December libra astrology 2019

Spirit: Universe, Core, Speed, Words. Color: Mountbatten Pink. Places to visit: Israel, Turkey, Mexico. Things to learn: Diving, Rafting, Unicycling. This is a year of many resolutions when an entire cycle of Venus will end for another one to begin, in your seventh house and the sign of Aries by the end of April. Some relationships could fall apart, leaving room for new ones to begin.

You are ready for passionate encounters and feel free to work on the emotional foundation that feels right, instead of holding on to feelings that are long gone and have their place in history. Turned to the bright future with Jupiter in your third house filling your mind with hopes, dreams, and optimism, there is really nothing to fear. As autumn begins you will see yourself mature, ready to make drastic changes to your career path and your chosen direction in any area of life.

Be brave enough to make the first step, and careful when September begins and pushes hard on your sense of self-worth. You should be certain of the value of tact and care for others you carry as a pillar of support for your own growth, and strive high to accomplish goals through positive contacts, communication with a purpose, and your wide attitudes. The most difficult time in is in April and May as the transition of Venus through Aries squares Saturn in your fourth house and the sign of Capricorn. This is a time to strengthen your boundaries to the outer world and other people and look within to find answers that will get you to a fulfilling destination.

Grand cycles of rewards and growth come in January and somewhere by the end of November, and you will have time and energy to prosper, learn, travel and expand your horizons through new unexpected adventures. Although stable relationships might suffer due to your newfound directions, you will return to them as time goes by and find your balance once you make your heart happy and your Soul wide enough to metabolize new experiences. This is a year of important movements, but you should think twice about relocating if you had it in mind.

Check your choices twice before making any thorough moves and shake the ground beneath your feet. If there was ever an important year to exercise and hold on to healthy routine, it would be Your mind will be filled with so much information, your words and thoughts scattered all around the place, and actions will be numerous while your focus might lack. To cleanse your inner state and stay true to the life you wish to live in all its areas, you must not let your physiology suffer no matter the amount of responsibilities you have on your plate.

Stay on the move, walk wherever you go, and stretch as much as you can so stagnant energies can finally get entangled and released. Libras with a stable family life could approach a large crash in July, but breakups and negative turnouts should be avoided in the end. Hello, Glamazon!

With the impassioned cosmic lovebirds harmonizing together in your sign for the first week of the month—something that only happens every other year—you have a stellar opportunity to follow your romantic muse wherever she leads you. You might be craving for a whole new look or image—anything that makes you feel magnetic and hot which, of course, you already are. Tempted to cross a line?

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Mars stays in Libra all month until November 19 , driving up desires but also competition and possibly resentment because in your harmony-seeking sign, the warrior planet feels stifled. Unless you enjoy sitting on a simmering volcano, find an appropriate time and place to bring up your concerns.

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And no talking over your mate or date! Spice up your style AND your attitude.

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Be bold in approaching appealing strangers, or come right out and ask a friend to introduce you to their attractive coworker. Paying attention to, and relishing, the little things will go far toward increasing your day-to-day happiness—not a trivial thing to an aesthetic Libra! Under this opposition between loving Venus and disruptive Uranus, you and your love interest might not be on the same page when it comes to finances. While this is never easy for you, you do need to have a direct conversation if things are going to move ahead. All fired up! Your personal goals are ablaze this month as the Sun rockets through your sign until October Good for you, Libra!

Also on your mind: money and monetizing those original ideas because clever Mercury starts an extended visit to Scorpio and your second house of work and finances on October 3. Sign up for a free personal finance course there are a lot of introductory options online or install apps like Mint or You Need a Budget YNAB to help you pay down that credit card or college loan.

A possible job opportunity might require you to travel a short distance for a last-minute interview. At the October 27 Scorpio new moon, a new career offer could arise. This is an ideal time for fresh starts and setting intentions.

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Turn that Scorpionic laser focus on the position you want and keep your eye on the prize. Get ahead of the game by scheduling meetings and interviews for this auspicious day and show up looking fabulous, in true Libra fashion! This is an ideal month to commit to a new spending and savings budget. Just introduce any new systems slowly. An old client or contact might surface with a fresh opportunity. But doing so could result in you having to apologize or undo the damage later.

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