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The animal symbol for Birch people is the Stag male and Deer female. Those born to the rowan tree sign are known as the thinkers. The rowan tree bestows the energy of creativity and originality. The ability to envision all possibilities aids the person in their earthly journey. It is a symbol of protection and planted at gate entrances or by doorways to ward off evil.

Remarkably Accurate Interpretation and Meaning of Celtic Zodiac Signs

The tree is also associated with death and rebirth. Rowan trees were used to fuel funeral pyres as a symbol of the never-ending cycle of death, rebirth, death. Runes were made from the rowan tree. The rowan tree is represented the letter L known as Luis. It is the symbol of protection, great blessings and uncanny insights. The message is to always trust your own instincts when challenged or threatened.

If you have the rowan tree as your astrological sign, then these attributes are reinforced by your animal symbol, the cat. You may easily have nine lives.

Celtic Astrology Compatibility

At the very least, you will land on your feet in circumstances where others would fail. Other characteristics include fiercely independent, self-reliant with a mischievous nature. The ash tree is symbolic of the connection between the three worlds, underworld, earth and the spiritual word. It is appropriately called the World Tree or Tree of Worlds. The ash tree is firmly rooted and able to span the distance between these words. It is also a metaphor for the past, present and future. Encompassing all, the ash tree is a symbol of growth and expansion and reaching greater heights. It's a symbol of protection, especially as a guardian of children.

Those born under this sign are enchanting with an ethereal air that makes them endearing yet also very protective.

2. Rowan Tree (January 21 - February 17)

The ash tree is represented by the alphabet N known as Nion or Nuin. This alphabet symbolizes the ability to travel between worlds and reminds that every living thing is connected.

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The Celts viewed the snake as a symbol of health and rebirth. The snake is able to see past the veil that separates worlds. It bestows the gift of intuition and the uncanny ability to see beyond the surface of all matters and make connections others miss.


The alder tree sign is one of originality and insight. This person is a true trailblazer. The alder tree bestows a sense of self-confidence and self-trust that motivates the person to follow the beat of their own drum in all things. Venturing into unknown waters is a thrill and challenge this sign will quickly meet without a second thought. The alder tree is represented by the alphabet F known as Fearn.

Able to survive bogs and other watery environments, the alder grows harder when exposed to this type of watery climate. If removed from the water, the alder loses its strength. The fox is known to be cunning and clever. It's difficult if not impossible to outsmart a fox. This symbol is one of quick-thinking and can also be a trickster. The willow tree is symbolic of a poet and someone who observes life around them. A resilience to adversity, the willow tree grows but can bend without breaking when necessary.

This sign provides a well-spring of strength coupled with unwavering determination to ensure success in whatever obstacles or challenges must be met or undertaken in life. The willow is used medicinally as a pain-killer. Modern scientists discovered the willow produces salicylic acid, the pain-killer ingredient found in Aspirin. The willow tree is represented by the letter S known as Saille in the Celtic culture. Learning to be flexible is the lesson this alphabet gives to willow tree signs. The cow or bull animal symbol for the Willow Tree sign brings specific traits, such as stubbornness and loyalty.

The bovine gives an optimist outlook to almost every challenge and obstacle the willow sign must face in order to evolve.

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The meaning of the Hawthorn tree is a mixed bag of good and bad fortune. Known as the Holy Thorn, it was from a hawthorn that the thorny crown placed upon Jesus, the Christ's head was made. This sign is the great illusionist since you never know what is going on behind the mask presented to the world.

This sign is adaptable and can be whatever is required by the circumstances.

Freedom is the one thing this sign will never forfeit. The alphabet for the hawthorn tree is H and stands for Huath, or Uatha. Fertility and protection from harm are both bestowed to hawthorn signs. Celtic lore attributes great power and force to the ocean. Surprising secrets of Ireland's biggest stars revealed in new book. Irish dancers join with Celtic Woman star to create climate change campaign video.

Cat Celtic Zodiac Sign

Gorgeous Galway Manor and Cottage is the dream Irish vacation rental. Couple shares video of their dream honeymoon in Ireland. West of Ireland islands voted among the best in the world. How you can stock Irish jewelry and clothing in North America. Which tree are you, according to the Celtic calendar and astrology? IrishCentral Staff. Jan 11, Are you an ivy, ash, willow or rowan tree, according to the Celtic calendar and seasons? Celtic Astrology: Birch Do you know your Celtic astrology sign? Celtic Astrology: Reed Do you know your Celtic astrology sign? Celtic astrology is based on the Druidic teachings of the Celtic Druids.

The Druids believed the trees to be sacred as they symbolized life, death and renewal. Much like many other ancient cultures, they observed that children born during certain seasons and cycles developed similar qualities in their personalities. However, where many other cultures based their astrological calendars on the stars, the Druids linked them to the moon and based their calendar on the lunar year. The Celtic astrological calendar has thirteen signs that correspond to the thirteen lunar months, each with 28 days. December 23rd is the extra day and is known as Nameless Day.

The most popular form of Celtic astrology is Celtic Tree astrology in which each of the months is tied to a tree. Each of the trees also corresponds to animals, colors, ogham or runes, and a gemstone. They are constantly pushing horizons. Druids believed this was because they constantly stretched for the light that was missing during the time of year in which they were born. They tend to be tough and resilient, natural-born leaders. They are most compatible with Vines and Willows. They have high ideals and visionary minds, tending to be so orginal and creative that they lose the attention of others and come off as aloof.

Despite their cool outward appearance, these folks are very passionate and are able to transform the people around them. They are most compatible with Ivy and Hawthorn. They have a tendency to be moody and withdrawn because they spend most of their time in a world of their own making. These folks rarely care what others think of them. They are most compatible with Willows and Reeds.

They are movers and shakers, gaining loyal followers as they blaze a trail. They are charming, able to mingle with just about anyone. They are confident with lots of self-faith, motivated by action not by words. They are most compatible with Hawthorns, Oaks, and the Birch. They instinctively understand that people have their seasons and tend to be more patient as others work through the seasons of their life.

They have lots of potential, but fear being seen as showy so they hold themselves back. They are most compatible with Birch and Ivy. Tree: Hawthorn Dates: May 13 — June 9 Animals: Bee, Owl Gems: Topaz Hawthorns are the illusionists, appearing to be one person on the outside when really they are someone else entirely.