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Free Software Directory Script. Invoice Creator. Piracy Tracker. All major computations with life prediction. The astrology guide is given for the following characteristics: 1. Character and Personality 2. Health 3. Wealth 4. Younger Brothers and Sisters 5. Education 6. Property 7. Conveyance Vehicles 8. Mother 9.

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General Happiness Children Success and Intelligence Married Life Business Partnership Prosperity Father Employment Profession Friends Elder Brothers and Sisters Spiritual Life o Periodic Guide: The period guide gives you choice of periodic prediction for selected date range and from any of the following: 1. Weekly 2. Fortnightly 3.

divya drishti astrology software crack

Monthly 4. Quarterly 5.

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Half-Yearly 6. Time Zone: The time zone contains all the time zones in vogue currently March When you select the place, the time zone is automatically chosen by the software. In other cases, the difference might be at most two hours. So, choosing previous or next time zone should give you correct time zone most of the time. You can choose whether upagraha to be computed based on Parasara method or Kalidasa method.

Divya Dristi Professional English

For example, 15 th August was shown as Now, you can select form six different formats. For example, if you select the format dd Mmm yyyy, the above mentioned date will be displayed as 15 Aug Paper Size: Previously the paper size was fixed as A4. Now, you have choice of nineteen different size paper sizes. You can select the paper size of your choice from any of these. Font Size: Previously the font size was fixed by us. Now, you can enter font size of your choice.

The font size can be given in two decimal places. So, it is possible to choose 9. Colour Choice: Previously the horoscope generated was in black letters only no colour. The name, address etc. All other page will contain name at the top of every page. Name of the Native: The name of the native will be displayed on every page. The name will be displayed on the bottom left side and the page numbers on the bottom right side. Single Screen: Previously it was required to pass through three screens to generate the horoscope. Now single screen is sufficient to generate the horoscope.

If you select Show Extended Vimsottari Dasa, then only another screen is displayed. Horoscope Display: Now horoscope is displayed in the form itself not on the separate screen. Bookmark in Horoscope: Horoscope contains bookmark for all tables, charts etc. Kuja Dosha Check: The list of exceptions of Kuja dosha is totally changed and Kuja dosha is computed based on the new list of exceptions. The list of exceptions is given in horoscope for clear point of view. Match Making o In Match making screen, you can see the birth details of male and female at the same time on single screen.

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  7. Apart from this, the text giving the significance of each koota is also displayed. Match Making based on Nakshatra: Many cases, the customers may not have birth detail. In that case, the option to generate small match making report based on. The options to choose paper size, font size and colour are provided in this report also. Horary Chart: The options to choose paper size, font size and colour are provided for horary chart also. When you click on Add button, the current date and time is displayed automatically.

    You can change this if required. Maintenance Option: This is new sub-menu item in Astrology menu. When you click on this option, all the deleted items and blank records are permanently deleted from your computer. Setup Master: Setup master provides provision for your name and address but also many other default options like Date Output, Paper size, font size, colour option, upagraha computation etc. Sun rise, Sun Set, Moon Rise and Moon Set: The option not only displays sun rise, sun set but moon rise and moon set along with day length and night length.

    All the computations are shown in hours, minutes and seconds. The computation is correct to second for given latitude and longitude except when elevation of a place is more than meters. There might be error of few seconds if elevation is high. Rahu kala, Gulika kala and Yamaganda kala are also displayed in seconds. Panchangam Computation for Panchangam Karta: o Nakshatra Chara: Entry of various planets except moon in various nakshatra and pada is displayed along with ghati and pal for selected range of dates and place.

    The ayanamsa displayed is of Lahiri. The Sidereal value is also displayed for given date range and place chosen. However, the Panchangam Special is very useful for Panchangam Karta. This computes Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karna ending time in hour, minute and second along with ghati and pals for given place. The Panchangam can be computed for given date of range and place chosen. Any copyright or trademark notices, product identification marking or description, or notices of proprietary restrictions may not be removed.

    Export Restrictions o You agree to comply with all applicable Indian laws and the laws of your country as well as to regulations and ordinance related to the export of technical products, especially software. However, Excellent Software does not take any guarantee about the accuracy of various computations given in the horoscope. However, Excellent Software does not take any responsibility on its correctness.

    Excellent Software will not be responsible for any action taken by the user based on the prediction given in the horoscope. License Grant By opening the sealed diskette packaging or CD packaging and using the software from diskette, CD or electronic download, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this License Agreement.

    If you do not agree with the terms of this License Agreement, promptly return the software, manuals, documentation, or other materials to the place you obtained them for a full refund except postal charges incurred. Excellent Software hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use this software product on one Central Processing Unit only. You may not adapt, translate, reverse engineer, de-compile, or disassemble the software.

    You are not acquiring any rights of ownership in the software, manuals, documentation or other materials. If you install the software on a Server, you need to obtain license for the number of users supported by the server.

    divya drishti astrology software crack

    Copying Prohibited The software, manuals and documentation may not be copied, except that one copy of the software may be made for backup or archival purposes. Any other copying is prohibited. Limited Warranty Excellent Software warrants for a period of ninety 90 days from the date of purchase that the magnetic media is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and that the computer program will perform substantially in accordance with this help file.

    The defective item must be received by Excellent Software no later than thirty 30 days after the end of the warranty period. Limitation of Liability Excellent Software's liability for damages resulting from use of the computer program shall not exceed the amount of license fees paid by you to Excellent Software under this License Agreement. Excellent Software will not in any case be liable for damages incurred by third party users of applications that incorporate Excellent Software's Divya Dristi Professional. Breach of Agreement - Termination Any breach of one or more of the provisions of this License Agreement shall result in immediate termination of the License.

    You shall then immediately discontinue use and return all copies of the software, manuals and documentation Excellent Software or supply a certificate of destruction of all copies. All provisions of this License Agreement that protect the rights of Excellent Software including but not limited to maintaining confidentiality, shall survive termination. The headings used are for convenience only. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of India. All rights reserved Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, is permitted provided that the following conditions are met: 1.

    Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. The name "PHP" must not be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without prior written permission. For written permission, please contact 4. Each version will be given a distinguishing version number.

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    Once covered code has been published under a particular version of the license, you may always continue to use it under the terms of that version. You may also choose to use such covered code under the terms of any subsequent version of the license published by the PHP Group. No one other than the PHP Group has the right to modify the terms applicable to covered code created under this License.

    The license of rm. All rights reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. Neither the name of Peter Stephen Heitman nor the names of his contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. Telephone: , Web Site:.

    Now, click on DivyaProf40 to install the software. This will show the following screen on your computer: Now, click on Next button and you will another screen:. Then, you will see the following screen asking for folder where you want to install the software. Select the folder and then click on Next button. Now insert the CD containing Key and install in the same manner. This will install the key. These reports can be closed or saved with a different name using this option. It is interesting to note here that one new main menu item Format is also displayed which allows to change font size, type etc.

    Edit: Some of the important items in this menu are cut, copy, paste, find, find again etc. This sub-menu gets activated when a file is opened for viewing. Window: This sub-menu is useful to cycle through various windows when you have more than one window open. On invoking this option, you will see the following screen: You should click on Add button to enter data for new horoscope. Then, you should enter name of the person and other values like date, time and place of birth. You can select type of Periodic Prediction and then enter the range of dates for which periodic prediction is required.

    Then, click on Horoscope button to generate horoscope. Save: To save the displayed data. Delete: To delete the data displayed on the screen. First: To display the first record. Next: To display the next record. Prev: To display the previous record. Last: To display the last record. Help: To show this help. Horoscope: To generate the horoscope. This is very important option. Quit: Press to Quit from the screen. Search Facility: You can search name by entering few letters of name on the last row in the box given after name.

    In the same way, you can enter place name to search the details of the person born in that place. There are four levels given: Level Three to Level Six. From Date: Enter the date from which you want to generate Vimsottari dasa To Date: Enter the date up to which you want to generate Vimsottari dasa Compute: Click on this Button to compute the Vimsottari dasa and results are displayed in the Text area given below.

    A confirmation message is displayed as Added to main Horoscope. It is very important to note that you can enter From Date and To Date any number of times. Each time you can compute Dasa and then allowed to add it to horoscope to be generated.

    Free Downloads: Divya Drishti Kannada Free Software

    Quit: When you click this button, Horoscope is generated and displayed. Still, there are many occasions when you feel that these are not sufficient for you. Using this option, you can design any number of new Horoscope Models. Of these you can select the required fields. Then click on save to save your entries or move to next page. Asktak Varga:. We were first to introduce the horoscope design facility. Till now, the users were allowed to select the required items for a model. To extend the flexibility to the highest, we also allow users to arrange the items in the order in which they want it to appear in the horoscope.

    Dhatu adhatu mein antar

    To accomplish this, you need to click on the Arrange Items button. Once you click this button, you will see a new screen where all the items are listed. You can click on the left button which appear before each option and then drag it up or down as per your choice. If you do not like the new arrangement and want to put in the original order, you can click on Sort button. This will sort all the items in the original order. Thereafter you can continue to rearrange the items as per your choice by dragging them up or down. Go to Record: A particular record can be selected by entering the Record No.

    Quit: To quit from this screen. It is very important to understand that in this option, you are allowed to selected a boy and a girl and then generate a compatibility report. You are not allowed to enter data in this option. For entering data, you need to go to Horoscope option. So, be sure to use sub-menu item Horoscope to enter data as well as to generate horoscope.

    In this option, enter name of male in Male box and then enter the name of female in Female box. Once, you are sure that you have selected the male and female name whose match making report you would like to generate, then click on the button Match to generate the report. Just enter the name of male, select Nakshatra and Pada of male. Then do the same thing for female enter name of female, select Nakshatra and Pada of female. Now, click on the button Match to generate a small match making report.

    Please note that the generated report will contain only Koota matching report as birth details are not available to generate detailed report. In this system, when a person ask a question like When I shall be getting promotion? Whether I shall pass in the examination? To answer these questions or any other question , you need to ask Querist to tell you a number between 1 and Now, to generate Horary Chart, enter this number and Querist name.

    You also need to enter Date, Time and Place of Judgement. In Question Detail page, you can enter the question details. Note: The method of working of this option is very similar to Horoscope. There are three types of cycles, which start running from date of your birth. These cycles belong to Physique, Emotion and Intelligence. This option allows generating these cycles for one month to twelve months.

    When you invoke this option, you need to enter the following details to generate the biorhythmic graph: Name: Enter Name Date of Birth: Enter Date of Birth in dd. For Months: Enter the number of months for which you would like to generate Biorhythmic Graph. Output: The Biorhythmic Graph can be printed or can be viewed on screen. Please select Screen or Printer as per your requirement. After entering these details, you can click save button to save these data into the appropriate table. Although, we have provided data of around cities from all over the world, there might be cases when you find that a particular city for which you need to generate horoscope is not available in the City Master.

    In such cases, you have two options: If you know the latitude and longitude of the city, you can use this option to add this city to City Master If you do not know the latitude and longitude of the city, you can use the option Extended City Master to search and export the details of city to the city master. Though care has been taken to put correct latitude and longitude, there might be some mistakes. You can use this option to rectify such mistakes also. This option allows you to search Extended City Master for a city which is not available in the City Master and then export the details of this city to the City Master.

    In some cases, you may find that when you search for a particular city, you may get a list several cities with the same name. In such cases, you do not know which city you are really looking for. For this purpose, we have provided to enter one more city second city name. You should enter the second city, which is well known and near to this city. When you click on search button after entering second city, hopefully you will see only one pair of city one of which is the city you are looking for and another is well known city.

    If you find that still there are many pairs listed, then you should see the distance, which is listed at the beginning of each record. We explain this by taking an example: Suppose, we want to search the place: Ramnagar. When we search for this place, we get a list of 17 places.

    Now, we do not know which Ramnagar, we are really looking for. Suppose, the well know place near to this place is Jaipur. So, we enter the second place Jaipur and then once again we search for. This time, we get list of 10 pair of cities. The minimum distance found is km. The latitude and longitude of Ramnagar for which arial distance is around km is and respectively. So, we can click on this city to select it and then click on Export to export this to the Main City Master. Extended City Master can be used only to export the required city details to Main City Master so that next time you want to enter this city for generating horoscope, you can do so.

    This option allows you to add new Time Zone as per your requirement. You are also allowed to modify or delete an existing Time Zone using this option. It might be noted that we have created all the time zones available at the time of creation of this software March There are some countries, which have more than one time zone.

    You can enter as many time zones as you want for a country. However, whenever you enter data for horoscope, you should select correct time zone. Selecting incorrect time zone will necessarily result into wrong results. So, it is very important to select the correct time zone. Whenever, you want to add a new time zone, you need to know the difference in time for this time zone with reference to GMT. Please note that when you enter the Horoscope data, you will be selecting this Name for Time Zone.

    This can be of maximum five characters. It should be between and Suppose, a particular time zone is 3 hours 30 minutes behind GMT, it will be entered as follows: Hour: - 3 Minutes: 30 The sign used with Hours is automatically applicable to minutes also. Please enter the name and address of your organisation and select the default setting of your choice. Please be very careful while choosing the default setting as these values will appear as default in various screens like Horoscope, Horary Chart etc. After selecting the default setting, click on Ok button to save it.

    This removes blank and deleted records from horoscope master. This will gain little space and speed up the search for horoscope.