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And thus your natal chart is adjusted accordingly. It is essentially your soul blueprint, and if you believe in past lives, it shows the person you more than likely were in a previous incarnation. The placement of the North Node at 0 degrees of Aries showcases the birth of identity, of the self, which is why draconic astrology is used as a representation of the soul. The draconic moon shows the inner self of the inner self. Think of it as the underlayer of your natal moon. Being independent is a crucial aspect of her emotional well-being.

Being in harmonious surroundings, whether physical or emotional, is vital to her emotional well-being. Maintaining his youthful vitality is a huge part of his emotional well-being. In order to maintain her full emotional well-being, she must be able to utilize both her head and her heart in all of her interactions. Being admired, respected and acknowledged for her creations is a crucial part of her emotional well-being.

This purity of the soul is a very important aspect of her emotional well-being. Wondering if the Universe lost your wish list? The hold up may actually be YOU! Find out if you're missing this essential key to successful manifesting.

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THE DRACONIC CHART - Περί Αστρολογίας

Draconic to Natal. Draconic Transits. The word 'Draconic' is from the Latin ' draconem' nom. The Draconic Zodiac is another reference for plotting the chart but instead of starting 0 degrees Aries at the vernal equinox as the familiar Tropical Zodiac does, 0 Aries begins at the Moon's North Node. It just means that instead of the node being at the particular degree you're accustomed to seeing it, it is 'dialed back' to 0 degrees of Aries.

The planets all stay in the same houses and have the same angular relationship aspects to each other as in the tropical zodiac charts but the signs and degrees are altered unless you were already born with the North Node at 0 Aries.

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In that case, your Draconic chart is identical to your natal chart in the tropical zodiac. Here is an example. Tropical Zodiac transit chart for December 6, To create your Draconic chart , you can subtract the North Node in degrees of longitude from and and add the difference to all the planets and house cusps. In the case above, the North node is 1 Pi 27 which rounded translates into degrees of absolute longitude. Add [29] degrees to every planet, point and angle and you have the Draconic coordinates. For example , the Sun in the tropical chart above is 13 degrees Sagittarius.

Many computer programs will calculate Draconic charts, including Matrix Software , as used in this article. Below is the Draconic Chart for the exact same moment as above. All the planets are in the same position by house and aspect but the signs have shifted the exact number of degrees the North Nodes was away from 0 Aries.

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Like the North Node, the Draconic chart says something about where we are headed, if we chose to reach out, and also like the South Node, it says something about where we have been, what's comforting, familiar and secure. It is the satin underneath, distinct and of its own, usually different, nature. This is a major hint as to the meaning and purpose of the chart. Life is a balance between the two and the Draconic chart resonates with this theme—where we've been and where we are going.

That is a KEY to understanding the principles at work. Talk about destiny meeting intention! North Node on the AP. It orients us towards the world at large—society, public events and all relationships propelled from the individual to the collective. Sometimes it represents a "spectacular out rush of energies In this Libra - Aries polarity we have to make our own decisions and find how growth comes form our own experiences and adds to our capacity to relate.

Remember, the ONLY thing different in the Draco chart is the signs of the house cusps and the planets. This tells us about an underlying orientation that we otherwise have, but may not always see. There are two main ways to consider the Draconic Natal Chart. It can be read as a stand alone, considering the difference between the orientation of the signs in the original natal chart, and it can be read in aspect to the tropical natal chart.

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The fist technique is most instructional if you compare the two Zodiacs planet by planet, cusp by cusp. For example if the Natal chart has the sun at 2 degrees of Gemini in the 10th house, we might say there is a need to communicate widely and knowledgeable in ones chosen profession--to feel distinct, this person needs to shine before the public in a sharp, dynamic, witty way.

If the Draconic sun is there it will always have the same house position and aspects in the sign of Capricorn, there may be an underlying need for that public recognition to reap tangible results--something Gemini alone is not too concerned with.

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Going through all the planets and angles in this way brings quick insights. The second technique is a way of comparing aspects between planets and points otherwise not revealed. The measurement, remember, is the distance of any planet from the North Lunar Node. If, for example, the original natal chart has the Moon 32 degrees ahead of the North Node and the Draconic Chart has Saturn at 2 degrees of Taurus 32 degrees ahead of the Draconic North Lunar Node or 0 Aries there is a conjunction between the Moon and Saturn that otherwise would not have been seen.

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This can explain much in charts were there is no original aspect between planets but a powerful conjunction in the Draco to Tropical comparison. Below is an example of a natal chart inner wheel with the Draconic chart placed around the outside as you might the transits or progressions. Here many contacts are seen that are not apparent by the natal alone. With this kind of comparison it is best to keep orbs tight! Remember, all the planetary aspects in each chart are identical. What is going to be interesting is how the draco chart relates back to the natal.


More examples are in the tutorial below. Read more about Astrology and the Law of Attraction. Synastry describes the technique of comparing the natal or progressed charts of two or more people.

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All aspects between the two charts are important, the angle, or type of aspect, being less relevant than the actual link. Each planet contact brings its own symbolism to life in a relationship and evaluating them in synastry charts can supply information as to the needs, purpose and desires that are awakened when two people meet, connect and interact.

People are like permanent transits. When you meet someone who has their natal Jupiter conjunct your natal Sun, it's like having Jupiter on the Sun whenever they are around! This is an easy contact to spot when comparing the tropical zodiac natal charts but they many also have their Draconic Pluto on your Mars, and that might feel a little different.

It might also go a long way in explaining some intense dynamics in the relationship that might not otherwise be obvious. There are several ways of using the Draconic zodiac in relationship comparisons. You can look at Draconic to Draconic or Draconic to Tropical natal or progressed charts.

Heavy Metal Astrology: The Draconic Moon

In this way, there may be connections under the surface that aren't obvious in the Tropical Zodiac charts but make a lot of sense when they show up in the Draco. Here is one example:. In this chart the T Mars of one person is conjunct the D Mars of the other. Another method is to make a composite midpoint chart of the Draconic natal's. This may be very different than the tropical composite and progressed composite charts, shedding new light on the purpose and energy of the relationship.

Some useful exercises for reading these charts will follow in the tutorial below. Transits to the natal Tropical chart from Draconic positions can be insightful as can the reverse--Tropical transits to the Draconic Natal.