Daily horoscope leo october 2019

You could either piss somebody off by having a little fit of pique or you could say something that somebody takes the wrong way. These conflicts are likely to be within important relationships.

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Your only hope is to do some major ass-kissing to smooth things over. So, keep your lips puckered up and your mouth shut!

Monthly Horoscope

Nobody should be worried about his or her job in this healthy economy, but it looks like some of you will be crying in your green beer this month. Luckily, only those of you born in the middle of Leo will have anything to worry about. So what if you have to give up all that you hold dear in the pursuit of the almighty dollar?

After all, this is America for crying out loud at least it is where I am! Alienating your loved ones and co-workers can be an opportunity to get in touch with your feelings. Seriously, you need to take a more inward path now.

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You need to let new ideas force their way into your brain. After that, you might greet the world with a fresh new outlook. And Easter Eggs might fly out my butt. You may have a bad case of cotton-head for the first few days of the month. Things pick up after that. By Memorial Day, your life should be running as slick as snot. You should be back to your assertive, dynamic self and ready to have fun! Your career and family could be taking up all of your time and you may feel that those around you are trying to cramp your style.

Some people just expect you to devote your entire lives to them. I mean, how dare your family demand that you provide them with food and shelter? And who says you have to follow the rules at work?

Monthly Horoscope for Your Zodiac Sign

What a drag, huh? By the time the summer officially arrives, you could find yourself re-thinking your relationships and your career. Things will be very much the same as they were last month. You may get tired of hearing that, but I doubt it! Happy Birthday! This is the time of year when real insights are possible.

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  • So, take a little time to reflect. This is also a great time to have a party! Just a suggestion—you might want to back it off just a tick. Some of you naturally tend to dominate conversations. You could come off as being pushy.

    Leo October 12222 horoscope: What does your star sign forecast say this month?

    Most of you will be in a good mood this month, maybe not the entire month, but at least part of it. Sounds like a party to me. Things should be just peachy for most of you this month. You must get pretty bored with people telling you how bitchen you are all the time. Well, not to worry! Around the last week of the month you might find your foot in your mouth and your head up your ass! Cancer cuspers may have some trouble on the home front brewing that could go on for months.

    Some of you will be full of charm and charisma but others will be tense and have a hard time thinking clearly. You may lash out in anger, probably for no good reason. Not to worry! You should be in a better mood in time for the holiday.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Some of you may be in a really pissy mood, especially Virgo cuspers.

    Leo Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

    Everything should be peachy after mid month for most of you. Some of you can expect good news. An authority figure or an older person may benefit you. So if Santa shows up and grabs his sack, he may pull out a really big surprise for you! You appear very confident, but on first meeting are extremely wary and cautious. Maybe attracted into the limelight and being before the public, but suffer stagefright more than other signs.

    This should be a somewhat sensitive day, but no less confident for that. The golden rule is never to take offence, and always to realise that little slights may be unintended. Also Read Taliban free 3 Indian hostages in exchange for 11 of its leaders.

    You should realise that any tension can work to your advantage, giving you the excuse to make long-overdue improvements, especially at work. This is one occasion when partners may be better equipped to take control. At work employers should be listened to and obeyed, although they in their turn should recognise your role as a conciliator. The best relationships, at the moment, are those based on joint interests, and the happiest social life is that built on good conversation.

    Consider the legal situation, and make sure that, above all else, you know your rights. Partners and business associates will eventually reveal facts which you think you ought to know. However, when it comes to dealing with people in authority, extracting the truth may be like getting blood out of a stone.


    Areas of your life which are now being spotlighted indicate exactly where you should streamline your affairs and how you should reorganise your relationships.