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They have strong spiritual power. They fight for justice and integrity. They fight for the good of the people without expecting any recognition or money. This places them amongst the highest of the individuals.

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Most of the respected saints of our world are number 7s. In the Western astrology, this number comes under the planet Neptune. Neptune is also called as the reflection of Moon. The number 7s are the other side of number 2 the number 2 comes under Lord Moon.

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The number 7s are highly spiritual and unworldly. Their love for God transcends any other love, as they hold no thought of their Self. Their mind is restless and keeps changing its opinions and thoughts. They cannot rise up in their native place.

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They travel out of state, out of country seeking fame and fortune. The love exploring other countries and are avid readers of travelogues. Most of them are very creative and shine as poets, writers, painters, actors, singers and musicians.

The number 7s hold their career supreme and spend endless hours working. The family is always secondary for them. They keep traveling around for money and work. They do not hesitate to spend on social organizations and religious work. The number 7s are good businessmen. They have strong religious beliefs. They like to traverse the less traveled path. Hence they fight for the enlightenment and justice of the common man.

They have a deep connection with the cosmic forces of the Universe. Most of their dreams have the habit of coming true. They are intuitive about everything that goes around them.

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They have a strong sixth sense, which makes them understand the workings of life like no other. They are natural charmers and attract everyone they meet. They work hard tirelessly, unwearyingly of the obstacles that come, which brings them success. They believe in raja yoga, mantras, and meditation and indulge in them with complete belief. Though married, most of them will refrain from a family life.

They wear simple but clean clothes. People born in numerology number 7 talk slowly and patiently; they do not enjoy talking and are solitude lovers. They always look like they have something on their mind. They would have faced many bitter and painful situations in their youth. Their marriages will be delayed and do not bring joy much.

Due to work or other reasons, they will be separated from their wife and kids.

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If the strength of Kethu wanes over their number, they will take up nefarious crimes boldly. Any work they undertake will fail in the end due to some reason. Instilling self-confidence at an early age will benefit them in the long run. When the number 7s are born, their family would have run into troubles and useless expenditure. They get lucky after 25 years of age. They will get opportunities to become great religious leaders, artists, businessmen and earn money and fame.

10 Facts about the People Born on 7th, 16th or 25th Date of Any Month - Personality Traits

They never back down when faced with any kind of trouble. They give up their life and soul for the causes they undertake. Most of them do not get compatible spouses. Even if they do get, their wives will be separated or their health will be poor. The number 6s do everything with money in their mind. But the number 7s do anything only for the sake of it. If they go into politics, then they become leaders who work for the welfare of their people. They will get spouses from foreign lands, or other faraway places from their native.

They are very strict and adore honesty.

They are very interested in their religion. They have good taste and discerning knowledge. They respect others views.

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Their family life will run into a few troubles that smoothen out if they adjust with their spouses. The birthday number 16 Life Path number 7 Destiny number 7 have a creative spirit. They have courage and intelligence.

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They come up well in their life. But they might lose much by getting into unwanted trouble. They have great mental powers. They will be selfish. It is also one of the Karmic Debt numbers which highlights to me that you have come here to search and seek the truth on a much deeper level. This intensifies the 7 energy even further and brings with it the 2 and the 5.

This is a much deeper level of Numerology and can be over whelming which is why most readings use the 7 alone. When in a high vibration you will bear your strengths of intuition and insight, you will analysis and dissect, be contemplative and inquisitive and keep digging until you find the core truth. As to which number is more powerful in how we are steered through life. Also, people can be envious of your intuition, as supported by consistent logic it leads you through your journey. Person like you is perfect for science, researching and studying. You never make superficial judgments, your mind works the way that it needs to search for proofs, so the opinions you have are authoritative most of the time.

You just can't and don't want to make silly presumptions about anything, as you prefer rough fact over lucky suggestion. Person like you may succeed in any field that includes research, science and decision-making. You are not emotionally generous, though you try to share your feelings, but most of the time you can't shape them into words good enough.