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Be open about how you're feeling so you can stay true to yourself.

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Capricorn season starts on Friday, putting your name in bright lights—is a promotion or professional change in store? Saturday's full moon is a sensitive one, so sit with and share your emotions. You love them, you love them not, Taurus. Are you on shaky ground with a partner?

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Ask for and provide clarity about your romantic expectations. Bon voyage! Are you making up stories in your head about past romantic loves? Your friendships teach you about romance, Cancer, and the opposite is also true.

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Let the holiday season's magic blur the lines a little bit. A full moon in Cancer is your annual reset, so give yourself the gift of a new chapter this weekend. Beautiful relationships at work determine the quality of your professional success, Leo. Maximize your happiness by cherishing the people who support you and returning the loyalty. The full moon on Saturday gets you connected to friendships and community—cherish your role within the collective.

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  • Your material abundance is born from your mindset. Capricorn season on Friday has you longing for the people and places that keep you safe.

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    • Home is where your heart is! Ready for The Talk, Scorpio? It's time to be honest with yourself and transparent with lovers. Capricorn season has you flexing your curiosity and communication muscles on Friday—let it shine! If you follow your intuition, the full moon on Saturday can take you on a wonderful adventure.

      A weekend getaway might be in store!

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      Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! This week, trust your gut, and let go of anything that doesn't serve you, so you can make space for the new experiences coming your way in MyCosmo GabrilaGarcia You get rewarded as the year starts coming to an end.

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      How does Cosmo fit into your life? Instagram or tweet your photo to Cosmopolitan MyCosmo. French presses are for people with time. Bonus: Swedish meatballs. Pick up your November copy now, ladies. JamieLehrmann How to survive a road trip: reading the Worst Dates article in Cosmopolitan to my boyfriend as he drives.

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