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While this is a popular astrological moment to talk about, Mercury certainly isn't the only planet that goes retrograde - in fact, they all do. Although we are currently enjoying a reprieve from Mercury retrograde, we're about to enter Venus retrograde , which begins on Friday, Oct. While it's different than Mercury retrograde, it will still affect your life, and so you'll definitely want to know what Venus retrograde means for you based on your zodiac sign.

Venus is the planet of love , beauty, pleasure, and money. It goes retrograde the least out of every planet out there, and the retrograde period usually happens every year and a half. When it does happen, though, the change is noticeable, and generally leads to a feeling of chaos. Because Venus rules love, this means your relationships are going to be affected. According to Astrology King, the retrograde period will bring " six weeks of increased passions you can channel in many ways. In terms of relationships, though, there's likely going to be some shaky stuff happening, and if you and your partner aren't super close, things might get a little rocky.

According to Astrostyle, Venus retrograde could also lead to more rude behavior , and you might find yourself feeling super impatient in general.

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There's good news too, though: Venus retrograde could help us step back and gain perspective on our romantic relationships, which could bring about a necessary change. But what does this mean for you specifically? Venus retrograde has some general meanings, but will also offer a different experience for each sign. You can find out more below:.

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Venus retrograde could cause trouble in your relationships by making you rethink your partner and arrangement. And if you're single? You might want to use this time to really think about what you want out of a romantic relationship.

Venus retrograde might make you feel a little alone as you struggle to feel in sync with others around you in your relationships. This is, however, a good time to get closure when it comes to old conflicts. It could also affect the way you're relating to co-workers as well as romantic partners.

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Astrostyle says that after October 31, you can look out for a " self-critical or controlling streak. This retrograde will affect the way you think about your job and your health, pushing you reevaluate what really matters to you in these parts of your life. You might feel the need to change things up a bit at work or in taking care of yourself. This is a good time to get creative, but to also really focus on your health in every way.

Venus retrograde is happening in the sex part of your chart, which means that you'll have a lot happening romanticall y. You might reconnect with an ex or meet someone totally new, and these people might not be around when retrograde ends.

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You're definitely going to experience some passion and maybe confusion. Venus retrograde starts off in the part of your chart that affects your past and your home life, which means that things might be a bit rocky for you. People and bad situations from your past might come back around, leaving you thinking about past hurts. It's a good time to get rid of emotional baggage and review old relationships that still haunt you.

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