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Think of your draconic as your underwear. And your natal as your clothes. It just makes things more comfortable for you when you have that inner clothing lining your skin against maybe sturdier clothing for the weather.

Heavy Metal Astrology: The Draconic Moon

You know how they say, underwear is there to make you feel like you have your own little secret? What does the nodes represent? The things that remains the same is the houses its in, but the signs are different. Taurus Moon to Virgo Moon.

RmaAstrology — What is a Draconic Astrology Chart, How do you

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Heavy Metal Astrology: The Draconic Moon

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When people come along to an astrologer, they are usually in some quandary or crisis. The Draconic chart is the thing that helps them most. Draconic charts don't really work for me because my North Node is very close to 0 degrees Aries, thus most of my planets end up in the same places. My sun, moon, Saturn, Jupiter, and AC all stay in the same sign.

The only changes are Venus moves from Taurus into Gemini, closer to my AC.

The Draconic Zodiac

Mars moves from Capricorn into Aquarius, closer to my MC. The impression I'm getting is that I was more idealistic and appealing to others, but also more assertive and insensitive somehow. If these charts really work, then I clearly didn't do whatever I was meant to do before and have been given another chance with a slightly tweaked chart. Tags astrology , draconic , karmic , past Thread Tools.

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