Childlessness vedic astrology

Then the person may not have progeny of their own.

Astrology Solution for Childless Couples

If Jupiter is well placed and strong the person will have an adopted child. Confirm the above combinations in divisional charts also as it gives the micro picture of the related event. Om Tat Sat. No comments:.

Post a Comment Note: only a member of this blog may post a comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. There are entire chapters in classics of astrology for various curses and many types of curses are given in the classics for denial of progeny.


The remedies for this can be worship of lord dattatreya for having children, visiting teertha kshetra related to lord dattatreya. Santan gopal stotra, worship of lord krishna in baal roopa etc. There is an interesting story related to this in mahabharata where king dhritrastra after having lost all his sons in the kurukshetra war asked Shri krishna All of them were killed. While hunting, You tried to shoot a male bird. It flew away. In anger, You ruthlessly slaughtered the baby birds in the nest.

Father-bird had to watch in helpless agony. Because you caused that father-bird the pain of seeing the death of his sons, You too had to bear the pain of your sons dying. God knows best which reaction has to be given at what time in what condition. Therefore, Some reaction may come in this lifetime, Some in the next and Some in a distant future lifetime. She has this Mystical Ability.

Astrological Indications Pointing To A Childfree Or Childless Woman

There may be thousands going on the road but only one meets with an accident. From the above story it is clear that children are the merits of past deeds, childlessness in astrology or loss of children, miscarriages, extreme agony from children are all the results of our past deeds or accumulated curses. So what one can do is accumulate good deeds to have children, remedies work when there is a promise of having children with remedies, when divine grace befalls all miseries vanish.

Hope and faith are the pillars of life.

The more stronger they are the more prominently they work. Let us examine a horoscope where there is a denial of progeny, let us see the astrological reasons for childlessness. The horoscope has vargottama cancer ascendant rising with a vargottama jupiter.

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She did not have any children inspite of having a vargottama jupiter. All these factors indicate a strong curse for childlessness in astrology. The marriage in this case was also delayed till 37 years of age. Saturn for cancer ascendant when exalted has been seen to give negative results to many. She also got divorced within 2 years of marriage. Father left the family for some reason and did not come back.

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Mars also happens to be the 10th lord from moon. The horoscope from moon too carries similar afflictions like that from ascendant. Different remedies are applicable on different people like different medicines and different dosage are suggest by doctors for different patients. The general remedies which can be done are as follows Do follow the above and keep following medical treatments as well. We do not suggest you to stop medical treatments. One usually finds way when the time is ripe. Ayurveda can be more effective than allopathic treatments if you find a good ayurvedic doctor.

There are many modern treatments available now-a-days like IVF, donar child etc. My details dob I have Mars and Rahu in 5th house ruled by saturn, Saturn is in my third house in Navamsa Saturn is in 8th and mars in 9th. Both charts i have libra ascendant.

Will I be childless? Any simple method for a lay person to read it? Can it be read in the night,thanks a lot sir. There are strict rules for guru charitra.

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It involves doing saptah observing 7 days with complete celibacy and sleeping on the floor, abstaining from non-veg, onion, garlic, sex etc.