Daily horoscope for january 7

Now that Venus is in your fourth house of the home and family, you're craving a deep, calm, and safe type of love. It may also be time to spruce up your home environment with the luxury and aesthetic that you desire. With Mercury in your fifth house of pleasure squaring Mars in your sex house, you may be feeling especially in the mood for romance and intensity this week. Don't let it morph into stressful aggression.

Your daily horoscope: January 7

Your third house of communication is receiving all of the energy from Venus, making you the conversationalist, not the mention the best flirt. Use this energy to express how you're feeling and thinking and everyone will listen. However, with Mars in your partnership house squaring Mercury in your home and family house, you may be experiencing negative energy towards your closest relationships. Think your decisions though. You're all about luxury and wealth right now with Venus in your second house of finance and possessions.

You're in a great place to make more money or surround yourself with the decadence that you deserve. With the sun in your communication house forming a conjunction with Pluto, your thoughts may drift to dark and shadowy places. You'll be interested in intense and serious prospects, but it can take you far.

Venus has drifted into your first house of the self and you're currently the hottest item on the market. Everyone is looking to you for love and beauty inspiration, so revel in the self-admiring energy. Jupiter is also in your first house, making this Venus return incredibly lucky. However, as Jupiter squares Neptune in your fourth house of family, you could be facing the reality of a dream you've had for your home life. Things may not be as they seem. Your romantic aura is especially mysterious with Venus in your 12th house of spirituality. You appear like someone who knows a secret, and you do.

Right now, your subconscious is bursting with beauty that deserves your attention. With Mercury and Saturn both in your first house, you're going through a great deal of rapid and serious transformation.

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Take yourself and your dreams seriously. It's time to grow.

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Today will require conservatism and should be carried out according to your traditions. The only allowable deviation from the rules is to attend to one's health. You can use an innovative method, like yoga, the teachings of Tibetan monks, and other non-traditional means. Many Virgos on January 7, , will realize a cherished goal. It's probably not a global dream; perhaps a small but essential desire.

Some will be able to find interest in their old passion; some will eliminate intra-family conflict; some will find an exciting hobby or diet. As for the financial sector, use a cautious approach here. Try not to use any suspicious terminals and do not use an online bank from another device. Some Libras will decide to spend this day alone. It is difficult to name the reasons for which you, usually an active and friendly person, prefer quiet home leisure to any meetings, trips, or parties.

If you want to be among the people, avoid tragedy, conceit, and cynicism. All of the above will complicate communication with others, creating a reputation as a rude or impolite person. For Scorpios, it is worth remembering the promises of your relatives. It may be an oath that you gave yourself, attempting to get rid of some shortcoming.

During the day, any temptation should be avoided including gluttony and excessive drinking. By evening, there is a risk of feeling weak or slightly dizzy.

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It is recommended to minimize activity. Sagittarius may be lucky in finding new acquaintances. There is a chance to win over a high-ranking person, to find an investor for your bold ideas, or to find a sponsor who decides to promote your work.

Daily Astrology Horoscope: January 7 - Emotional Refreshment!

In financial matters, success will manifest itself in much smaller quantities. In the evening, there may be a significant expense due to a car breakdown or irreplaceable household equipment.

January 7th Birthday Horoscope

Capricorns on this day are unlikely to overcome any temptation associated with a potential purchase. Most likely, you will still purchase an item that will "eat" all the cash or the contents of a credit card. The personal front is not expected to have any particularly important events. If you wish, you can organize a small, romantic night for your partner. The Lonely Capricorn hints at the reconciliation of their long-standing sweetheart. Some Aquarius will spend today on domestic affairs. Start an extensive cleaning, mini-repair, rearrangement, or another tedious task. It is a good day to think about a new dream, find a new hobby, or change your outlook.

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In the evening, the likelihood of spontaneous meet-ups with a chance to grow into a midnight party increases. If you have a partner, do not forget to invite them to this event.

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Pisces should not put pressure on loved ones. Any question will be solved much faster if, instead of rudeness and impatience, you show the wonders of diplomacy.

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It is not advisable to buy a car or expensive home equipment. The focus should be something intangible for example, a trip to those places with fond memories, a visit to your childhood home, or a conversation with an old classmate. Don't choose the path of intimidation and emotional blackmail, that's far below your majestic nature. Click here! Remind yourself that you have another opportunity, turn a new page that, if you want, will be easily more beautiful than it was yesterday. Avoid excessive expenses, money tossed out of the window, overdrafts, credits Excessive dependency on money is alienation and a source of anxiety.

By restricting your own needs , you free yourself. To live more humbly is to live free. Also, renew your exercise routines because the body quickly gets used to the same movements. Being creative means being creative in health, too , just like in other aspects of life. This will bring you satisfaction that will lead to happiness, Libra.