Do you really believe in horoscopes

We all have a hard time being completely objective about ourselves, but astrology presents the personality in a more objective way that can be of great use. The Void of Course Moon is a condition that can last for a few minutes or occasionally, for over a day about every two and a half days where projects that are begun tend NOT to turn out as planned, and generally nothing gets done as it should. Ever had one of those days where everything feels slow and heavy, and none of your deadlines get met properly? Odds are, the Moon was Void of Course.

The other powerful astrology concept you can use is Mercury Retrograde. Contracts and agreements are less likely to work out as planned, e-mails are less likely to get to the right recipient, and spelling errors are more common during a Mercury Retrograde period. But Mercury Retrograde is great time for introspection and long-term planning. Mercury Retrograde happens four or five times a year.

Many websites on the Internet list when they will happen. Nonetheless, quitting smoking really is a good idea. Talking to an astrologer can help you understand the forces at work around you now and in the future, and thus can tell you when is best to start a new project or look for a new job … and when that hassle at work is likely to pass. I took psychology in college and was trained in counseling techniques because I wanted to help people make their lives better.

That, and yes: it really can predict the future.

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I would love to have my own astrological abilities so that i can help myself. I really like the information you shared here. Astrology truly makes life better if we work according to it and I have realised it much better. Thanks for sharing the blog it was helpfull. Your email address will not be published. Connect with us. Are you serious?

How You Might Come to Believe You've Been Abducted by an Alien

Have you tried using astrology before? What was your experience?

The New Age of Astrology

Tell us in the comments section below! My partner could see the reaction in their faces: they were devastated. The interview ended immediately. Shortly after, she was denied the apartment with no explanation as to why. Pisces are known as flighty dreamers who struggle to meet deadlines and professional obligations — including, presumably, rent payments.

Do You Believe In Zodiac Signs

Though my partner can't prove definitively that her denial was zodiac-based, neither can most people who suffer from some kind of bias. Almost always, it has far more serious consequences than this example. Comb through Twitter or your personal networks and you're sure to find stories of people refusing to date someone or struggling to work with someone because of their zodiac sign.

When you date a Gemini you have to accept that: They are unpredictable. It's going to be days where they will be very affectionate and days where you won't even so much as get a text back. Honestly, I hate the idea of judging people by their zodiac sign.

Scorpios, who are believed to have high sex drives, are particularly at risk. With their willpower and manipulative charm, you'll quickly become the sub to their dom. If you're the type of person who thinks astrology is garbage, this entire line of thinking is your personal hell. It's bad enough that people believe their personalities are based on the planetary alignment at the time of their birth. Now they're casting off whole groups of people based on that same deranged paradigm?

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  8. Look, you can deeply believe in astrology and all its cosmic manifestations or not! Hard lines can signify hard prejudice. Grouping people into astrological categories is one thing; rejecting them outright because of them is another.

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    People are more complex than their signs. C'mon now. Saturn became the planet of the Jews and the planetary ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius Renstrom argues that the bias ancient civilizations once held about planets has since been transferred to zodiac signs.

    She wouldn't believe it, so she changed the time to 15 minutes later," Alex told Mashable. As a Virgo, I've also been prey to some of this stigmatizing after I've revealed my sign.

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    I've been advised that I'm "obsessively organized" even though I have a bag of garbage in my closet with my birth certificate in it and once found an old egg salad sandwich under my office desk. I didn't even know it was missing. Friends believe that I must be a "secret perfectionist" even though I use a bib when I eat soup and spent two years of my life as a low-wage children's birthday party entertainer. These are slightly shame-y and largely innocuous judgements.

    As a personal astrologer, Renstrom has seen clients use astrology to make similarly generic and largely undeserved judgments about people. They may actively seek to date someone with an opposing sign on the grounds that opposites attract. In the astrological world, they often don't — fire signs, for example, are more likely to match with other fire signs than with water signs.

    Opposites don't necessarily attract in this universe.