December 16 leo horoscope

The moon in Aries finds you focused on your home and family life today.

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However, forward motion takes place in your social life and within the groups and associations you work with, as sweet Venus connects with your ruling planet Saturn this morning. The moon is in Aries today, bringing plenty of conversation your way. Venus connects with one of your ruing planets, Saturn, making this a solid time to discuss plans and commitments. The moon is in your sign today, Aries, asking you to feel your feelings—and tend to them!

You do everything speedily, but need to slow down for your own sake. Important plans are made today. The moon in Aries finds you eager to move toward your career goals.

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Rest, even a cat nap will help. The more you take care of you, the more you can do and your body can care for you needs, too. Today's Moon opens up your health sector, which is a positive reminder on the importance of self care. From getting your nails done to pampering yourself with a mini facial or an hair mask so you're feeling like your best version of self, you can take today and make it the springboard that launches a beautiful week. Sagittarius, g ive yourself something to look forward to doing. If you're a sentimental personality type, writing little love notes, penning a poem while listening to some romantic songs can put you in a loving mood all week, as it should.

With the Moon opening up your romantic side, your heart is wide open to embrace all things sentimental and sweet. Capricorn, t here's a pep in your step, and it could make you feel ultra sensitive when around people who seem to have no zing or zest for life. Focusing on your own drive will keep your energy up. Avoid energy vampires. Aquarius, today, you may feel like chatting with an old friend or co-worker about happy and positive things that lift your spirit.

Daily Horoscope December 16, 2018 for Zodiac Signs

You might enjoy listening to a positivity podcast while getting errands done. Pisces, enjoy the comforts of home. Things you love to do, like making a fresh pot of soup, or going to a restaurant that has your favorite meal and dessert. Today is a wonderful day for remember the treasures in life that make it sweet.

It doesn't have to cost anything either.

Love and Compatibility for December 16 Zodiac

Pull out your family photos or organize your online image collections to collage them can remind you how treasured you are and how much love you have, too. Follow Us.

December 16th Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

Sign in. Aria Gmitter. Zodiac December 15, Tarot card: The Lovers Cancer, your hard work ethic just doesn't end because it's the weekend. Tarot card: The Tower Capricorn, t here's a pep in your step, and it could make you feel ultra sensitive when around people who seem to have no zing or zest for life. Click to view 12 images. Guest Of A Guest.

Your Horoscope for the Week of December 17

Your sharp and quick mentality can be your most valuable asset and can prove especially helpful in a career as a writer, lecturer, or politician. You have a spirit of enterprise, determination, and a willingness to work hard when committed to a project, and these can help you achieve in any area of your career. Your leadership qualities, organizational skills, and capacity for strategic planning are ideal for business, where you are likely to enjoy the challenge of large projects.

Enjoying freedom, you need to be allowed to work in your own way or may decide to work for yourself. Alternatively, your need for self-expression and a love for the dramatic may draw you to music, art, or acting.

Your Horoscope This Week

As a natural psychologist, you may also enjoy a career that utilizes an understanding of human nature. Clarke and Philip K. A number 16 birthday suggests that you are thoughtful, sensitive, and friendly. Although analytical, you often judge life and people according to how you feel. As a number 16 personality, however, you can experience inner tensions when facing friction between a need for self-expression and responsibility to others. You may be interested in world affairs and may join international corporations or the media world.

The creative ones among you have a talent for writing with sudden flashes of inspiration. With a number 16 birthday, you may need to learn how to balance between being overly confident and being insecure. The subinfluence of the number 12 month indicates that you are optimistic and daring, with a need to expand and grow. Intuitive and analytical, you are a shrewd psychologist, with good insight into people and what motivates them.

Able to offer the right incentives, you can mix business and pleasure, and you enjoy putting on a show. Although you are kind and friendly, beware of being arrogant, selfish, or self-promoting. For security, mental stimulation, and love, you might want to begin looking for those born on the following dates. Beneficial: Jan. Challenging: Jan. Soul mates: Jan. Knowing people from different backgrounds implies that you like mixing in various circles.