out how to work hard, yet to recognize when your body needs to recharge. This might be challenging under deadline pressure during the winter and summer, thanks to the eclipses, so schedule in relaxation techniques — deep breathing exercises and sleep hygiene are essential.

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This all gets easier after October, when Jupiter moves into your health zone, helping you to balance work and wellness routines. This is when you'll start to look forward to going to the gym instead of dreading it. It's anchors away for — and you can't wait to jump ship from the previous year. Dive in slowly at first, because Mercury, your ruling planet, will remain in retrograde through the first week of January. This means that you'll have some extra time padded into your prep for the coming year — use it to hone your resolutions to perfection.

This will be the final, full year of Saturn's journey through your relationship zone. Your most challenging partnership lessons have already been learned, but there could be a few final bits of data to assimilate in the coming year. Be open to what the universe wants to teach you, Gemini — because what you resist persists. You've got such amazing creative juju in your horoscope through October that you'll be able to use it for whatever ails you — so take your angst and make it into art. Eclipses in February and August will shift your communication strategy — helping you to make your words more meaningful.

Since you're such a genius when it comes to self-expression, talking and writing come more easily to you than to others, and sometimes you can gloss over the meatier stuff. Look to the eclipses to help you push to a deeper level, and leave any superficiality behind. You can mine the deeps while simultaneously keeping track of the data. You continue to learn emotional fluency this year, and even though these lessons can sometimes hurt, the results are worth it. By the time Saturn leaves your relationship zone at the end of , you'll understand yourself — and your current or future partner — so much better.

Even if you have to spend some time alone this year, you can do so with an open heart. But there's good news on this front too: if you don't have a long-term relationship right now or if you've recently broken up Jupiter will keep you busy. You might not want anyone to put a ring on it, but the luck planet will keep you swiping and casually dating through October. F-U-N is the keyword — you needn't get too serious, at least for now, Gemini. With a series of eclipses finishing up in your career zone in February, you're a rebel with a very serious cause: complete world domination.

You're climbing to the top but you're not doing it in the usual way, not by any means. Disruption is your middle name, and you'll ride the tide of radical innovation all the way to the corner office. You are NOT risk-averse in , but you should try to at least have a net to catch you if you fall.

If you decide to suddenly shift into a different profession seemingly out of nowhere make sure you've saved a few months of salary preferably up to six before you take the leap. Your social life will NOT be boring this year, Gemini! With Uranus planet of surprises and Eris the goddess of revolution close together in your house of friends, you're about to meet some very, very interesting people. From January through October, romance and creativity blend seamlessly with your very active social schedule.

Both online and off, you'll keep busy fielding invites to extraordinary events. Hint: If you're in a long-term relationship, don't let your partner keep you from your friends this year — it can cause major tension. Your creativity is turned on full volume for most of the year, and that's awesome all around. But if focus all your energy on your brain's faculties, you'll run out of juice fast. Maintain that furious pace by eating loads of leafy greens and taking regular activity breaks.

When you start to get neurotic, do something simple like going for a walk — it can instantly clear your mind. Mercury Retrograde phases can drag you down a bit, so take good care of yourself in early January. Additional retrograde phases to note: from 9 April to 3 May, 12 August to 5 September, and 2 to 22 December. Ample TLC is required during these stressful phases. Welcome to , Cancer — the year of making it big.

Financial security is something you've always taken seriously, but this year, you stop worrying and start getting ahead in earnest. A series of eclipses in February and August bounce back and forth between your house of earning and your house of debt, helping you to clear the slate and start fresh. If you owe someone something — even if it's not money in the strictest sense — your karma gets a fresh start this year. You might finally get paid back for a loan you generously made a long time ago, or similarly pay back a debt you've had on your shoulders for way too long.

Either way, it'll set you free to earn your due — and then some. There's a powerful emphasis on home and family through October — thanks to Jupiter's presence in your house of domestic affairs. The first nine months of the year are ideal for moving to a new place, selling your current digs, or buying something new and amazing. If you're not planning a move you might simply be thinking about renovating or redecorating — this is the best opportunity in twelve years to make your home into the stylish sanctuary you've dreamt of.

You just passed the halfway mark for the long and sometimes agonizing transformation of your relationships courtesy of Pluto. It moved into your partnership zone in and will remain there until , but you're finally on the other side of the hardest part. The rest of the journey is all up, Cancer — you're a master of dating, mating and relating now. You're lucky you've been through this ordeal, in many ways, but by the time Saturn comes to this part of your horoscope at the end of it'll be no big deal. Even though Saturn transits are often challenging, you're likely to ace yours without even lifting a finger.

Doing the relationship thing, communicating, loving another person as deeply and purely as you want to be loved — it's second nature now. But even if you're not thinking about deep, significant partnerships the stars bring you ample goodies this year. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is moving into your house of pleasure and romance in October.

Yes, Cancer — that's exactly as good as it sounds. Even better, it'll bless this part of your horoscope for a whole year. Your career is incredibly interesting this year, Cancer — you definitely won't experience the same old, same old professional track. With Uranus and Eris, both planets of rebellion, hanging close together at the top of your chart, you're ready to rule the world, but not in the traditional way.

Watch for a big shift in the late winter and early spring, when Venus is retrograde in this part of your horoscope. It might feel like some old part of your professional identity is peeling away, or perhaps you're ready to revisit an artistic dream you shelved years ago — because it seemed way too impractical. Either way, your fortunes are likely to shift near the eclipses in February and August — in a profound, life-changing way.

Your dream is coming true — you don't necessarily have to leave your house to socialise for the better part of the year. You can thank Jupiter, the planet of expansion, for bringing your friends over for dinner parties early and often. With this auspicious planet hovering in your home zone though October, everyone will WANT to be at your place. It'll be easier to lure your bestie over if you just can't take the idea of putting on makeup and shoes. Bonus: you can collect loads of likes and Insta followers this year, and make more meaningful connections across digital lines.

Your busiest time of the year for going out is typically late May and June, and it's no different in You've gotten quite serious about your health in recent years, committing to losing weight, eating healthy, and working out regularly. If you haven't yet stepped up to the plate, you've likely been thinking about it since or so. This is the year that you next-level your fitness routine, hitting the equivalent of a runner's high no matter what your preferred method of getting sweaty. If you've neglected your body's needs, don't wait for a wakeup call — get on it before Saturn leaves your health zone at the end of No matter your age, the eclipses in February and August hearken back to events that transpired approximately 18 years ago.

Get ready to transform at the cellular level, Leo, because the Lunar Eclipse in your own sign will bring a major reckoning. Your core self and your relationships are shifting in a profound way — get ready to be the person you're meant to be. These are NOT cosmetic changes — they're deeper than the deepest depths. Cosmic forces are also conspiring to push your creativity to the stratosphere in , Ms.

You've been proceeding at a slow and steady pace — a bit out of character for your typically fiery style. But in the final year of Saturn's transit through your pleasure zone, you're hitting your stride. By December, when this challenging phase ends, you'll know exactly where you stand — and who should stand beside you. Home is where your heart longs to be after October, when lucky Jupiter moves into your domestic zone. Get ready to move, renovate or redecorate — or at least spend lots of quality time chilling at home — with the people you love.

You're more than ready for some major action in the sex department, as Saturn may have slightly slowed your libido in the last year or so. Your craving for love, romance and pleasure — with a side order of adventure — will reach a crescendo this year. When the Lunar Eclipse hits your own sign on 10 February, you'll feel like all your superficial assumptions about your relationships are instantly stripped away.

Your basic instincts are kicking in and you will demand that partners step up — and be brutally honest. By the time the next eclipse comes home to Leo on 21 August, you'll have experienced a nineteenth century novel's worth of dramatic, romantic swings. But the denouement arrives by late summer, and it's delicious. Saturn moves out of your love zone in December, juicing up any remaining dry patches in your dating life. You're honing your creative instincts this year — finding the balance between your natural gifts and the output you produce.

At times you may feel a bit restrained — as if the muse is holding back — but that's just Saturn showing you how to make your best ideas work. It's a matter of offering the world the best that you've got instead of everything at once. A business partnership could next-level your professional life near the 7 August eclipse. You're getting some mixed messages — do you go it alone or forge alliances with someone in your field? Trust your instincts, Leo — especially if a boss or long-time partner wants to quit.

You're able to handle a lot more than you think all on your own. When lucky Jupiter moves into your domestic zone in October, you might even consider leaving a cushy office job to work at home — full-time. The planets are keeping you very busy this year, Leo — at least on Facebook and Instagram. Your likes and followers are growing exponentially as your verbal skill set reaches a peak.

Jupiter will make you a stunning speaker, writer and all-around genius when it comes to Twitter quips — people will take notice and this can translate to real-world friendships. With Saturn spending the first eleven months of the year in your dating zone, you might be less inclined to swipe right and more inclined to rely on your old-school besties for advice and setups. These 4 am friends are totally there for you this year — and you for them.

You're feeling a sense of maturity set in — but by the end of , you'll know that being an adult can still be lots of fun. I am gemini and love to travel, meet people, very curious and think quickly to take decision and love summer warm weather! Je suis Scorpion et mon mari taureau! Well, you got me, but what do we think about this if you will allow me to ask a question here….

The laws of gravity operated just as well before Newton discovered them. Firey temper and all. But I def do not check on it every day. She is a total wack job but spot on. And all the above qualities that you recited apply to me too. Yes, even the attraction to food.

Well of course we would be friends!!! Then you end up being one too,I love it! I am a Taurus too, and have somehow mostly Taurus friends. I think you can take horoscope with a grain of salt, we tend to believe in them when they seem true to our personality, and lets be honest the seem to oddly match up most of the times, how does that work?

You should check out your chinese sign, you are a Rabbit just like me, and it is the best : You should find out what Scotts sign is! My husband is a Scorpio, should I be reading more into it? Or not Fast forward 10 years, I am curious about it — you have to take it with a grain of salt of course but there is something comforting about it, no? Such a funny post. I belive that people who have the same sign are similar meaning they were born in the same period , and they share some traits, but I do not belive in everyday horoscope.

That is just silliness. Well… if you are a beliver, according to the stars, we do not get along very well, because I am an Aries and you are a Taurus :.

Aquarius personality profile

I have been reading her for ten years and she is terrifyingly accurate. Bises G. Scorpiooooon alert right here!! No, not really, but I do believe that somehow they get those personality-things right! She Wears: Fashion Illustration Blog. LIBRA — as a Libra I do trust the description of my sign both positive as well as disadvantages of being a Libra ;- because there are some but few. How does one explains that?

Zodiac characteristics were used for centuries, they have a certain strong meaning that we may or not buy. I know, such a contradiction. I believe in the description but not in the every day predictions. I am a Scorpio and my husband a Taurus and my and my third kid a little Taurus. And I come to notice that most of my enemies are Scorpio. I love to read horoscope daily basely because I want wild card advice.

When it spooky accurate I sometime take their advice. Things are so crazy G random things that told you what to do sometime work. Go paranormal with me G. I am a Taurus too! Je suis scorpion!!!! Je veux mettre un peu de folie de ma vie moi!!! Mon esprit scientifique a un gros doute quand meme!!! So I guess it depends on my mood — but I have to admit when I read that something great is going to happen, I do feel happier!

I am also a Taurus…and my beloved boyfriend is also a Scorpio! I tend to think maybe some of the basic traits of all the signs are probably pretty true, but not so much the daily stuff that they feed you on astrology sites, magazines etc. It is fun to play along with the types sometimes though…. Taureau moi aussi. Et oui je me retrouve sur bien des choses sur tes magnets et ta description!!! Ou va t-on? Je suis ressortie un peu perplexe mais interrogative.

I am a Pisces. Especially when it makes my day better. I am a Taurus and my husband a Scorpio!

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Moi je suis Vierge ascendant Vierge. Im a scorpio. Hey Ms Garance we should hang out sometime; hihi ;.. Hi Garance, Just wanted you to know that my beloved grandparents are the same astrology signs as you and Scott and they are togather more than 55 years! Great combo! Hi Garance! This is my first comment in your blog! At least not for predicting my future… I never remember what my future was going to be and this has nothing to do with a joint, haha! And oh…we are obsessed with our feet, hence we love shoes!

I like reading the personality part of it…but when it comes to predicting the future, I back off. Sometimes I read horoscope if I need some kind of advice or explanation for everyday happenings….. My man is Scorpio too :. Pas moyen de tricher ni de minauder, right in the target! Alors moi Sagittaire signe de FEU!! I can relate to the T with the description of Virgo my sign , and have super bonded with colleagues on the fact that we are difficult perfectionist Virgos.

Superbe illustration! Alors moi je suis taureau ascendant scorpion, tu crois que c est bon pour moi? Je suis un peu comme les Garanscott? I believe in all sorts of things— especially if they bear good news.


Incroyable non? But this can be way TOO cuckoo to analyse!!!!!!!!!! Sauf que mon signe est super boring. Ben non. Mais quelle question Garance… je suis scorpion! LOL Et ce pour ca que j aime autant te lire :. They are my favorite people in the world! Both signs are grounded and have to have the power. I guess we like to take charge! Merci pour ce dessin Garance! My birthday is May 20th and since I was born at pm, I am truly on the cusp of Gemini.

I read both horoscopes and decide which one i prefer! All those prettyish magazine horoscope illustrations you were mentioning! They ALL make the Taurus a cow-girl. A horned cow-girl. Ok, now you HAVE to watch this!! Literally every one of my friends has been captured almost to a tee!! Please watch her and report back. It completely cracked me up! See if you think that she captures you! My man is Scorpio too! I think Virgos have this gift as well! And boy do they have sex appeal!

I am a total astrology believer…not a day-to-day horoscope reader, but I do believe that you can judge people by what sign they are. That means it must be true…. Je suis poisson ascendant poisson. Donc, une vraie poisson! They can cut straight thru to the depths of my soul without asking.

Je te conseille de lire les horoscopes du Fuide. Je suis Lion! Yes I annoy the hell outta him but we just fit, like regular ying yangs. It freaks people out ;. Coucou Garance! Moi 25 avril , lui 20 novembre…. Maybe we just underestimate staaaaaars? Am a Pisces, one of the most typical. Sentimental, romantic, out-of-space-and-time and oh so giving. But sometimes I do. All this while I thought Scott is a Capricorn. Okay, sorry, but do blame wikipedia page for posting wrong date of birth.

But seriously, I am believer in astrology. I am an Asian and for soooooo many years when I read astrology about my sign, Libra, I thought… urgh… what is this crap? I was more a Virgo my moon sign. The day that I actually firstly felt like I am a Libran was the day I stepped my feet to England and totally set myself free of any society, culture pressure.

It was because, in different environment, different aspect, element of stars would be enhanced further for the person to get on well with their surroundings. Let me tell you an example :p this is only my observation. When I see fashion about a year ago, it was all very earthy… You know. Like the colour give you that subtle-ness and dark brown colours and so many layers, very detail-oriented, laces and pastel colours and so on… It was all very sublime and feminine. That is very much like a Virgo style.

And then this year, all of a sudden, Valentino for example, went for nude colours, very nude make-ups, natural style with just jeans and so on. Then a lot of white. And the heels. Seriously, I was shopping online and I just find so many beautiful things, I want to buy them all. When less is more!!! Then… Scorpio style will be a lot of dark colours involving. Like black from top to toe, or dark purple, dark navy, dark blue… those sorts of colours that reflect deep oceans….

On a side note, Taurus loves loose clothes. Sooo… hell yeah!!! Pas pour y croire. And Taurus and Capricorn go very well together! But maybe the info on Wiki is not right. And if Scott is a Scorpio, olalaaaa! Mes meilleurs amis sont Taureau et Scorpion je suis Capricorne. Picasso was a scorp, joni Mitchell, jean shrimpton, lots of cool dudes are scorps…. I am definitely NOT a believer. I am all about science and reason and logic and not about nonsense.

I think that we force people to fit into their astrological sign sometimes and that makes people think it is all real. But I could say that I am independent and strong-willed. Je ne crois pas trop au horoscope, je suis Scorpion, la description que tu fais des scorpion mais c est trop ca :. Il est Scorpion. Je sais, truc de malade! Stubborn oh yes but also loyal and we love harmony and never really fight. Too funny! Today it was not the best day for me. I was a little sad because my mother is sick.

But after reading your horoscope post, my god!!! I had so much fun!!! I am still laughing hahaha. By the way I am a Virgo and my mother is a Scorpio. I am a little bit into astrology. It kind of makes sense when you really think about it for 2 seconds. Funny post! Very funny. Like you say we complements each other and live in a fine harmony dispite zodiac says. I hope that we can be friends.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope - Free Aquarius Horoscope for Today From the AstroTwins

An earth sign just like you Garance. Supposed to have feet on the ground etc but actually live in the clouds: Follow my astrologer Jonathan Cainer from London every single day. Very helpful indeed! AND how many of them are actually Earth signs! Gorgeous illustration xx. I came across astrologyzone in and it was already a hit and have been reading since. I dont believe this cheap horoscope from magazines and newspapers but I do recomend a map chart.

Moi je suis capricorne! Hey, Garance, moi aussi, je suis Taureau! Ce sont les rois du zodiaque! A moins que ce ne soit mon ascendant. I am surprised at how much my personality corresponds with the Taurus description. If she predicts Nov. Virgo here. Traits are pretty on point. Taurus have a logical, realistic view of the world, while Aquarius have a revolutionary view of everything. On the surface, they might not have too many interests in common, but they both have a powerful urge to succeed in their endeavours.

Once they share their ideas and resources, they could achieve tremendous success. Sadly it is so true. We are a perfect match made in creative hell. If I believed believed in horoscopes I should break up with him and find an Aries or Sagittarius. I cracked up about your crossed out description of Pisces. Astrology can be a reference to the basic traits, but people tend to focus on the good points it indicates. The traits can be found in everyone, just a matter of percentage. I think while the growing process, culture, and living invironment determine more. Merci Garance pour ce nouveau site extra!

Et toi, quel est ton ascendant? Les capricornes ce sont les pires….