Chinese western astrology combined compatibility

Compatibility in relationships is largely dependent on the degree of overlapping in core values and beliefs which two people share. Every zodiac sign is a representation of certain core values and qualities which are inherent in the personality of a person born under that sign. The intensity of expression of a quality varies as you travel across the zodiac signs. These categories are named after elements of nature Fire, Earth, Water and Air as they symbolize the combined qualities of all these signs.

People born under fire signs are enthusiastic, aggressive and strong willed extroverts. People born under Earth signs are practical, materialistic and introverts. Water sign people are emotional and sympathetic towards others. Air sign people tend to be detached, analytical and flexible extroverts.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Compatibility Chart. Chinese astrology dates back to 10 th century BC, the days of Zhou dynasty in China. Like western astrology, Chinese zodiac is characterized by 12 signs or animals that are representative of various human temperaments. Even so, similarities end there, as this oriental astrological system is radically different in the way it assigns signs to individual. Instead of months, the Chinese zodiac is based on a year-time cycle, with all individuals born in a year, belonging to the same sign.


Like every other system, the Chinese zodiac is based on a picture of the world, as ancient people of the land saw it. They believed the entirety of cosmic action to be a result of interaction or transition between the five processes or stages Wu Xing - wood , fire , Earth , metal and water. Each sign is made up of a combination of these elements or a result of interaction between these processes. According to intrinsic abilities and behavior patterns of these signs, a compatibility pattern emerges, which is presented in the chart below. Astrology is borne out of human experience and it's not a precise science.

People are too complex for them to be categorized into just twelve types. You can validate this chart by checking your real life compatibility with people you know. If you find the chart to be true, use it as a rough indicator in checking compatibility with love prospects, relatives and colleagues. It is advised that you take the predictions of this chart, with a pinch of salt. At times, it's better to give yourself in to the magic of serendipity and let it do its work. Share This. Compatibility for Zodiac Signs: Aquarius and Pisces.

Virgo and Pisces Compatibility. Traditionally Compatible Sun Signs. Virgo Man and Cancer Woman. Leo and Gemini Compatibility. They are very likely to gain high recognition from bosses. Personality: People with western astrological Taurus sign and Chinese zodiac Dog sign always have excellent abilities of handling matters.

In whole life, they are not restricted to working area. Instead of that, they dare to pursue their dream even though there are many difficulties. Thus, they are also equipped with acute insight and accurate judgment, which can help them catch many golden chances. Born calm and well-organized characteristics make them become good leaders. In addition, they are perfectionists no matter in career or life. However, although they obtain several enviable abilities, they lack confidence sometimes. Enough encouragement is an efficient way to help them rebuild their faith.

They can be regarded as reliable and devoted lovers. They can give up everything as long as they can find their true love and soul mate. They are willing to have a peaceful marriage. Most of them can give soul mates enough privacy and free space. They are advised to find someone who is gentle, humorous and kindhearted. Personality: They are equipped with many special endowments that make them have outstanding performances in career.

Chinese Astrology: The Monkey Personality and Compatibility

Altruism is the typical symbol of them. Sometimes, they get into troubles because they want to help others against an injustice.

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They are best travel partners. They can pay attention on every detail that can give enough sense of security to their companions. Most of them have unique hobbies and interests, such as nature exploration, traditional painting, classical music and literature.

The Chinese Zodiac Explained -

They pursue less competitive and quieter life. Their attractive personalities make them establish good relationships with people around. Romantic activity is the most important part of their love life. They are always deeply involved in unpractical illusion and hollow goals. Thus, they are suitable to find mature and prudent soul mates. Having more patience is the effective way to solve conflicts and promote their love relationship. Personality: Cancer people are born distinctive artists. No matter in work or family life, they always put forward many shining points and ideas to get success.

They can control and manage own life very well. Well-organized acting style makes them complete things with high efficiency.

What Is Combined Astrology?

In most cases, they are full of patience and earnest. When facing any complicated situations, they prefer to solve them in a gentler and more moderate way. They are generous and warm-hearted, especially for people who need help. Most of them will behave ebullient and responsible.

The 12 Signs

They always try the best to show concern to their soul mates. Meanwhile, they are also good at creating romantic and cozy atmosphere. Little and exquisite surprises will make the relationship closer. Personality: Endowed with born optimistic attitude, they seldom behave frustrated when facing difficulties and injustice. They can make full use of their intelligence and abilities to turn the situation into good.

Although they sometimes feel tired and exhausted, they can still persist in the original faith after having an attitude adjustment for a while. They are loyal to their current company. Although they have already had good abilities, they still work harder than other people. They are not idealists but realists. Even if they have several complicated and tangled relationships, most of them can still behave loyal to current lovers. Leo people born in the Year of the Dog usually keep good tempers. However, don't try to irritate them. In addition, their soul mates are advised to avoid making mistakes in principle.

Otherwise, Leo people won't show their mercy. In general, most of them will get a happy and everlasting marriage finally. Personality: With independence, people with Chinese zodiac Dog sign and western astrological Virgo sign are right-minded and warm-hearted. Most of them have enviable careers because they never gain self-development by trickery. In daily life, they are willing to help others out of trouble.

Meanwhile, they always behave conscientious that win high recognitions from bosses. They are good at accumulating wealth even though they have stable work and abundant income. They can always hold an optimistic attitude towards troubles. They are not easy to fall in love with someone at first sight. They need a long time to get acquainted with the people they like. After that, they will choose the most suitable one and get married.

Instead of that, they are willing to care about lovers in trifling matters. Once people fall in love with them, it is suggested to create relaxing and happy atmosphere all the time. Give them enough space and privacy.

Personality: With Libra sign, they are born to be an altruist and idealist. They are full of positive energy that easily influences surrounding people. In ordinary life, they are not stingy to express admirations. Thus, they have harmonious relationships with family members and colleagues. Beside the outstanding work abilities, they also have many talents in creation and design. Many interesting DIY things can be found in their rooms. They always have high standards of finding a suitable partner. They desire an intimate relationship.

At the same time, they also worry about that excessive intimacy restricts their freedom. Their soul mates are advised to be more patient. In addition, enough effective communications are also good for the relationship development. Personality: As for Scorpio people born in the Year of Dog, acute judgment and excellent eloquence are their typical symbols.

They like sharing own ideas with other people no matter whether others want to listen or not. Generally speaking, they are very kind-hearted towards surrounding people. Otherwise, they will fight back with their best efforts. In their work, they can always catch the essence of things and come up with many valuable proposals, which lead to several promotions in their early age. They always provide enough sense of security because of their prudent and considerate manners. Getting along with them is a comfortable and peaceful experience.