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Maybe you can string this person along and keep it platonic until he or she kicks off. Those born later in the sign around October 7th and after will just have to go pound sand up their butts I guess.

Libra Decans: Their Impact On Your Personality And Life

You may feel that everything in your life has come to a screeching halt at the first part of the month. Buck up, Little Camper! Most of you will be in a good mood at the beginning of the month. Later in the month you could see things start to circle the bowl. You might get into a pissy mood and make a very bad impression on those around you, especially older people. If you were born close to the cusp of Scorpio, you may feel as if nothing is right and everything you try to do is more difficult to accomplish.

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Not to worry! Things pick up for everybody after mid month. Virgo cuspers are able to make good career choices and can look for a streak of good luck to come their way.

Some people may accuse me of showing a bias, but everybody knows that Libra people are as cute as lace pants! Unless you happen to be an Eleanor Roosevelt type. Those of you born on the cusp of Virgo may have a few days here and there when you could get your little panties in a bunch. But you can charm your way out it. Scorpio cuspers may have a difficult time. Just ignore it and have a Merry Christmas!

Naturally calm in a crisis, you prefer to offer a civilized solution. The balance this sign possesses can be disturbed by loud noise from their environment, especially people early in the morning. To some they appear indolent or lazy, to others peaceful and laid back, never flustered. Have diplomatic abilities, ideal negotiator in some form.

Venus is the ruling Planet for Libra. In Libra, Venus also the ruler of Earthy Taurus is portrayed as Aphrodite The goddess of love, and courtship — all seek her favours in pursuit of attraction. Each of the 12 signs is represented by a Symbol and if you look closely at these symbols you will see they do reflect many of the characteristics of their sign.

The Symbol for Libra is the Scales of Justice. The only Symbol in the 12 Zodiac Signs not depicted as an animal or human. The weighing of one against another, gives a sense of balance and fairness. More like Pissy! Heres an online description of my birth an. Putting your hypothesis to work, I consider your arrangements, at least for me, of the first decan virgo with the first decan mutual signs to be one of a fatal love or challenge.

I was friends with four first decan sag-guys, and they all emphasized their judgment based on moral code while i lived on morality, yet my mouth spoke otherwise, which lead to contradiction and tension with both them and I. Although we settled our conflict over and over again, once we stopped hanging out, or the moment we split, we all went our separate ways due to our mutuality.

Some of these sag-guys have gone to dislike me while the other sag-guys lost interest to hang out with me. For the women born under the first sign of Sagittarius or the first sag-decan, there was too much sexual tension to ignore the simple flirtation that yearned for gratification. The relationships with these women could be intense and sodomizing.

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  • Libra Second Decan (October 4th - 13th).

Obviously, we resolved our problems, but our trust was severely ruined to the point of leaving the friendship as acquaintances. First decan virgo men are really cool. We know each other well, and we have a great deal of fun. They are very reliable to me, although you think they are very unstable, but I understand them best because I am one of them.

The women are very beautiful, and they are committed to their goals, but the sexual tension is intense here as it is with the first decan-sag women.

Second decan Libras

THe only problem is that we are both mutual, and independent, so the moment we notice each other, we unit as one, but leave as individuals again. The males are cool, but the friendship is much the same with the women, a connection that eventually disconnects due to independence. Posted by ellessque I don't see 3rd decan scorpios anywhere on your list That's because Decan 3 Scorpios aren't "best" for Virgos according to the logic. Nice to see you sharing Sorti-man. I hear you on the "tension", haha.

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Freaky stuff. The user who posted this message has hidden it. Number 7 in the zodiac, the Libra sign is under the protection of planet Venus. On top of this, there is simply this easefulness surrounding these people, as Air is the primordial element governing Libra. Thus, Librans are not only very good-looking, but also good speakers and advisors.

What's a "Decan" in Astrology?

Aside from this, the way in which they handle problems centers around a careful and prudent approach. You will never see a Venus Libran losing their cool over something, unless there is no other option. But, in general, they make sure to calmly solve the issue at hand either through a step-by-step method, or by trying to persuade and talk their way out of it.

Venus Librans are all about balance and equilibrium, both in their professional life and in a relationship. One could say that everything is ultimately based around the dichotomy of career-love, for them. They strive to reach that stage with all their might, and it may not be as easy as it seems, especially since they are more focused on attaining professional success, rather than meeting the fated one. Librans are beings of immense emotional power, and it will take a very long time until you can fully delve and discover their inner workings and thoughts. Always capable of giving more, the Libra natives tend to appreciate honest and straightforward people, because knowing everything from the get-go makes it tremendously easier for them to cope with potential issues.

Gifted with a great capacity for love, the Librans offer it to everyone around them with nearly no regard for themselves at all. After all, what else can you expect from someone who nurtures no ill behavior and is really just a tranquil and peace-loving person?