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For the most part, the holiday goes as anticipated. Many of us are on a pullback this holiday. The less fuss, the better. Time and respect are the best gifts you can give. Aries March 20 - April The end of Mercury retrograde encourages you to take it on with all your heart. The gift of time—given, received, or spent—is the best one of all. Taurus April 20 - May Saturn, newly into Capricorn, is of great benefit to your sign. This build-it-better transit puts you to work but it rewards you, too.

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Now and in the long term, Saturn helps you gain better control, achieve greater stability, and apply yourself more consistently toward necessary and desired change. Thursday onward meets expectations.

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Christmas Day, the pace picks up as the day wears on. Gemini May 21 - June Spontaneity and intuition pick it right. So long as you factor in the high traffic everywhere, travel and holiday plans should go as anticipated.

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Cancer June 21 - July The evolving reality now takes more definitive shape. See it as the start of a timely personal advance. Leo July 22 - August Even if the holidays keep you on a duty call, the stars set a smooth-sail backdrop Thursday through Christmas Day. Virgo August 22 - September Time and effort are well spent.

The end of Mercury retrograde has you on a good move-along with matters of heart and head.

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Communication tracks improve too. Saturday through Christmas Day, the stars set up a mostly peaceful, easy feel. Libra September 22 - October Friday picks up the pace again. Allow yourself extra time.

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The first half of Christmas runs as expected. As the day wears on, you could feel short on patience and in the mood for a fresh infusion or more action. Scorpio October 23 - November Mercury retrograde is out of the way as of Friday. Friday is your best for entertaining or socializing. Saturday through Christmas, the Pisces moon makes for ease and peace.

Sagittarius November 21 - December News from around the Ojai Valley Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Dec. Return of the light.

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Return of the sun. End of darkness. Our hearts, our inner sun, vivifying, coming alive again.

Solstice Yule is Friday a complex day when the sun enters Capricorn and a three-day pause begins. And then at midnight, Christmas morning, the midnight sun begins to move northward. And the new light, the holy child the soul within our hearts and minds and in that little stable in Bethlehem. So many events this week.

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And Saturday morning a full moon, the last of the year, the Capricorn solar festival at 0. Monday is Christmas Eve with Leo moon sign of the gift of each of us. Tuesday is Christmas day.