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When given age-appropriate freedoms, however, the funny and giving child you adore returns. Such intense questioning may lead him to exploring various religions or philosophies as a young adult. He always carries himself with an air of authority and he truly can be an excellent leader with his keen sense of justice and bright mind.

This impression lasts typically until he blurts out something with unbridled honesty. Like all Archers he has a very sharp tongue and it cuts deeply at the worst possible moments. Parents do well to teach their Sagittarians from a young age to pause, think, count to three THEN talk. Once in a while that actually works, and if your boy sees positive results he has the ability to become more tactful without losing that brilliant truthfulness on which a parent can rely.

Second, being forced to adhere to deadlines affects his psyche the same as if he were shackled and put into prison. These put a chink in his independence. Number Vibration Numerology: 3. Sagittarius Element: Fire. Chakra: Solar Plexus Manipura. Chinese Zodiac Twin: Rat.

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Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Rat. This sounds so very much like my almost three year old Sag boy. Any advice for a Gemini mama? So, just use your magical communication skills to appeal to his intelligent side. He will appreciate it and communicate in kind. Ohhhh, a Sagittarius child and a Taurus mom.

LOL Horns are definitely going to lock on this one! Taurus people hate change and Sagittarius people crave change so you two will definitely challenge each other. Well, Bull momma, just try to honor the lust for life your baby Sagi has. They burn and yearn inside to experience all good times life has to offer and responsibility is NOT their middle name. The Virgo and Sagittarius relationship will have its share of challenges.

Your Sagittarius boy will want to go, go, GO and may not be the most responsible child there ever was. LOL Virgos think they are responsible to serve the whole world and are so pragmatic that your little one is likely to wreck your last nerve — at least on occasion.

Exactly what I feel and so glad you put it in such words. Being a Virgo mother with a Virgo teen daughter and got married to Pisces then get suprised blessings at older age with a little Sagittarius boy… he is 2. But he is a joy bringer… maybe my older age helps to keep calm even though sometimes he does make me want to pull my hair off my head but soon he comes to ask for hugs and kisses me so hard that I really forget that anger! My 9 month old sagi son has some of these characteristics already!! Any advice for a Leo mom? Please accept my apology.

I normally respond much faster. I was on a mini vacation and, then, Hurricane Matthew decided to visit me in Florida. Leo mom, you and your Sagittarius child will do very well together as both of you long for adventure! It could be the Taurus hubby who locks horns with baby Sagittarius because The Bull does not like change and The Archer craves it! Also, Sagittarians tend to be a bit flighty, their attention can rarely be held for very long.

December 20 Zodiac

My son is also only 9 months and already has so many of these traits. Any advice for a cancer mom? Thank you? The ever-responsible, sometimes a bit stodgy, Capricorn raising the ever-free-spirited Sagittarius child — well, it will never be boring around your house! Sagittarius children are a big party rolled up into one little being.

Sagittarius children and adults simply must have freedom. So, you two are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Try to meet your little dude in the middle. Im sagittarius mum for sagittarius boy. Please I need some advice x …. All I can say he is little charmer and since hes been born he left already couple marks on ppl hearts? However, given that you both are Sagittarius — what fun you will have! Adventure after adventure awaits! For sensitive Cancer mom, having a Sagittarius child will challenge you to stand your ground rather than retreat back into your shell during times of stress.

So, be prepared to have your feelings hurt every now and again. Finally, just as shy as Cancer star sign people can be they also have the capacity to use their claws just as effectively as a Scorpio uses it legendary tail. Hi Ania, I am raising my Sagittarius grandson, He is 12 years old. Born DEC 4. He Is the kindest boy I know. Very giving. Also very charming. Wondering how an Aquarian mom and A Sag boy get along? I find this article very informative as I am a new mother to a Sag boy. Any advice on the relationship of a Pisces mom and Sag child? Great article by the way!! Capricorn is the planner, the uber-responsible one — especially Capricorn moms!

You two will undoubtedly lock horns over her playful, party-like-a-rock-star personality. Dad will be fine. Just let your little Sagittarius know that daddy is the kind of person who needs alone time to recharge his batteries. I am an Aquarius, my husband is an Aries and our little 2 year old girl is a Libra. We had always wanted a Libra child because we thought it would make for a perfect little family — and we were right! I personally love both signs, but want to know which one fits best with all our three signs. What do you think? IMHO, a Sagittarius child will fit in best with your tribe.

Now, always remember that a complete astrology chart is best when considering all situations. Leo tends to want to dominate and control and that may not go over well with any of the other zodiac signs mentioned in the family. Any advice would be amazing. Thank you!! I think it will really help if you read about the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign. Heaven help me! Oh, geez! LOL Well, things will never be dull around your house! Good luck! This sounds just like my boy who turned 14 today.

Any advice? Thank you!!! Oh, Pisces momma. When children start growing into young adults, water sign parents always have just a little bit of heartbreak. With a Sagittarius boy, this can be especially difficult because they always want to off on great adventures, hunting their next great love — whether that be a person, place, thing, hobby, etc. Maybe now is time for you to find some interests of your own. Also, remember that Sagittarius people do NOT like to be hemmed in or told what to do. Hi, expecting a beautiful little sag girl in a few days.

Any advice for this Libra mommy-to-be? My husband is an Aries! You can mediate the horn clashing that might go on between your super responsible Aries hubby and your adventure loving and maybe not so responsible Sagittarius daughter. Hello Bernadette! This article is wonderful and gave me some insight with my little explorer. It describes him to a T! What about the Sagittarius child with Leo mom and Libra Dad?

Your family is actually a fairly balanced Zodiac Sign mix! Sagittarius and Leo will, no doubt, butt heads as both are fire signs. When this happens, peacemaking Libra will step in and negotiate a truce that will make both parties happy. Find common passions and work together on them. This joining of power makes Sagittarius and Leo longtime allies and creates a happy, healthy family! Beautifully done site. I am a 30 year old Aries and a first time mother…quite unexpectedly and delightedly so.

My little one is a year old Sagittarius girl. I would like advice on how to encourage and discourage certain behaviors in an effective way according to her personality. Thank you very much for your time. Oooo, Sagittarius children are loads of fun! This Zodiac Sign pairs great with Aries because both always seek great adventures!

Some astrology parenting tips for the Sagittarius child are:. Ima Libra mom to a 1 month old sagg baby girl and m boyfriend is a cancer. Im wondering how all our signs would mesh together once she starts getting older?

Apologies for delayed reply. The first of the year is always crazy booked with psychic readings. Congratulations on your new Sagittarius baby girl! Get ready for a big adventure! It fits in well with Libra and helps Cancer boyfriend be better able to see the sunny side of life. Over the years, there could be some clashes because of the other legendary Sagittarius personality trait — acting and talking before thinking. Sagittarius can be like a bull in a China shop whereas Libra and Cancer tend to be a bit more refined in their words and deeds. My husband and I are both Scorpio, my 14 yr old son and 2 yr old daughter are both cancers.

My little Sag never listens lol ever and you have to get almost extremely mad before she might even consider anything said….. I have spent much time studying spiritual and personal growth etc so my intention is to respect the people and their choices in our home as best I can…. And I always fear the effect his anger will actually have on her. Any help would be great. That is an incredible amount of the water element in one family.

What a cool case study that would be! So, anytime fire Sagittarius is added to water steam will rise! Steam makes wonderful al dente veggies and a terrific sauna experience. At the end of the day, your Sagittarius is kind of an island surrounded by water. Take great care with her emotions.

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Yes, she will always be willing to do battle because Sagittarians do NOT like to be told what to do. Scorpio and Cancer never forget a betrayal or hurt. Sagittarius never remembers. If the family is not careful, she could end up feeling much like that island — isolated and alone. Finally, maybe your little archer showed up to help the rest of you learn how lighten up a bit. I absolutely loved this article!!!! It fits my 2 year old daughter perfectly. Sagittarius kids, tweens, teens, and adults are just like you describe! What I can tell you is that Sagittarians do NOT like responsibility of ANY kind nor do they like anyone telling them where to be and when to be there — it make them feel shackled.

Love this page! Any advice on how to help them get along? Apology for delayed reply. Sagittarius can almost never, ever admit when they are wrong. Because they can be a bit judgmental. And, when they believe they are right about something and they usually do they will go to their grave without ever changing their minds — even if they are wrong.

Sagittarius Child Traits, Personality, & Characteristics

Scorpio is ruled by Mars — the God of War. Even if a Scorpio admits they are wrong which they seldom will they will also go to the grave fighting about something they believe in. That should to do the trick. Im a scorpio mum and my partner is a cancer and my son is a cancer…we want another child, what sign will fit in best with our family? LOL If you had a Pisces you could win the trifecta! Then maybe see how much more water there is in the family as well as take into consideration any other elements earth, fire, air. This way, the water element fits in without having soooo much water that the whole household washes away in emotions.

Hit my Sag 16yr daughter on the head!!! Mother me a Leo…and dad a Tarus…. That makes you mommy of the jungle! I am a well organized person and timely. My sag son is 12 and its a constant battle. Highly intelligent but comes off like a slob with a smart mouth. Its a constant battle. He is so comfortable with his way of doing stuff no matter how wrong it is. If its right to him thats all that matters. My problem is he only cares about whats important to him. As a child your job is to do and listen to responsible adults.

First off let me say this has been a very interesting read lol. Sometimes I feel like pulling out my hair! Lol Listening is not his strong point and we always have to tell him a million times to do something before he makes an attempt. What could you recommend that we do in order get him Into a learning frame of mind and use that smart sagi brain. My 2yr old sagi is real Sagittarius boy.

It could be profitable if only done part-time. Because you are shrewd and nosy, you may want to check out a career in travel or sales. A combination of the two would make this December 20 Sagittarius a happy-being. However, you are a business-minded person who is not afraid of a challenge.

You have a choice of careers. Sticking to one job is your weakness. If it provides you the right stimulation and freedom, chances are good that you see it through. The 20 December birthdate meanings suggest that you are likely the talk of the town. Once you have moved on from your past, you can have the relationship you so desire.

Typically, this December 20 Sagittarius birthday person wants a mirror partnership. Someone who shares your own ideas and values will be the lucky one in your life. As friends, December 20 natives choose people they admire and would like to emulate. There is often an element of hero worship in these relationships. They have a somewhat old-fashioned view of romance and may subconsciously seek to connect with individuals who favor their idea of love and a happily-ever-after mentality.

Family relationships have importance for December 20 natives. They feel most complete when part of a group. Many are ambivalent about having children because they fear a loss of freedom. Yet once they become parents, they fit the role almost magically. People born on this date usually choose a career that allows them to use their curiosity and psychic intuition. They have great wisdom and sensitivity. They are unlikely to be interested in money. They may choose a profession that pays for travel expenses.

December 20 people eat what they want, exercise when they please, and generally do their own thing.

Zodiac signs - dates and meanings

They can thank their positive attitude for their health and vitality. December 20 people are fascinated with the world and look for ways to use their abilities to bring new experiences into their lives. They balance professional and personal goals without losing sight of either. They are able to deal with defeats and delays in a positive manner and are always ready to try again.

Sagittarius Traits

This decan is strongly influenced by the Sun. This is representative for people who are ambitious and hard working just like Sagittarius and elegant but a little vain just like the Sun. This period tempers the positive and negative characteristics of the Sagittarius zodiac sign, slightly enhancing the negative ones.

Being born on the 20th day of the month shows a person who is patient, task oriented but also imaginative and emotional. The numerology for December 20 is 2. This number reveals balance and partnerships. It is the representative number for the desire of harmony and peace. Those Sagittarius associated with this numerology can become great mediators and with age they will only turn wiser, gentler and incredibly more considerate to other people.

December is the first winter month in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing the first snow of the year and the Christmas celebrations. Those born in December are humorous and sociable. December 20 Zodiac people are attractive but impatient. The symbols for December include Turquoise and Zircon as gemstones and Narcissus as a plant.