Compatibility with scorpio woman

He fell for my kindness and found me sweet. All my friends were after him because he was so handsome and an impressive person, this was war between us but He only at eyes for me. The conversations came naturally. The first time came after a long night of talking in a club at the bar with friends. It took a long time because we were both afraid. When it happened he mistook my lean for a lean in and kiss.

Scorpio & Taurus

All people clapped, because they saw our love. He makes passionate love! A real match! He wants it to be perfect and even over 13 years he gets eveb better and keeps trying to improve! He is very loyall when he found his match!

He can appear closed off sometimes but you got to draw him out and tell him you wished things to be different. He will try. He is slow and if you have a good relationship with communication he will keep trying to improve himself in small steps. Little by little he tries to become a better him and a better person in general. It all takes time with him and you have to remind him all the time. He loves positive reinforcement!

He always helps me in tough times and works hard when needed. He can be lazy and sloppy at home but still this improves over time. If he loves you he will try to better himself. You have to listen a lot and do not stiffle him! He wants to talk and you to listen. He wants his thoughts to get out. Try him to get to follow his dreams and he will love you for it. Mine would be a perfect writer, journalist, lawyer and had a talent for economy.

He just wants to connect with his love on an intellectual level, make passionate love with her and have extreme kindness that he can trust. He can be emotionally tricky. Always keep talking about what bothers you Scorpio. He wants to better himself, it takes time. He will try to connect with you and loves to make you laugh. He never made feel ugly, ever!!! He tries to keep me safe. You know you will never be this save and loved ever again. Your email address will not be published.

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Nonetheless, they might want to hang out on weekends. The sexual intimacy of a Taurus man and Scorpio woman will be an ideal one. He will surface her passion and she will make love to him as calmly as he desires. They connect with each other on a spiritual front while making love. As there is a natural intensity between earth and water, there might arise feelings between these Taurus sign and Scorpio sign too, when being friends.

They develop a bond after spending time with one another and become friends eventually. Both; the Taurus man and Scorpio woman are really feverous.

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To save the train from derailing for both the sign is honestly. To prevent the intercourse from getting dull and routine, she needs to put her cards on the table and present her desires clearly. The passion between Taurus and Scorpio zodiac signs sometimes brings in jealousy.


If a Taurus man and Scorpio woman wish to create a life together, it comes as no surprise that they would last a lifetime. Both are intensely loyal and take enough space and time to form relationship compatibility that strikes a balance between the expectation of a bull and water. Taurus man worries too much about finances and deals with the need to develop a new household. The Scorpio woman keeps the flame of desire, passion and romance alive with home cooked food, vintage wine and a candlelight dinner. Taurus man and Scorpio woman are believers of marriage and prove to be loyal partners.

They take their vows seriously and highly value their relationship. The ambitious Scorpio woman will have to push the Taurus man from time to time. Sensuality is a common ground along with being strong-willed and possessive between Taurus male and Scorpio female.

They are sharp observers and shall keep an eye on each other when with friends or in a social gathering. Being in love, they understand the complexities of relationships and put in a lot of efforts to make things work. Others might disappoint them making them distrusting of anyone.

The Taurus man understands the feelings of his Scorpio woman and so does she. Being so strong and thick in a zodiac relationship, one can expect a wedding invitation really soon in their case. This marriage would be a lifelong one. Taurus man and Scorpio woman love compatibility is like a diamond; strong and corrosion resistant and only grows healthier with time. He is swept off from his feet by her charisma and grace.

She can offer abundant love and affection. They would heartily enjoy a joke and laughter together. As they stay closer to each other, he will want all of her attention and affection. The only glitch here would be the control of both parties over the relationship. On the other hand, Taurus man is as cool as a cucumber and is patient enough to make things work for a very long time. As per the level of horoscope compatibility, none of them will rush into decisions and both are likely to be perfectly certain of they pass any judgement or possess an opinion or reach a conclusion.

The Scorpio Woman

Being a stubborn sign, a Taurus star sign man will get the woman he sets his heart on. He shall make sure that he is present at all times which will make her love the safety and stability her partner has to offer. Taurus zodiac man and Scorpio zodiac woman will come to each other like magnets because of their opposite qualities. It will be an epic moment when they first meet each other. He will try to know more of her each passing day.

She has higher expectations and is constantly looking for someone she feels worthy enough for her for a lifetime, being adorable and right at the same time. She is very supportive being and will admire him for his ambitions, aspirations and will do anything her power to support him reach his goals. She is someone who is loyal with a knack for being dominate and controlling all the time. It is a blessing in disguise for her is patient and calm and give her enough time to blow off some steam.

She would immediately give up when confronted by and shall return to her loving and loyal self. However, he needs to be extremely careful for can turn into her cunning self at the earliest. There is unconditional love between Taurus male and Scorpio female. They make a warm couple with a smooth relationship. The Taurus man will be his humorous self with his Scorpion lady and their romance will be unmatched. Their devotion for each other will last a lifetime and set benchmarks of immense and sincere love and emotions. The Taurus man is ruled by Venus which means he is affectionate and careful.

He can be a busy man loaded with work and emotions. However, he is balanced enough to keep his personal and professional lives away and make extra efforts to reach his goal. Scorpio personality is ambitious and career-oriented yet wishes to have a lovely life with her professional being separate. While in an argument, both the signs fail to express themselves completely. They will react powerfully while in an argument just as couples of with sun in their opposite sings are. They must listen carefully as to what the other wishes to say and can indirectly express their feelings. If he feels he is receiving divided attention, he can turn nasty and serious.

The Taurus man and Scorpio woman are a perfect match for each other and need each other more than they can imagine. They both serve as an ideal example of love and commitment for others to take inspiration from.

The Scorpio Woman

Taurus man Scorpio woman must overcome certain issues if they wish to have a lifelong relationship with each other. He would want to be in control but she is smart enough to convince him to be otherwise. The need to lead and control will drive a wedge between Scorpio and Taurus. He might think he is in total control and is the smarter one in the relationship only to realise later that she is the one pulling all the strings. Scorpion women can be melodramatic at times, making him annoyed with all the tantrums thrown his way.