December 21 birthday daily horoscope

Yes indeed, unmovable is an understatement. Moreover, you cannot follow a rule book if you wrote it yourself. You are defiantly a hard-working person but occasionally you get carried away. This could involve your work as well as your personal life. Do You Have Good Karma?

Try The Karma Quiz Now!! As far as your finances go, you seem to be happy with the balance at the end of the month. Characteristically, you connect with your projects to make them your own and the outcomes have been successful. Usually, this Sagittarius birthday person likes being useful.

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He or she will generally exceed the expectations of others. You have a knack for juggling investments and you feel the sensible thing to do is to save it. The December 21 horoscope predicts that underneath all of that coolness is a big heart. Your friends say that you are extremely liberal and passionate. As their friend, you have been trustworthy and unswerving. Once you make a friend, it becomes a lasting relationship. The December 21 birthday love compatibility report shows that the highlight of a partnership is companionship for you.

Nothing gives you more pleasure than to enjoy a concert in the park with your lover, your best friend. For this relationship, you will make the needed compromise to make the other person happy.

Additionally, you need someone with an active imagination to keep things popping in the bedroom. What Color Matches Your Personality?

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Try The Quiz Now!! Your friends who you grew up with have a tremendous impact on who you are today. It could be that your childhood was unforgettably good or bad. Its lasting impressions could be holding you back or altering your life in some way.

December 21st Birthday Horoscope

The December 21st astrology predicts that your emotional health could affect your physical being. Negative forces have a way of getting into the body and posing as an illness. Test Now! Getting you on the treadmill can take an act of Congress. But once you start to reap the benefits from exercising, you will go to the gym willingly then. All you needed was a little motivation. Too much of anything is not good for you including exercise. The future of person who born on 21 December will be promising and rewarding.

Once they have understood that they are in charge of who or what they attract into their lives, their destiny is to combine their authority and decisiveness with compassion and flexibility, becoming outstanding leaders in their chosen field. March 13 Zodiac Birthday Signs - Your birthday reveals you to be a multitalented, perceptive,….

December 21 Birthday Horoscope

March 12 Zodiac Birthday Signs - Congenial and charming, with youthful charisma, you are a…. Birthday Horoscope December Zodiac. By Raquel Salles - 7 years ago. December 21 Zodiac: Sagittarius December 21 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality of the secret Your greatest challenge is: trusting and sharing with others The way forward is: to understand that everything in life, including relationships, involves a certain amount of risk-taking.

December 21 Zodiac Compatibility: November 22 to December 21 Zodiac If you can both learn to be less secretive, open up and share, this relationship has great potential for happiness.

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December 21 Zodiac Luck maker: Let go of hidden resentments Hidden resentments poison your thoughts, keep you stuck in the past and attract bad luck your way. On The Dark Size Domineering, inflexible, self-involved At your best Strong-willed, authoritative, intriguing December 21 Zodiac Love: A feisty partner People born on December 21 Zodiac are attractive but also slightly unsettling for potential partners. December 21 Zodiac Health: Open up and share People born on this day can suffer from tension and mental overload, so solitude is vital for them to quiet and calm their mind.

December 21 Zodiac Career: Born entrepreneurs These people may often be found dominating in a variety of careers in the fields of science, business, sports, arts, and the world of entertainment. December 21 Zodiac Destiny: To become the pioneers and leaders in their chosen field The life path of people born on this day is to recognize the power of positive thinking.

Type your search query and hit enter:. Loving and caring, they are individuals ready to connect, but sometimes have too many battling and fiery energies that burn those who come closest, and burn their own hearts when they become truly intimate with another. Family patterns need to be light and visible so they can be set free and not stand in the way of pure connections they are meant to create in this lifetime due to fear or someone else's baggage.

The Sabian symbol for Sagittarius representatives born on December 21st in two years preceding a leap year:. The Sabian symbol for Sagittarius representatives born on December 21st in a leap year and a year following it:. Things need to get done and a person born on this date is to commit and find the right direction to pursue, in order to get their blessings in the way they wish to. Their hidden knowledge is in such facts, the productive forces they understand and put in for the higher cause. For as long as they follow the calling of their heart, they will be protected from vain and discouraging influences of the outer world.

The goal in lives of those born on the 21st of December is to find the point of balance and healthy relationships with a partner and other people in general. They will spend the first part of their life being too close or too distant from hearts of others, and need to learn about safe and healthy boundaries that will allow interactions with essence and depth, while keeping them protected from influences that are invisible or unnecessary for their personal growth. In time, they find beauty and love in all things in their life, even in the darkest and most challenging of experiences they have encountered.

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When emotions of people born on December 21st spark up, they become fluent in so many ways and warm up to the idea of togetherness and a shared life with ease. However, they could have some trouble creating solid boundaries that keep them safe, while at the same time staying close enough to the other person, and realistically seeing their strengths and weaknesses over time. Just as any other Sagittarius, they tend to idealize those standing in front of them, seeing them as more similar or energetic than they actually are, and high expectations could cost them some health in relating to a loved one.

They need a partner who is not only energetically equal and creative as they are, but someone who is as emotionally deep and warm. The sense of personal value is to be built and truly manifested through balanced bonds where the two are equal and respect each other unconditionally.